Day 1077 bright and breezy Monday to start the week!

That’s me that was bright and breezy this morning. Not the weather…. It was pretty miserable. That fine rain that soaks you as Gran would have said! It’s been misty and murky all day.

I was awake at 5.30 and up soon after as I had to get Calaidh and Freya out for a walk before work.

I had the head torch and hi vis vest on!

I took them for a run/walk…. First time in weeks since we left the Fit Body Farm. I felt tired and clunky but I did it…. And actually enjoyed it!

Here they are in their goonies to dry off after the walk. Wee cuties.

All of this before 6.30am. I also cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom and did a washing and hung it up AND had a shower and got lunch ready, all before I left for work at 7.25am. I mean, come on, machine or what?!?! I only say that because I’m surprised at myself. I was on a roll!!

It’s now 6.50pm and I’m absolutely shattered, yawning my head off on the couch. I peaked early!

I’ve had a really good day at work. It flew in. I honestly don’t know where the day went.

The puppers had another great walk through the day as Holly (next door) took them out for a run up the hill. Great to see them getting that while I’m at work.

I played out the back with them when I got home too.

So yeah, I’ve had a really good day. I’m sitting in complete silence and all I can hear is a clock ticking and the light tap of my fingers on the keys. Bliss.

Craig is having a lovely time. He’s sent through some amazing photos of his location and Bhru. He’ll be sharing some of them on his Scottish Dog Behaviourist FB page (click the link to see the!)

I’m so proud of him for doing this. For taking Abbie the camper who is being a man’s van these few days, and going away by himself for some rest and catch up on work.

All cuddly toys are removed in Abz the man van….. one of my fake sheepskin floor rugs was popped outside the van, on the ground, so that Bhru could eat her marrowbone on it 😳


Is it any wonder why we argue while we’re away camping?!?!? 😂. I need to seriously lower my standards for future family camping trips. I’m always so worried about things getting dirty and wet with muddy paws….. I can feel my insides squirming at the very thought. You can only imagine what my insides do at the thought of marrowbone smeared rug………clenches fists and digs nails into palms… while grinding teeth.

Think Calaidh is broken….. 😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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