Day 792 woo hoo hoo let the holidays begin!! 🏝🎉🚐🏕⛴

Into work super early so I could wash the van only to find that there was no car shampoo left….. 😳 so I washed the van with water… and hosed it with a trickle of water since the fancy hose head seems to have disappeared…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

It looks great from a distance!

Look who was in again today…. My Peanut Pal… just gonna pose in front of this van, he said!

So today was totally different to how I expected, but thankfully, I was so organised for holiday that I was able to do everything that needed doing and still get away on time.

A cheeky trip to Edinburgh Airport to pick up Lockie the camper van and straight back by 3.30pm and now I am home!!!

I’ve honestly spent the whole of this week making ridiculous mistakes.

Hoody on back to front so my face was covered by the hood… saying one thing but meaning the other…. Losing everything… dropping things…. It’s actually been so funny. I’m glad I can laugh rather than get anxious about it.

I’ve just been to get my holiday toenails done, a nice dark red, here’s hoping I get to see them on holiday… it just needs to be warm enough!

I’ve decided not to finish getting ready tonight, I’m shattered and aware I could be grouchy…. So jammies on, feet up and I’m going to relax. The rest of it can wait until I have a fresh head in the morning. As soon as I decided that I felt a sense of calm wash over me. It’s ok to be tired.

So we set off as soon as we are ready tomorrow. Heading for Oban and maybe via Glencoe. Not sure, we will see. No plans other than the ferry to Tiree at 6am on Saturday morning.

And relax….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️