Day 1072 a beautiful sunrise Wednesday!

Ok ish sleep but awake at 5.30 so I decided to listen to Suzanne Robichaud mediation on gratitude. A wee ten minute meditation focussing on gratitude. I’ll post the link below.

Suzanne Robichaud – Gratitude

I’m doing really well with gratitude at the moment but another focus wouldn’t hurt. It helps stop any overthinking at that time of the morning.

By the time I got up, I decided to pop out to the van and put on the diesel heater. Did I mention it was working again?!?!?! Fuse out and back in and all good. Also full tank of diesel might help. It was super cold and frosty this morning so I thought it would help defrost the van while I was in the shower.

I spotted the sky shining in my rear lights randomly…. so lucky I went out early or I would have totally missed it.

So, not much to say about my day. All good at work. Rachel two doors down popped in after work so we could do some Memorial Hall accounts and then I had some lovely fish and chips for dinner.

The Crochet Hookers are meeting in 10 minutes so this is the usual wed night super fast blog.

Had this shared on FB from our dog breeder. How lovely…. I like to show her Freya’s progress but we hadn’t heard from her in years. Lovely to hear a bit about Freya’s early

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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