Day 804 another whirlwind of a day!

It’s been another busy day in the life. It’s 18.45 and I’ve not sat down…. Well that’s not entirely true but I’ve not sat and relaxed is more like it.

I didn’t go to the farm this morning as I was so late in bed last night I was shattered. Of course I woke at 4.45am but thankfully fell back to sleep until the 6.30 alarm and felt better for it.

I had little Peanut for company at work today and I sat outside for 10 minutes and lunch and he sat with me, wee sweetie. Still unsure of me but much happier than yesterday.

So I’ve been doing a bit of budgeting recently. We’re all in the same boat just now with finances and so I thought I’d have a look through to see if I could make any changes or improvements…..

Well I found a major one. I have been paying 2 TV licences since October 2015…. How is that actually possible?!? I mean that more from a how have I never noticed that perspective?!?!?!

It’s seems I’ve paid them from 2 separate bank accounts…. One is for this house and one is for the house we loved out of in 2015. What a total and utter waste of money!!!

However, on the plus side I am liable for at least two years of a refund as long as I can prove that we moved out of our last house legally……. Now where would that paperwork actually be…..

So at the very least I am saving £12.47 next month so that’s gotta count for something eh?!?

Got to laugh….. 😉

So now I’m in the village pub with the Crochet Hookers working on my latest blanket!

It actually matches the pub carpet…. 😉🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️