Day 795 Sunday 5th June exploring Tiree, the sunshine isle 🏝☀️😎🚐

Tiree is called Hawaii of the North and it’s certainly lived up to its name today.

The sun is splitting the sky again.

Lady Muck enjoying some early morning tummy tickles

I woke at 6 but I’d had the best sleep… all that sunshine and fresh air doing us the power of good.

We opened the scenic canvas of the van for only the second time ever. Love having the roof off!

We had coffee and crumpets with jam for breakfast.

We set off on a tour of 3 of the islands beaches via the Co-op on the way home!!

First stop was Balephuil Beach.

The sand is so white and perfect.

Bhru is in her element!

Of course I had to go straight in paddling.

It’s unbearably cold but if you can breath slowly through it then the pain passes after a few minutes but honestly, it was excruciating!!

The beach is so gently sloping that you can walk out really far.

Just throw the ball and stop taking photos Bhru says….

We carried on further up the coast, all the roads are one track roads with passing places. We turned onto a stony track for Sandaig Beach… this one wasn’t the most enthralling but put Abbie’s suspension through the mill big time. All that way for a stony beach and a field really… still that’s what exploring is all about.

We drove through a herd of awfy big coos to get to this beach and they were on the main road too. My experienced navigator was exceptional but really poor at photographic spontaneity! that means there are no photos of the coos or the sheep that crossed the road in front of us… 🤷🏻‍♀️😬🙄😆

We carried on up to Balevullin Beach which really was stunning. This is where they do all the windsurfing.

I tried to maroon Craig and Bhru on an island but they managed to walk off it!

None of these photos really do it justice. The colours are exceptional. Everything is so vivid in the sunlight.

We picked up the surf dog that is owned by the Balevullin surf shop. we couldn’t shake him for ages.

We drove back down through Scarinish and stopped at the Co-op for dinner then came home to have a BBQ.

Mussels to start.

With lamb and mint kebabs for me and hot and spicy chicken wings for Craig.

It’s 7pm and the sun is still scorching but I’m off for my shower now. Get rid of all the sand and suntan lotion in time for sunset and bed! I’m downloading my photos in the wee camp kitchen hut 🛖 😆

There are so many more photos, it’s so difficult to chose between them!

Boat trip to Staffa tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone 🏝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️

Day 794 part II… settling in to the campsite and exploring the beach 🏝

Oh wow…. We had no idea how beautiful this island was. Tiree is part of Argyll and Bute and is situated off the west coast of Mull and therefore, Scotland, right next to Coll.

It’s a 4 hour ferry journey but only because we stopped at Coll first. That must have taken a good half hour. I also would have hated to join the ferry from Coll to Tiree as they had to reverse on….. REVERSE ONTO A FERRY 😳😬😆 with everyone heading to Tiree already watching….. what could possibly go wrong??!

So we sailed into Scarinish and we are camping at Balinoe so we drove straight here yesterday. The scenery along the way was stunning…. Pure white sand and turquoise sea all along the coast.

The guy who owns the campsite wants everyone to come straight from the ferry so he gets you on pitch and then does an orientation with everyone that arrived.

Our pitch for the week was

The campsite is basic but functional. It has two portaloo’s and 2 Portaloo showers. There’s an old camping kitchen with washing up facilities and a third shower room which I used last night… way more space to lay your stuff out.

The weather is glorious…. It’s scorching yet the forecast only says 14C. It feels way hotter. About 3pm we decide to take Bhru out for a walk down to our nearest beach at Balemartin.

The road out the campsite
The machair is stunning though mostly buttercups and daisies just now – also the first glimpse of the turquoise sea

The photos don’t do it justice. It’s immaculate and virtually empty. There was a wedding here yesterday…. Can you imagine?! A sunny wedding no. A white beach with turquoise sea and in Scotland…. They were soooo lucky!

Back up to the campsite and made a lovely pesto pasta for dinner. There may have been a weeeee but of cheese on it too….

It appears we are in the sunset pitch on the campsite. We got a stunning view of it last night. I have many photos!

I did some sunset shots with Bhru!

She actually had the green ball between her elbows here…. If dogs actually had arms 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

The sun finally went down around 10pm. This was the reason we came on holiday in June. I wanted to camp with the lighter nights. I haven’t seen it dark here yet.

I haven’t even started todays blog… but that’s ok. We’ve seen so many stunning beaches. It’s just out of this world!!

More to come!

Stay safe everyone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏝🚐