Day 1082 dog jog and The little gift shop, food shopping and holidays!!

No work for 3.5 days…. Well technically only 3 days left now but hey… 3 whole days in a row off . Woooo hooo!

Now. you all know me by now, I’ll be climbing the walls trying to decide what to do with myself for the best.

I really want to go away in the van but haven’t planned anything yet. Also the 5 of us away in the van is no mean feat and it’s been pointed out to me that I’m not always the most relaxed in that situation . 🤔 Moi?!?!

Anyway, back to today….. started with a dog jog today. Now, I could have soooooo easily not gone out today. I was tired and only woke as the dogs barked at 6am. It was 7.30 before I took them out… but I did it.

It was actually a lovely morning. It was really still and calm. That’s the reason I went out with them. It seemed too nice to sit around and do nothing.

The daffies are out in full force! I love this time of year. Everything seems so fresh and full of promise. Things beginning to grow, the possibility of spring just around the corner.

It’s just the yellow ones that are out just now, the white ones and white and orange ones come later. Smiling there at my technical terminology of the daffodils… they may have official names, I go by colour 😆💛🧡🤍

I’ve decided that Sunday will be a day of rest on the dog jog front 😂 bet the dogs are pleased about that!

I have had the loveliest wee day at The little gift shop. I was on my own for the whole shift for the first time. I opened and closed up all by myself. I know you all know I can do it but sometimes it still surprises me. I expect my anxiety might take over and send everything into a huge spiral but it didn’t.

I was really busy and the time flew by. I did a FB post, priced up loads of new things and took loads of photos… wait until you see the Easter stuff in the back shop waiting to come out. Pic a bit blurry for some reason.

Loving the bunnies!

I love these by Rosie made a thing….. Go wild – you only live once! but always use a coaster 😆😂😂😂 obviously!!

I was buzzing at work again today. Some lovely neighbours came in, Anne and Brian and I shouted across the shop that he was the most handsome customer I’d had all day. 😆 I love that part of working in the shop. The banter, the chat…. It’s always bright and breezy. You can cheer people up with a bit of chat about the weather, the nice things in the shop. It just makes me feel so happy.

I was about to leave when 2 customers came in at 1pm! Instead of being annoyed they were holding me back, I was excited to see what they bought.

Finally finished up and headed straight to Home Bargains as we were in dire need of all things cleaning wise and I find that Home Bargains and B&M Stores are by far the cheapest. I even got food again today. It’s not the best selection but it definitely did the job.

I’ve been sitting on the couch with the candles on since about 3.30pm. It’s darker now that it’s raining. The fire is lit. My feet are up and I’m watching a series called The Fall on Netflix.

Hope you have a great Saturday night. Dinner’s ready. Check me. Cooking. Whatever next?!?

Stay safe everyone 🧡💛🤍

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