Day 1067 we woke up to snow, the little gift shop and Abbie back from the garage (at a price!)

We have snow!!!! Ok so we had snow when we woke up and it’s all gone now.

I had no idea. It had started last night but I had the blinds shut so I missed most of it. It came as a surprise when I woke up.

It’s freezing but beautiful.

It looks really picturesque…. I can hear my gran saying picture-skew bless her.

I ran a doggy acrobatics class 🎾🎾🎾

They love a bit of jumping around. I’ve been really lazy this week and not done any exercise so it was nice to get outside in the fresh air and play about with them.

They’re not posing as much as they used to… reckon they’re sick of it. 😂

The sun was glorious!!

Check my heart log. ♥️🪵 I remember when we got these logs to burn and I was so excited to see this was a heart shape. I kept this as a garden ornament 😂 think we finally burned the rest!

I also got arty with the stones!

Even our big shed looked amazing in the snow. Everything looks so much more pretty, even our messy garden!!

Glorious sunshine. Really good for the soul!

😂 we have SO many potholes just now

So I was in The little gift shop early today as Gayle went to Lochwinnoch as she’s getting the new shop ready for opening. It’s exciting times and I can’t wait to see the new shop!

That means I was left on my own in Beith today and for the first time I actually did some rearranging…. Now that is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone and yet I loved every minute of it. I pootled around and tried to find new homes for things I was moving, to make way for the sunglasses, beach bags, summer bags and summer scarves. Of course it was on the day that it snowed… 🏖️🏝️👙☀️☃️☃️☃️

The new beach bags are lovely. I can’t decide which of these two I prefer.

Check the arty scarf design. 👍🏼😂

As soon as Gayle came back, I pointed it all out and said I wouldn’t be offended at all if she wanted to move it all!!!

Me of little faith…. And that’s not even the saying! 😂

I had a lovely wee day though missed my chats with Gayle!

By 4pm Abbie the Campervan was ready for collection…. At a mere £391 this time but she’s driving like a dream. It was the near side brake callipers that had seized. I also have the rear wheel bearing screaming…. But that was fixed in November so I’m going back to the garage that did that, to see if there’s a chance it’s covered under warranty. Here’s hoping. 🙏🏼

So yeah, I’ve had a great day. We have Mac n’cheese for dinner, with garlic bread so it’s cooking while the Scottish Dog Behaviourist makes enquiry calls. Love how I refer to him like that now… 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I totally appreciate everything I have ♥️

Looking forward to a sit down shortly…. happy Friday night to you all!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️