Day 1075 dog walk and 2 little gift shops in one day!

Ok…. I hear myself so don’t shoot me down. Those of you who have been here through some of the worst days will know this doesn’t happen very often….

I’ve woken up so full of gratitude for everything. I’m bursting with joy and excitement inside. It’s such a lovely, calming feeling.

I got up early to take the dogs out before work.

The girls were great today. Actually I know fine well it’s because I was great today. We had a lovely peaceful walk at 7am and only saw 2 cars. No one else.

Calaidh sussed there’s a puddle ahead and is already body swerving it! 😂

There was a tiny bit of sunshine on the horizon!

It’s super mild after the last few days.

The dogs swap around all the time! I laughed that they are in different places in these photos.

Love that they all settle down just before I head out to work.

So I’m now writing the rest of this at 3pm now and I am shattered.

We had another very busy day at The little gift shop. The last shopping day before Mother’s Day.

It’s lovely to see so many guys popping in with their kids. The quote of the day…. “You know for guys who hate shopping, wee places like this are a godsend!” That’s exactly why Gayle does what she does.

We couldn’t get out at 1pm. We had a couple come in at 12.59 and then another 2 folk after that…. We put the lights back on for one guy!!!

I then took a wee run up to The little gift shop Lochwinnoch branch! Ooooh check us. It was torrential rain outside but really lovely to get a wee look inside the shop, and to catch up with Gayle quickly. She did have lots of customers in,

So yeah, this mornings buzz has been replaced by a headache and I’m really tired. I’m just gonna get into bed and have a wee nap.

It is hard working 5 and half days a week every week but I do love my weekends at the shop. It’s good therapy!

Love this next one!

Happy Saturday to you all!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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