Day 719 Wolf Pack 100 at the Fit Body Farm 🏃🏻‍♀️

Bhru and I are up and at it early!

I’m getting new diesel heater fitted in Abbie the camper van and Graham at work has kindly agreed to fit it in a Saturday for me.

I was awake at 6am and down to Tartan HQ just before 8.

I’m walking Bhru to start getting the mileage up as we’re taking part in the Wolf Pack 100 today with the Fit Body Farm. In our teams we have to achieve 100kms over this weekend.

It’s a beautiful morning!

Bhru is living her best life!

We did a lovely walk which doesn’t look very exciting on the app but I’m already 5.5K into my day.

We walked towards Dundonald Castle… looking particularly splendid on its perch on the hill in the sunshine.

The flag is barely moving as there’s no breeze.

Some beautiful daffies! I’m so glad I got a photo of them as some years I miss the daffies altogether.

We then walked down onto the Smugglers Trail in Dundonald.

It’s a beautiful walk on a beautiful day.

Now Bhruic and I did a minuscule tiny bit of this today but it was lovely so I’d highly recommend it. So atmospheric!

The Dundonald Burn was really noisy in the still of the morning.

The landscape is enchanting. All the rocks covered in thick green moss.

We turned off the path to get back to Tartan and Bhru had a big run in this field.

It’s warm in the sun already.

A flock of geese noisily fly over… a sign that spring is definitely on the way.

I wish I’d recorded them as the noise was incredible. Back to Tartan HQ to catch Abbie on the ramps!

So I sat outside for a wee bit and tried to stretch off my knee as it’s been really sore on that walk.

The rest has done it good. I’m gonna be too late back to get to the Farm on time so Craig is going on his own and I’ll get him there.

Of course there are kisses from Bhru!

I felt awful that it took the poor guy 4 hours of his own time to put a new diesel heater in. I ended up being late to the Wolf Pack 100 but that’s ok. Plans can be changed.

I was back home for 12.30 and out to the Fit Body Farm for just after 1pm. Thankfully I’d already done my 5.5km.

Craigie in Team Courage action on the Ski-erg putting in some km’s.

Team Avery on the rowing machines… I love that I am blurry. my photographer was in portrait mode!

Looking over the Arran while watching guys on the assault course.

Craig was out catching go-pro footage of the guys in action. I just have photos of him and none of the guys doing the obstacle course race! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Heading off on another 4 laps of the garden!

Action shots… it always amazes me how lovely the Farm is. We are so lucky to be able to workout here in such stunning surroundings.

Then onto the ski-erg.

So I’ve managed 10k today…. 5.5K walking, 3k running, 1k on the rowing machine and 1k on the ski-erg.

It turns out we only needed to do 7.5km each for Team Courage but I wanted to do 10km and I’m glad I did!

It’s been a good day. I do have the cold now but my head’s in a great place so that’s good.

Sunshine, exercise and a diesel heater. What’s not to love! 😂♥️S

Stay safe everyone 💛💛💛