Day 1081 another early morning dog jog and The little gift shop, the pub (alcohol free of course) and chillin’

The Scottish Dog Behaviourist was up at 5am this morning to work on content for FB posts. I lay and tried to get back to sleep but my brain wouldn’t let me. I eventually gave in after 6 and got up to take the puppers out for a dog jog again.

It was dry surprisingly, as it had been really wet through the night. It’s windy again though.

Back home for cuddles with Bhru…. I swear she’s smiling.

This was the scene as I dried my hair. 😂

Bhru has a tennis ball… Calaidh is fixated on it…. Freya is fixated on the hair dryer. 😂

I was working all day at The little gift shop today. It say that but it doesn’t feel like work.

There’s load of new things in again this week. It fascinates me! I love unpacking the boxes and seeing what’s coming in.

Love these wee tiny houses… no Craig, we can’t have them. 😂

I priced all these cards…. If you can, zoom in on the ones in the front rows… they’re all Scottish.

The words are amazing. They’re by a company called Pink Pig. 🐷 it’s such a great brand. The cards say it all.

Also love these wee houses.

My legs and feet are gowping tonight (tired, achey, sore) and I’m sure I’ll sleep tonight! look how dramatic the sky was when I came home. It’s been sunny and wet on and off all day!

When I came home I popped into the pub next door and had a 0% Whitley Neil Raspberry gin with slimline tonic.

Then back in the house and had 0% red wine….. apart from the fact that it’s pretty rotten, it seemed all kind of wrong.

It’s been a very long time since I held a large wine glass like that. I felt like I was actually drinking…. Until I tasted it 😂 funny how the action of holding that glass triggers all the memories.

Feet up now chilling for the rest of the evening.

She is me.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️