Day 814 I turned that frown upside down 😔😌

I didn’t feel good when I woke up this morning…. It was the aftermath of my weekend somehow. I felt really sad.

Coming into July seems to be a time for holidays for everyone and their Auntie just now. I pride myself in not comparing myself to others but I’m having to really work hard at it just now. I am desperate to travel.

We were very lucky to have just come back from Tiree but we’ve nothing else planned at the moment and I have itchy feet. I am super envious of everyone else’s plans.

The thought of heading to the Farm and off to work today just felt really unfair. I should say here that compared to the Monday morning (or Sunday night!) blues that I used to have this was nothing. i used to start feeling sick early on a Sunday knowing I had to face work the next day…. Anyway that the old life!!

I felt tears burn in my eyes and I was wallowing in negativity and I knew I had to change it.

At 4.45am this morning I jumped onto my positive FB feed….. and fed off it.

And this was the one I took with me for the day. Choose Joy.

I could be miserable all day for no real reason or I could choose to be grateful for all that I have.

I look at these things all the time yet I very rarely allow one to actually change my mood and yet I thankfully did today. I chose joy.

The Farm was great fun this morning. Those exercise endorphins definitely help.

A very sweaty Team Avery…. Thankfully I’m able to walk again today!

Work was good as well… I got a stock check done today and I hadn’t even really planned to do one…. Best to do it while I had a clear head. It’s a job I usually don’t enjoy but I got stuck right into it and cleared some shelves at the same time.

Craig and made lasagne for dinner tonight which was sooooo good.

I’ve sold another couple of things on Vinted, which needed posted, so I did that after work. Usually I need to come home and chill but the lazy weekend has left me with more energy than usual so I’m making the most of my evening and not wasting it. I’m taking action.

Long may that continue.

Yessir… I hear ya.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️