Day 711 and I had a really good day… buzzin’ 😆

Wow I’ve had the best day! I didn’t get to sleep until about half 10 last night but was bouncing out of bed at 5am for the Fit Body Farm.

We did a Hyrox time trial this morning and I was paired up with Kirstin and we had to get around the following as fast as possible.

  • 1000m run
  • 50 burpee broad jumps
  • 100 forward lunges
  • 1000m ski-erg
  • 30 hand release press-ups
  • 100 wall ball target throws.

We just took turn about and got through all that in 30 minutes but I was really buzzing and fired up by it. It was one of those loving life workouts.

I came home on fire and decided to take the dogs straight out… I had a tight time schedule this morning!

Sooooooo… I decided to run around the dog walk…. Yep you heard me. 😳😆 I ran the dog walk loop after everything we had done at the Farm…. I couldn’t believe it either.

It was a lovely morning despite a bit of rain at the Farm.

I took blogging to a new level here. I am jogging and taking a photo at the same time. What the hell has happened to me?!?

I only stopped to let them sniff and take photos… of course.

So all of this by 8.30am!

Then hopped into the shower and got ready to head out.

The most important bit of news is that I managed to easily get into a pair of size 14 jeans that I had in the “too wee clothes drawer”…. I decided to go up there and see what I had. I’m so chuffed…. Sadly the jeans are ripped at both knees… obviously trendy at some point in my thinner life but hey they did up so I am wearing them…. To death, most likely. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Next stop was to Viv’s Nails in Glengarnock to change my toes from red to green! Random. They’re a kind of turquoise blue-green. Very different.

Straight out of there to The Little Coffee Caravan and picked up a Coconut Milk Latte…. And forgot to get decaf again…. Uh oh… buzzin’ even more and then headed I through Glasgow to Falkirk and crossed the Upper Forth Crossing at Kincardine as it’s officially known. I did not know that until I looked it up!

Had a long chat with my mother in law on the way. Great to catch up as I hadn’t spoke to her for ages.

I was off to visit my Auntie Jac and Uncle Ewen.

I’ve not mentioned this before but my uncle was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the end of last year.

Throughout February he underwent radiotherapy at the Beatson Institute in Glasgow every day for 4 weeks. This is a 50 minute drive through the worst traffic in Glasgow there… and back. They drove through all the February storms including the snow, strong gales and sideways rain. The second fortnight was pretty rough on him.

He’s been home for a week now and struggled to get the correct pain relief… until today… it would seem!

It was so lovely to see them both and he actually seemed really bright and jovial. He even came out for lunch with us which was a really nice surprise.

We went to the Saline Shaw Farm Shop & Cafe and it was soooooo good. Click on that link to have a shifty…. It’s just such a lovely rustic place and the food was amazing. I had the Croque Monsieur. Highly recommended!

It’s 7pm and I am still stuffed! So full. It was lovely.

Even the table flowers were super cute.

It was just so lovely to get to speak to them both and to see him smiling. Fingers crossed this is him on the up. They both deserve it.

I left at 2.30 to drive back down the road and had a long chat with mum on the way back!

When I got back I started on the housework… hoovering and tidying done!

And then…. I went over to the Village Hall to help set up for the Bongo Bingo event to raise money for the Hall.

Think they are all gonna have an amazing night!! The guy asked if any of the neighbours are likely to complain about the noise…… eh naw…. As all of us that live across the road have been involved in it.

I want to want to go as I think it will be a great night but I am not going because it’s just not my thing. Complicated huh?!? I’m nothing if I’m not complicated. 🤣🤣🤣

So a movie night for us I think.

So hope all the bingo gals have the best night and shake those glow sticks…..and hope you all have a great weekend.

I’ve had a lovely, busy day…. And now I’m in my comfies.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️