Day 800 a very stormy day and sail back from Tiree to Oban 💨💨⛴🏝

It’s been a very stormy few days. The wind has been relentless!

I didn’t write the blog yesterday as there was no way I was standing outside to load the photos in my 4G spot….

I should say here that I’ve reached another milestone. 800 days of my blog. What started as a daily chat of my life with anxiety, coming out of depression and straight into COVID-19, has become a pretty life altering event for me. I can still talk through my feelings on the bad days, but I love sharing my adventures and taking photos of the lovely places we visit.

So back to yesterday….

We still managed to get out and about, despite the gales and walked Bhru down to Balemartine Beach and sat in the sun for a good while. Even although the wind was howling, the sun came out and it was nice to be outside in the fresh air.

The wind blowing the puddles on the beach

Oh wow witting the blog from The Clansman ferry today and the photos are loading straight away… what a luxury!

I love this typical Hebridean view

This lovely guy lives on a field at the camp site. Now I’m not a horsey person but honestly this poor guy looked so bored with no shelter from the intense sun, or the strong winds and nothing to do but say hi to passers by, which were few and far between. Maybe horses don’t need much but I get this one wanted more.

The rest of the day was spent inside Abbie the camper van while the wind RAGED at her rear end. I’ve lost an upper reflector as the wind worked away at it and broke the clips off.

We had a movie afternoon and night with lots of munchies which was really nice. Had to keep upping the volume over the wind though.

We’ve had the pop top roof down since 1.30am on Friday morning. Too windy for that. We had to unhook the electric hookup as the flap that covers the inlet was squeaking like mad right next to my ear!

We got a text last night to say that the ferry was being rescheduled to 3.20pm today which meant a lazy morning.

Poorly sick-ill puppy

Sadly poor Bhru was up half the night with the runs again. Think the noise of the wind really unsettled her… so we were pretty shattered.

It’s wild today…. The sun came out and doesn’t show just how wild it is… gusts up to 47mph.

The waves are huge. The Clansman appeared around the headland and my stomach was on the ground just watching it.

It was heaving up and down in the swell…. Then Bhru threw up over Craig’s crochet blanket and then proceeded to have more runs outside despite having no food today.

My anxiety was out banging the drum. Then I read this on FB….

Now if that wasn’t meant to be then I don’t know what was. Thank you to the lovely lady who posted this on a wild sea swimming group. I really needed to see it.

I drove on to the ferry shaking but thinking calm as the storm will pass. We get Bhru out and across deck when they call me back as they might need Abbie to move. I could hardly stand up with the swell. I joked with the CalMac guy that he should move it for me…. He said I’d be fine…. and I was…. I helped a couple with two kids and loads of bags, get upstairs and found Bhru and Craig at the top of the steps… I was still shaking like a leaf!

As we sail out of Tiree, a calm washes over me (which you will all agree is way better than a giant wave….. yeah too soon….) I think these big ferries have stabilisers and honestly you’d hardly notice the swell. Unless you look at the horizon abut I’ve tried to stop doing that. Bhru is the most settled I’ve seen her thankfully.

Cuddles from her dad
Finally fast sleep

We have towels with us in case she is ill but so far so good.

We docked into Coll with a good few lurches.

We are currently powering down the Sound of Mull and just passed CalMac’s Isle of Mull.

It’s still very windy but honestly you’d never know here inside.

We’ve had the loveliest holiday. Bhru has been on her best behaviour and I commented to Craig that we’d had a great time and hadn’t even really argued. My anxiety could start a fight in a teacup at times…. He smiled and said yeah but Bhru’s had a lot to say about me…. So that’s kept him sane.

We should arrive in Oban in a few hours.

My lovely father in law is manning puppers 1 & 3 today for the next few hours then we’ll be home to surprise them by 11ish…. Can’t thank my in-laws enough for looking after them this week and letting us get away.

I’ve still got squillions of photos to share and of course, my trip to Staffs but I’ll get to them over the next few days.

Tiree you have been stunning and blown us away with your beauty.

Stay safe everyone 🏝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️