Day 817 an almost head on collision before 8am and a lovely catch up with Lea before 8pm 😍♥️

Wow what an adrenaline fuelled start to the day….. heading to work and I see a wee red car 🚗 pull out to overtake a huge truck.

The 🚗 disappears behind a hidden dip in the road and reappears STILL trying to over take the huge truck….

She keeps coming at me….. I start to think about reacting. Why I am still bombing along at 60mph? Should I start to brake? Why is the truck getting faster? Why is he not braking and more importantly why is 🚗 still heading right towards me????


She pulled out further from the truck as if maybe I could squeeze through the middle between her and the truck?!?!?! The toward is not that wide!!!

Finally she realised that was not an option and must have slammed on the brakes and pulled diagonally across the front of the van and I swear I saw the whites of her eyeballs 👀


Then the adrenaline rush…. I was shaking all over, right down into my toes…. Do I phone Craig? He was still sleeping when I left? Do I pull over until the shakes stop? That seems daft? I just keep driving and the adrenaline finally goes. I drive like Miss Daisy the whole rest of the way though.

I wonder if she remembers my face like I remember hers?


I do try!!!

The rest of the day was calm and in control until just before I finished work… I was desperate to leave on time and someone asked an question two minutes after I had wanted to leave….. anxiety hits the roof. Phone boss… get perfectly logical answer that I was more than capable of reaching myself, but just couldn’t without his validation. Wee life lesson there. What didn’t I think of that?! Question answered, feel sheepish because absolutely anxiety took over in those few minutes. A huge swoosh of it. Then a cringy calm came over me.

I had a lovely evening… met Lea in Starbucks and caught up on all the chat.

The poor love has a really sore cold sore so she’s strategically positioned the mug so you can’t see it. She still wanted and selfie 🤳🤣

We had coffee (yes I remembered decaf!), a toastie and a muffin between us… sat for two hours and then went for a wander round the shops. She bought me my 50th birthday present WAY in advance of my birthday. You might remember that I had huge anxiety around her 30th birthday present and didn’t get her something for about 2 years after it as I blew it up out of all proportion and couldn’t think what to get her. We did have various lockdowns during that time but I had a real block about what to buy her. I think she got her 40th present when she was 41 and three quarters!!! Here she is buying my 50th when I’m 49 and a half…… I may never get over that 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

She’s been there through it all. That says a lot ♥️♥️

In other news, I cannot believe it’s 15 years since the Glasgow Airport terror attack….. I was due to fly out of Glasgow 15 years ago today with my friend Aileen and her two kids, Sam and Kirsty, for a week in Majorca.

Good old Scottish headline eh?!?

The airport was closed and all flights delayed. We were very lucky to fly out about 24hours later after standing in an queue for about 5 hours to get into the airport…. We ended up being interviewed and had our glum faces photographed as we sat our suitcases in the queue. We made the papers! Would love to find that photo! We had the best holiday after that.

15 years and it feels like yesterday!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️