Day 812 muscles all seized up so lazy Saturday!

I didn’t sleep that well last night, 3 diet cokes before bed probably didn’t help. 😆 we have no plans this weekend so the day was my oyster. If that’s even a thing?! 🤣

I can hardly move this morning… my butt and legs are totally seized up. Not sure if it’s the Fit Body Farm yesterday morning or the go-karting last night… maybe a bit of both.

It’s funny when you get up to move and have to try to swing into action.

So after the busiest day yesterday I had no plans this weekend. I set about some housework this morning, did two washings and got it it out to dry as it’s so windy again… clean bed tonight. My heart wasn’t in it today…… by 11am the rain had stopped so I took the dogs out.

Check that cloud!
Sunny spells but very windy all day

I took them into a freshly cut field for a good run.

Thought this looked really dramatic
Calaidh loved eating this bit of grass!

When We got back I carried on with a bit of weeding…. A wee bit of work made a massive difference.

Before and after! (still way more to go!)

I realised Craig would be home from work in a hour so I thought I’d have a wee sit down and a rest….. I went and lay down on the bed and woke up at 3pm!!!!

Musta needed it!!! Out for the count.

I’m really dizzy just now and I have a bit of a sore throat so I did a covid test this afternoon but it was negative so all good.

Craig’s on a night out tonight for the first time in like a hundred years it feels, so I’m on taxi duty….. £40 I reckon it costs to Kilmarnock and back twice tonight. Used to think it was free when you got a lift but now it seems really expensive.

This photo of the dogs made me laugh… please don’t go out daddy…. He’s getting ready in front of Bhru and Calaidh!

Please don’t leave us….. 🥹🤣

So quiet night for me. I’m watching Spiderhead on Netflix and so far it seems really good.

I have to stay awake long enough to pick Craig back up again…. Volume on phone turned up high just in case.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️