Day 807 a manic selling day!

I’ve been on a roll today… got loads of stuff up for sale on Vinted.

Everything up for sale for free and the buyer pays the postage to Vinted. Once they take delivery of my stuff, Vinted will transfer payment to me. A small risk, I guess but I’m not selling anything extortionate.

So if it sits still long enough… a selling is considered.

Now for those of us in Scotland I want you to consider how hot it has been in England recently. Everything we see on FB is about high temperatures, don’t walk your dogs on tarmac or midday….. looks out window 😳🤨🥶…. “another hot one today….” Looks out window….. 😳🤨🥶

Well, the Windsor Waffle, my good blogging friend needed her aircon on in the house ( 😲sorry “WW” I read your blog but haven’t had a chance to comment yet…. ) I love that she has aircon as for those of you not in the Uk, that’s quite unusual for us and would only ever been necessary in the South of England. We are busy freezing to death and being blown into next week with our current version of summer!! Isn’t it funny how if can be such a north/south divide at times. We got the raw deal this time…. Actually I say that and am very grateful I don’t have 30C heat…. I would just like a shade warmer than winter. Not asking much 🥶😆

So weather rant over, it’s been a quick day. It’s our neighbour’s birthday today so might have a few wee drinks in the village pub in a bit. I’m off to see The Lion King in Edinburgh tomorrow so looking forward to that! 🦁👑

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend…. Hot or cold and May our summer come sometime soon….. please 🙏🏻

Stay safe everyone 🥶🥶🥶