Day 301 a beautiful day if a wee bit low mood â˜€ï¸ðŸ˜”

It’s always makes me laugh how the day after a big milestone comes… day 300 done and dusted and on we plod.

I’m a wee bit sad today. A bit teary.

And yet it’s a beautiful day. As I type that I feel the positivity. I feel the change of mood. Focus on nature today rather than reasons for low mood. It could still be the aftermath of the kinesiology toxic clear out this week or just the fact that I actually have to WORK today. Steps back in shock and horror. 😱😳

We have decided to contact our clients in waiting to see if any of them need a Zoom call to help set them on the correct path.

We cannot resolve the issues over the phone but we can maybe help buy them some peace in the short term. So calls it is for me today from the office with a view!

Had a lovely zoom call with the ladies from “Finding Calm Within the Storm” last night. There were 17 like-minded women in the call listening to a presentation on the Compound Effect which is positive changes made easily.

There was all sorts of advice to make time for yourself, consider meditation and yoga and walking in the fresh air as much as possible. We cannot give from an empty pot.

I think today I had big plans of all the new things I had to try and fit in…. and instead I actually did Pawsitive Solutions work all day and you know what…. I really enjoyed it. The chatting to people, trying to help them out. It felt good. I ended up working from 10 until 3pm and then took the dogs out just as the heavens opened and it started to snow. Wet and cold snow which didn’t come to anything.

Thankfully the clouds seem to be moving away as I walked

It all brightened up into the most lovely sunset. We walked just over 3 miles so I got the exercise in too. Pretty pleased with that.

I would like to document that this dry stane dyke is about to go…. seems the only thing holding it up is the hedge now. I see a degradation since we moved here. I will continue to monitor and report back 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆
There’s a gate in here too!
Socially distanced dogs. All held by the one hand!
The water level is back down again
Sunset over the burn
A spooky tree for my spooky tree lovers
This is an old gate
Strange shaped cloud
Heading home
Zoomed in on this cloud like a thumbprint?!?
A lovely but cold evening

We have the Gateside Inn takeaway coming tonight so that’s something to look forward to and I’m guessing a lazy night in front of the tv in store for us. I’m ending the day much brighter than I was.

Stay safe everyone 🌅🌅🌅

4 thoughts on “Day 301 a beautiful day if a wee bit low mood â˜€ï¸ðŸ˜”

  1. I love that illustration of the pile of bricks. Taking one brick at a time instead of trying to carry the whole load at once is perfect analogy for how to tackle things that seem overwhelming.

    And of course I also love the photos of your beautiful country. Wish I could give my border collie mix some land like that to run around on. 🙂

    Stay healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. The bricks are great and makes life so much easier to handle. I love taking photos of the scenery!! Love that you have a BC mix! X


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