Day 1069 a very lazy Sunday with some housework thrown in

We were up early this morning.

The lighter mornings are lovely. It’s only 1.30pm and it feels like blog writing time already! 😂

I’m having the laziest day. I’ve hoovered, cleaned and dusted but I’m also sitting down and doing precious little for the rest of the im time.


Now how good would that be?!? I’m doing the bare minimum but it’s so much better than it was!

I think in the last few weeks I’ve realised that, my life, this year, is going to be very different from last year. I’m hiding under the safety net of work. I’m kept so busy by having two jobs, I don’t really need to think about what else to do. I don’t have time to fill.

This is the first Sunday in 3 weeks, that I’ve had no plans and I cannot for the life of me think what I’d rather be doing. I’m annoyed that I’m doing nothing but I also need the rest. This time last year I was taking off in the van, any chance I got. This year I can’t face driving it anywhere.

Acht that’s unfair and it’s an exaggeration. I don’t want to go anywhere that might be busy and I can’t get parked. I’m ok heading out first thing before anyone else.

I know I’m hiding from crowds, I’m hiding from people but I’m just doing what’s right for me. It keeps me happy.

It was snowing when we went to bed last night.

It was lovely, so peaceful, apart from the Christmas night out in the pub next door. How funny they got snow on their Christmas night out in March!?!

We also took the dogs out this morning and this is the only photo I got! My favourite gate in Spiers old school grounds. Not been there in ages!

It was a really bleak walk…. Drizzle, misty and super cold to start off but we soon heated up. We tried to get footage for the Scottish Dog Behaviourist FB and website, but the dog cam didn’t work properly. It was attached to Bhruic and just wobbled about all over the place. Shame!

As usual on a Sunday I get my positive motivation from my FB feed.

I love this next one… I have nothing to numb the reality or struggles in life now that I no longer drink.

I have to sit with everything and feel it all but I’m becoming more aware of the positives of that. What are these struggles sent to teach me?! What am I learning? What is next?

We spend our lives wishing for the next big thing. The words in this one are so powerful.

Of you could just live. Appreciate every day. The good and the bad and be grateful that you are alive.

The courage to accept…

The strength to embrace….

The wisdom to really see…

… what you have.

I smiled as I wrote that 😊

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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