Day 731 another day and a wee bit more snow!

It is freezing today!!! Absolutely freezing.

There was snow on the roof last night.

I didn’t expect to see more snow overnight.

It wasn’t much but considering we were in shorts the other day… this feels so cold. The next photo is from inside Abbie the Campervan.

The sunrise was promising.

But the daffodils were really sad today…. They were so cold, the frost had got to them.

To be honest I have felt a little bit like these daffodils today.

I am so tired but we have been super busy again at work. It was a good day but I felt really rushed and I’ve walked out tonight for the weekend thinking I need to work tomorrow… but I can’t.

I just have to remember everything I still have to do, when I get in on Monday. My anxious brain doesn’t like that at all…. I need to leave with everything under control. I didn’t feel like I did that tonight.

Covid boy is still not feeling great but sat outside today with a campfire. At times today it was so warm and then at other it was either hailstones or snowing!

I’m going to have an early night again tonight. What’s new eh? Covid has really word us out but everyone I speak to says they same thing.

I love nappetizer 🥰

Sorry it’s a quickie tonight…. 😘🥰

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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