Day 700 how did that actually happen?!? Time flies when you’re Rambling on a daily basis! ♥️

For 700 days I have been writing a daily blog. ✍️

Wow. That’s commitment.

I’ve impressed myself. I never really thought for one minute I might get this far and collected so many sloth toys!

To recap for those of you who are new to this… very roughly it’s 700 days since we went into lockdown in Scotland. I can’t believe that either…. Now there is some poetic license here as in the olden days I double dunted some day numbers in error… so it’s actually more than that but for the purposes of the Rambling Sloth it’s 700 days.

The Beith Trust asked for people to keep a diary of life in lockdown for future generations to see what we went through.

I’d been off sick with anxiety and depression since September 2018 and had just been made redundant as a result. I had already written a few FB posts about my struggles and realised that writing came naturally to me and I enjoyed it. It also gave me a chance to think about how I am feeling. Journaling is a great tool for mental health. I also hoped that in speaking up that I might help someone else. From the outside I had and have it all. I just really struggle with anxiety and that in turn led to depression.

So here I am…. 🦥

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God love you ♥️ listening to my ramblings every day for that length of time.

It’s become a part of my daily life now. It’s just what I do.

I’m sitting in the Gateside Inn, drinking a Menobrea 0% beer and quietly writing this in the corner as everyone chats round about me.

So back to today… I slept really well and was up putting washing away at 4.45am this morning in time for the Fit Body Farm.

I take that for granted these days but really should stop to think sometimes that it’s pretty amazing to get up at that time to exercise.

I know I wouldn’t do it at all if I didn’t go first thing. I exercise before I’ve had any time to think about it.

Of course today I was still feeling a little bit sad… I worried about everything on the drive to the Farm and by the time I got there, had tears in my eyes. I should say that these things I’m worrying about are completely irrational. There’s nothing that’s worth worrying about. Anxiety at its best.

I really struggled with my emotions this morning. I was almost in tears 3 times throughout the workout. For no real reason other than I felt overwhelmed and sad.

Yet I kept on going and by the time I had my shower….. (flooding out the door and into the hallway 🤦🏻‍♀️🥴) I felt better. I also had very sore and heavy arms after the workout but that’s what’s meant to happen!

I still feel very quiet, trying to shrink into the background… but I also had some good level of concentration and focus today.

I was able to delegate tasks at work without worrying about them. I was in control. I laugh at that as I mean I was in control of myself… not everything that was going on around me. 😆

I’m very proud of my journey so far. I do have some difficult days, some where I am so concerned that I’m going to slip back. We make our own happiness and by writing on a daily basis, I try to remember that.

I want to add some more about the very sad situation in Ukraine 🇺🇦 I think it’s affected me more than I realised. My heart breaks for what these people are going through. I’m sad for the world but I have to limit myself to it. I’m very lucky that I can as those poor people cannot.

Take charge of your happiness ♥️

Thank you once again to everyone who takes the time to read my blog. Thanks for all your support.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️

Day 699 the sun shone all day in more ways than one ☀️♥️☀️

A very early night last night… and a very quiet start to the day. I feel like a tortoise who’s retracted back into its shell for protection.

Protection from what? I have no idea.

I feel very quiet. I’ve felt a bit like that all week. A reluctance to chat. A desire to merge into the background. At one FBF workout I actually stood behind everyone. It’s funny as I knew I was doing it but quiet and hiding feels safe.

When I woke this morning I felt a profound sense of sadness. I still don’t know why but that’s ok. It is what it is.

Yesterday I wrote down all the bad stuff that was going round in my head. I went back to it this morning and I realise I have actually written some fairly positive things in that diatribe. I know what to do to get out of it. Yesterday I just had to sit with the sadness.

Today feels different. Today I’m taking action.

Instead of being sad at the state of the house I am cleaning. To be fair, I had let it get pretty bad, rather than staying on top of it but even then it only took a couple of hours.

The intense tornado-like rush of feelings from yesterday is nowhere to be seen once it’s done. Only calm.

This next one makes me laugh… be private… and I tell you guys everything. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

My self care is talking about it, talking it through and making sense of it and maybe my ramblings will help someone else.

Craig is out in the garden pressure washing the back grass so I decided to go out and weed my meadow garden.

Those of you who have followed my blog since lockdown, may remember that I planted lovely meadow flowers right down the back of our garden. My vision…

The reality…..

Now that photo isn’t actually that bad… it looks like I almost made it but the reality was huge, big, tall, gangly weeds that got way out of control and Mr A hated it…. and he was right to.

So today I have weeded out as much as I could and I enjoyed it. Ignore the wheelie bin!

The grass and decking look amazing!

Maybe bows the time to tell him the rest of it needs doing again?!? 🤣

The dogs loved being out with us all day.

Craig was up in this tree cutting down some branches that were overhanging the shed.

He’ll be in agony at the gym tomorrow! He could only reach the branch with his left arm. I was on ground support and did a grand job if I say so myself. 🙄🤭🤣

How true is that. If only the world was as peaceful as my back garden is now.


I’m sitting outside in the sun. I have a big jumper on but the sun is warm on my face. It’s been hidden for so long that it’s so lovely to feel it’s warmth.

It’s only forecast to be 7C here but to us Scots, any sign of sunshine can be considered spring or summer!

I’m drinking a lovely alcohol free Cider. Only 50 calories.

I’ve always said that the calm after the anxiety is the best feeling in the world. The calm after the storm.

I think I’m gonna have a bath and a wee pamper afternoon while Craig watches the football. Be kind to myself.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

Day 698 maybe erase the day and start again?!

Oooooh I’m sorry as this one won’t be all smart arsed and wise cracks today… it’s not been the best day…. 😢

I had a great sleep but have just been feeling really emotional all day. I have been in tears on and off all day.

Yet today I really do think I’m bad at life.

I took the dogs out earlier and was all over the place. I put my wellies on to take them up the hill into the field, as a woman walked a horse past my front door and headed up the hill…. Well that’s my plan up the swanny… that’s my anxiety talking as I can still walk up the same hill as a woman on a horse. Today… it would appear not.

The walk was fine but I am literally scanning the roads in front and behind me looking for other dogs…. So I can be prepared in case something happens…. I am panicking. Overthinking everything.

I clamber under a fence into this field so I can let them run. Hands and knees into the mud 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

You know… as I write all this I realise how little sense it makes. I don’t need to ramble on about all this.

This next photo says it all to me today. Despite everything you can still grow.

My anxiety has been very unkind to me today. It has questioned everything.

I sat to write it all down as is recommended in the anxiety app that I use. It’s called worry time. It starts with “Jesus, god what the actual hell is wrong with you now”. Scuse the language. No one else would speak to me like that.

I don’t understand myself today. I am fighting an internal battle…. Why can’t you just be happy? Why do you have to make everything so difficult.

These are hard times to live in. Try as I might I cannot miss the dreadful situation in Ukraine. Social media is full of it just now and quite rightly so. I am devastated for these poor people.

I feel very vulnerable.

Yet compared to so many I have nothing to worry about.

I called mum this morning and she answered asking what’s wrong… she knew and and she got it all…… 🙄

Then I threw myself in to painting the kitchen cupboards…. Quite badly to be honest but hey… it helped take my mind off it.

I am very tired of always having to handle it but handle it I will. Again.

I am the only one who invalidates how I feel. My own worst enemy.

A few funnies to finish off so I don’t drag you all down….

The whole point of this daily blog is to let you all see that things may not always be what they seem when you meet someone.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 697 the day I got locked out the house 🏡 😳

I could just leave that here and end the blog with that. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So this happened…. Almost 6 hours locked out the house today….. all because I went for a dog walk while my wonderful husband was getting ready to go to work. I come home and the house is like Fort Knox and he’s not due home until 4pm.

Calaidh is equally as sad as she is locked in the house while we are outside.

Now…. It’s hardly oh woe is me…. As I do live next door to a pub which opens at 12.30pm and I discover I’m locked out just after 12pm. It’s hardly the end of the world. It’s also dry and warmish in the sun so Bhruic and Freya will survive outside.

I should say here that yes… it would be a really good idea to get an extra key cut. Yes, I’ve been meaning to for ages. We had one in the pub and the guy who tiled our bathroom had it and it’s never been seen since. Hindsight eh?!

I started gardening … i actually did think I’d have to stay in the garden the whole time… maybe I was being a bit dramatic but didn’t want to leave the dogs out by themselves… but then was rescued by my lovely pub owning next door neighbour!

I got cuddles from Leo the pub dog! I had coffee and a bowl of Tomato and Chilli soup.

So this is my view for the next few hours. I’m really very lucky.

So let’s go back a bit…. I had another great sleep and was in bed from 9pm trying to ignore the screams from the living room as Rangers put Borussia Dortmund out of the UEFA Europa League 6-4 on aggregate. Suffice to say Mr A was over the actual moon last night and he was very vocal about it. Rightly so. they did really well.

The moon was a perfect crescent this morning.

The Fit Body Farm was great this morning. I was buzzing today. It was very hard work and I worked really hard at it too. The sky was stunning again this morning.

It’s amazing how much the ground froze between 5.30am and 7am…. It was wet when I got to the Farm and pretty icy when I left.

I watched a young guy, walking down a path in Stewarton, do a comedy skid on the ice!! He really made me laugh as he caught my eye driving past… he couldn’t believe he stayed standing. His eyes were so wide open with shock! He was looking at me as if to say “did you see that?!”

Then a wee fox ran out in front of me right across the road.

It felt like a great morning to be alive. Check me.

I came home and took Calaidh out for a walk with Holly and Leo next door.

I would like to note here that I did not have a shower at this point as it made sense to walk the dogs in the same gear I wore to the gym. Hindsight…. huh…

The sun was HUGE in the sky. It’s a beautiful morning.

So all good… I come home from the Calaidh dog walk and decide not to shower until I’ve walk the other two…. Again hindsight….. great thing, so I’ve heard.

I spent a couple of hours working on the Gateside Memorial Hall Accounts upstairs in my bedroom office. It was lovely and warm with the sun streaming in the windows. I just needed the ice to melt before I walked puppers 2 and 3.

By 11am the ice had gone and set off out with Bhruic and Freya…. Logically still in the same clothes ready for a lovely warm shower on my return.

It was very muddy now that the ice has melted….

Dirty dogs!

It’s starting to cloud over.

And then we got home and tried to walk through the front door… as locked as a locked thing.

Back doors ditto…… so I decided to start gardening…. And the rest is history.

Here we are now…. Sad and homeless. it started to rain so had to bring the dogs inside.. I’d left my muddy boots at the back door of the pub so they are wet inside. My feet are like blocks of ice 🧊

Most folk would just drink the afternoon away…. Not me, Mrs Choose to be Sober when you could have just got sozzled. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

Chips?!?!? Did someone say chips! 🍟

Is dad ever coming home?!?

It’s now 4.31pm and we’re all having a nap now….

At 4.45pm he walked through the door. Hallelujah!

At 4.49pm I was in the shower…. 🚿🧽🧼

I’ve finally thawed out and am recovering on the couch 🤣🤣🤣 such a drama queen.

Happy Friday night to you all. I am super appreciative of my lovely warm house.

I may never leave it again… just in case.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 696 snowy start to the day and I could not get a word out today… 🤭

I slept all evening on the couch last night. Couldn’t stop drifting off. We were watching a new tv show Inventing Anna and it was really good. I missed huge chunks of it though….. 😴🥱

Went to bed just before 10 and slept all night until the 6.30 alarm. I’ve not slept this much in ages.

We woke up to the snow we’ve been expecting! Yay!!

It was deeper than the last lot we’d had and I had to drive to work in it!!

It was falling heavily.

Of course I still managed to walk across the road to take photos in it!

I had my work cut out clearing Abbie the Campervan!

Claire spotted me leaving from her bedroom window!!

Despite leaving early I was 10 minutes late as the traffic was really slow. I made fresh tracks on the road a lot of the way down to Irvine.

I was scared but in control. There was one car I passed down a ditch and into the trees. That gave me the fear but only made me drive more carefully.

Finally around the corner from work there was hardly any snow at all. The sky was lovely above Tartan HQ car park though.

I really should have taken a Rambling Sloth snow day today….. I’ve missed so many lovely snow scenes! It turned to rain fairly soon at work and it’s been torrential for most of the day.

I could hardly get a word out properly today. Even that sentence seems not to flow… as does this one. It’s been “wan o’ they days” as they say.

I knew what I wanted to say and yet the words came out jumbled or got stuck altogether. Not great when you’re trying to train someone. It was so infuriating. I had so much to do today that I just needed to get on with it and stumbling over everything wasn’t helping.

I had the patience of a gnat today… that’s only because a saint had more patience than I could take credit for.

So all in all, I’m glad today is done. I have my feet up in front of the fire waiting on a super tasty Mac n’ Cheese that’s in the oven.

I also have a bag of Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons as a wee treat.

Craig set me this pic this afternoon 💜

An early night and another great sleep will do the trick.

Sleep heals all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 695 good sleep, Farm, work and baby cuddles 🥰

Another amazing sleep last night, out for the count and woken by the alarm. Love it!

Up and at ‘em for the Fit Body Farm at 5am. Lots of weights this morning so I’m feeling it already.

So I’m listening to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast again and this morning she is talking to Björn Natthiko Lindeblad. He’s a Swedish exec who moved into a Buddhist monastery in a Thai forest and lived there for 17 years. He was about to become the youngest CFO in Sweden when he heard a voice tell him it was time for a change.

I can’t remember how to rename the link… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 but this will take you to the podcast!.

He’s written a book called “I May Be Wrong and other wisdoms from life as a forest monk”.

How many of us actually assume we are always right. How can everyone else in the world be wrong but we are always right. Maybe sometimes we are the ones that are wrong? I may be wrong….. 🙄😬😆

It’s honestly well worth a listen and I’m tempted to buy the book.

Sadly… spoiler alert… Björn has since passed away. Fearne interviewed him in December and he had been diagnosed ALS and he knew this was likely to aired after he died. A wonderful legacy to leave.

Another busy day in Tartan HQ AND we had a weeeeeeee baby come to visit!!

He was such a wee cutie and his mum is doing great and lost all her baby tummy already. It was lovely to get some cuddles at work.

So not much else to report today. The crochet hookers have been in discussion as to whether to cancel tonight or not. It’s been really wild again today and yet again this seems worse than the named storms.

There’s snow forecast from now until 7pm tomorrow night. I’m excited for it but have a feeling it might not come to anything.

Watch this space!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 694 Tuesday of all twos days 22/2/22 🥳

Now what are the chances of me being able to stay up until 22.22 today just so I can say I saw it….. slim methinks. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I had the best sleep last night….. was out for the count. All that sea air obviously did me the power of good.

I feel so much better today. Calm and back in control. I say that and my mind say “ahhhhh but for how long….?!?” Jeez I’m cruel to myself.

So there’s not much to say about today really. Work was busy and went really fast. I had loads to catch up on after my day off yesterday.

It’s 4.25pm and I’m sitting in a small cinema. How random. It turns out there’s a cinema in my work’s industrial estate… who knew?!?

We’re here to watch a screening of our Tartan Campervans being used in a tv show pilot.

So while we have technical difficulties… I may as well write about the curling.

I should say the show is about 3 groups of people answering clues and driving around Scotland (in our Tartan campers!) to find numbers that will build up co-ordinates to buried treasure. It was really good!

Do… back to the curling…..

Wow. It was so very good. Not gonna lie, in true Rambling Sloth fashion I was very nervous when we started and convinced I was gonna be a disaster and look daft in front of everyone. I decided I would make an excellent curling team photographer… that was the way to go.

We practised in small groups. It wasn’t easy.

Receiving instruction 🤣

There was so much to remember and in a specific order.

My anxious brain has a meltdown at times like that and throws its arms up in the air and walks off in a huff.

Looking the part!

I tried to stay calm and concentrate without the million reasons why I would be rubbish at it.

Poetry in motion! 🤣🤣
Mr A being poetry in motion too!
The trick is in the photography 🤣🤣
All sedate before the game began 🥌🥌
Our wee team game at the end!

We lost the team game as the guy at the opposite end of the photo from me is an absolute pro… he knows his stuff. How unlucky were we do go against him?!?

Here’s the group shot Fit Body Farm Olympic curling team for maybe 2042….

It was fascinating to watch how quickly we learned and became better with each practise shot. Everyone was in the same boat except for the two guys who were exceptional at it.

By the end we were all wishing for longer on the ice. It was lots of fun. Another step out of my comfort zone but one I’d really like to try again.

Great fun with great people, making more memories and surely that’s all that life’s about these days.

Guess who’s feeling better?!

Stay safe everyone 🥌🥌🥌

Day 693 do seagulls or ducks ever get seasick rolling on the waves?!? 🦆🌊🌊🌊🦅

That’s just one of the questions I asked myself down at the coast today as I watched them bob up and down. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

I’ve had a nightmare of a day up until now. Obviously just inside my own head.

I spent the night thinking that I may or may not go to the Fit Body Farm this morning… long story short, I went and it was really good… I’m so glad I did.

That internal dialogue telling me I’m on “holiday” I shouldn’t have to get up at 5am…. But I know I won’t go at 9.30am or 5.30pm, but I could miss it altogether but it would make me feel great after doing it… blah blah blah….. yeah I know… shut up already!

I came home from the Farm and got back into bed for a few hours. I didn’t sleep but I rested and tried to drown out my inner natter. Then got up to walk the dogs.

I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to walk 3 dogs on single track windy roads. That’s roads with lots of noisy wind rather than bends though they are quite windy (bends) and windy (noise!) 😬🙄🤣. I had to stop every few minutes to let a car past and I never heard any of them coming.

So back home and could paint the kitchen, don’t wanna paint the kitchen, could do this, could do that….. so I decided to drive to Largs. When all else fails it’s rather to bed or to the sea…. And I need corn plasters 🩹 😏 what age am I?!?!

Largs was beautiful today with a really high tide and wild. it wasn’t without its trials and tribulations though….

They have a new registration sensor barrier in the main car park. I couldn’t get the barrier to open. Now Abbie the Campervan does have a lift kit fitted so maybe her number plate is higher than everyone else’s?!?! I almost hit the barrier trying to get it to see me. Backwards, forwards…. Ended up having to reverse out the car park lane like a muppet….. thankfully the car behind me had reversed as they realised something was up…. Drove off as the car behind me got straight in…. Go figure…. and found another car park but couldn’t get in the only space I could find no matter how hard I tried. Finally ended up parking miles away from the shops. By this time I’m all over the place. I do get the corn plasters so that’s something. 😆

I had lunch on a bench down by the sea.

It was really beautiful despite the wind.

I felt calmer after lunch and decided to head down to Portencross for the ultimate calming fix. That drive went without hitch.

I sat here for about an hour.

Beside this big rock.

The sea is wild.

The Isle of Arran just visible in the sunlight.

Sitting on the rocks, listening to the wind and waves, I feel connected to nature. Nothing else matters. My mind finally stops. I can finally just be and appreciate the moment.

I came home and had a lovely cuppa with Claire after her work and caught up on all the news and now chilling on the couch, half asleep.

Still to write about curling…. It was too sunny not to take photos today!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 692 ROAD TRIP home via Glencoe 🛻 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☔️

Dinner was exceptional last night. We ate in Ee-usk in Oban which is right on the sea front in this red roofed building.

It was raining but the time we headed round but Oban was beautiful in the dark with the tide right in.

I had scallops in mornay sauce to start. They were so good.

How funny is the pic Craig took of mum and I?!!? I have a halo! The reflection of one of the lights….. 😇🤣

I hade seafood salad for mains and it was really lovely too.

Then the piéce de resistance… the dessert sharing platter. Wow! Out of this world.

It was pouring when we left. The service was quite slow between starter and mains but it made for a lovely relaxing meal.

Craig, mum and dad walking in front of me. The illuminated McCaigs Tower on the hill.

Love this photo of mum and dad!

High tide
Driving rain!

We went back to the hotel bar for a nightcap.

Woke at 1.35am as the room was blasting 25C….. I was sweating like a beast not to put it lightly. Thermostat ramped back down to 18C and wake again after 7. We had a lie in and watched some of last nights ladies curling at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Huge well done to the Scottish girls who won, their playing was exceptional. We were looking for pointers but notice they don’t use the stabilisers….. how would that work?!?

Just remembered I haven’t got round to my Curling blog yet so will share that maybe tomorrow when I have nothing else to talk about. 🥌🤣♥️

We met Mum and Dad in Reception at 10 and headed round to the Corryvreckan pub at the harbour.

This was the view from breakfast.

We had a lovely cooked breakfast. The Corryvreckan is a Wetherspoons and can be a hit or a miss as to whether it’s quiet enough or heaving. It was quiet this morning at 10am.

Mine was veggie
Mum and I
Oban posing 🤣

We decided to head off after breakfast and drive down via Glencoe which adds on half an hour to our journey and takes us north to head south.

We hoped to see lots of snow but the rain has melted most of it. It was still a dramatic drive.

Oban seafront
Heading over Connel Bridge
Coming into Benderloch… I worked with a girl when I was about 16 and her Gran lived here. That always fascinated me!!
The sun came out
Heading towards Kentallen
Under Ballachulish Bridge (not in a boat!)
The Pap of Glencoe
Heading into the Glencoe pass. Aonach Ridge to the left
Simply stunning
Dramatic beauty
The Three Sisters
The Glencoe Falls looking spectacular

We parked in a different car part to try and get a different view of the mountains. This was an amazing spot.

Glencoe’s Three Sisters
The Aonach Rodge from the south
The Three Sisters, Craig and the Aonach Ridge. Wow!
More hills 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

We could see the cloud coming in and the heavens opened as we headed down to the car. So lucky to get that gap in the weather!

Iconic Glencoe bridge
Melting snow
Passing the Green Welly Stop
Heading into Crianlarich
Down the side of Loch Lomond again… so different from yesterday
But very atmospheric

We’ve had a lovely weekend. The weather has been wild but has been on our side when we needed it. We saw blue sky!! Was lovely to make more memories too.

Scotland is such a beautiful country we are very lucky to be able to explore it.

Home and dog walk in the rain!

I’m very grateful for my Monday holiday! Woo hoo!!

Wishing you all a great week. Remember… we got this!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 691 ROAD TRIP to Oban of Mum’s birthday 🥳

Should start by saying I’ll do a curling blog in a day or so. It was such good fun and we had a great night. Didn’t get to bed until midnight!

Up bright eyed and bushy tailed (not entirely…) at 7am with a huge list to be achieved before we left for Oban. I had the huge list obviously…. 😉🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

We managed to leave at 9.30am. I’d done a washing and hung it up, cleaned the bathroom, did a garden poo pick, stripped the bed, wrapped mum’s pressies, had a shower and packed my bag!

Anyway…. What a beautiful, beautiful day. The skies are blue and the sun is shining AND there is snow!!

Ben Lomond on the banks of bonnie Loch Lomond
By yon bonnie banks

Should say all of these are taken from a moving car while Craig is driving. 🥳

These next few photos are taken on the iconic drive up the side of Loch Lomond. Not for the faint of heart. We sat for a good few minutes as two coaches negotiated their way past each other.

We then head left at Crianlarich but could be forgiven for thinking we’re in the Alps.

Then the road goes straight ahead for Glencoe and Fort William but we take the A85 to Oban.

As we pass through Dalmally we start to come out of the snow. It’s still a beautiful day. There’s even a warmth in the sun at times.

Then we head up the side of Loch Etive and spot the Connel Bridge. Beautiful white mountains in the distance.

The Falls of Lora are best seen at high spring tides and I think we were lucky to see a fast flow today. 66 million cubic metres of water try to squeeze through this gap with every ebb and flow tide creating the “falls”.

I love this next photo. The visible swell of the sea. L

Five miles up the road we arrive in Oban just after 12. We made good time despite the stops!

We met mum and dad at the hotel and did birthday pressies!

Dad has bought Mum a spa day and said she may want to take a “friend”…. It’s Bowfield Hotel near our house!! Love it!!

We then went straight out for a wander as the weather is due to change later on. It’s so still and calm. It’s so lovely not to have wind and rain.

We went to the Oban Chocolate Company for hot chocolate and cake. I took this next photo from the window sitting drinking hot chocolate.

The inside of the shop is lovely. They have chocolate everywhere!

I had a white hot chocolate. It was so decadent but tasted amazing. There are no photos of the hot chocolates as the Oban Chocolate Company are having to work as a takeaway so everything’s in takeaway cups. You are welcome to enjoy your takeaway at one of their seating areas before you leave. Interesting way to get around no longer having toilet facilities!

When then took a walk along the front towards Dunollie.

Looking over to the Isle of Mull
The Isle of Kerrera

This is the reason I love Oban so much. There’s always something else to look at… something to watch. There are so many islands visible from the town and so many more beyond. It seems a transient town where people are always on the move, going or coming back from somewhere. It offers the promise of places to explore. I love that.

Looking down the Sound of Kerrera
Oban T

Then we walked in towards Dunollie Castle.

Dunollie Castle on the hill

Then the light started to change… but so atmospheric.

Time for some family pics. Mum, Dad and Craig obviously!

Then with me!

We walked back in towards Oban and found a path behind the houses that takes you right along to the Corran Halls. None of us knew it was there but what a lovely path, through Dunollie woods, out of the cold wind, secluded by the large rocks that Oban is built on.

A warning of things to come maybe?

Mum and I headed for a wander round the shops while Dad and Craig went to sample the local pint. The heavens opened shortly afterwards!!

Oban Ferry Terminal
Ee-usk where we are going for dinner tonight
McCaigs Folly up on the hill

We were so lucky to get the weather we did today. We came back to the hotel for a drink and are now having forty winks before dinner!!

So I now have half an hour to wash my hair and get ready for dinner…. The joys of having so many lovely photos to look through.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday night, I’m so grateful for Monday off work!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

Day 690 my Mum’s birthday 💜 and we go Curling 🥌 🥌

Ok so it’s 5.45am and I’m sitting in the car park at the Fit Body Farm. it was snowing when I looked out the window. As expected.

I panicked, threw my stuff together, bet I’ve forgotten something and left.

The photos don’t do it justice.

It seemed a lot at the time but really does look like nothing!

It was really heavy and coming sideways! I hate driving in the snow. I have the fear… the dark is bad enough these day but dark and snow….. 😱😱😱

Dad and I had an accident in the snow when I was at Uni. He picked me up one night when the snow was bad as the buses were off and an artic lorry ran in to the back of us on the Edinburgh City Bypass. Now, we were very lucky as it wasn’t that bad a crash but the car was a right off as we were shunted into the car in front. My dad was invincible and if that could happen to him then what chance do I have when I’m driving… you know the way my mind works by now!!

It was like driving Star Trek style. I had to turn main beam off so I could see in the warp speed snow.

By the time I got to Dunlop the snow gradually turned to sleet and by the time I got to the Farm there was virtually nothing and I was 15 minutes early as a result!

There’s an actual tractor parked at the entrance to the Farm today. It will run their back up generator in case the power goes off.

We worked super hard this morning. We partnered up and after each 4 minute exercise we shared we had to do a 4 minute run together. We ran in the sleety snow. It’s crazy but as hard as it was, I loved it. The girls are so good at keeping me going. This was the sleet when I left….

The poor wee snowdrops feeling awfy sorry for themselves!

The drive to work was through sleet tracks but it was fine and big Abbie didn’t skid once.

Work was great, very busy, I got loads done and it went really fast. Its funny it felt like the last day before a holiday and yet I only work 4 days a week so I always get a 3 day weekend…. It just felt different.

It’s lovely to have Monday off to look forward to, I definitely did the right thing working today.

So yeah, it’s my lovely Mum’s birthday today and her and Dad are already up in Oban. They stayed in Killin last night and drove over in the snow this morning. How beautiful is this?!?

Sounds like she’s had a lovely day with lots of messages from people. We’ll head up in the morning to join her and we’ve a lovely dinner booked for tomorrow night. 🌊 🦞 🦀 🦐 🍤 🐟

But tonight….. we have Curling with the Fit Body Farm. We are heading to Greenacres Curling Club which is actually 3 miles from our house and only takes 6 minutes to get there. Soooo close!

Lots of our neighbours are curlers…. Is that a word? I will find out tonight, maybe the correct phrase is to say lots of our neighbours curl….. as a result. 🥌

I’m really looking forward to it. It turns out my Grandpa used to curl 🥌 who knew?!? So I’m hoping it might be my “thang” as they say. Watch this I’ll fall flat on the ice in the first few minutes!

Gran and Grandpa did always have 2 old curling stones on their front door step. I was always fascinated with them as a kid but never realised the significance until Mum told me that last week. 🥌🥌

But right now I’m having a wee lie down on the couch. Craig has been amazing today and despite feeling rotten, has cleaned the house. The fire and candles are burning and it’s super toasty for a wee nap I reckon.

Bhruic is showing me how it’s done…

Unfortunately then Calaidh and Freya came through from the bedroom for cuddles and didn’t let me sleep but it was a lovely peaceful moment after a busy day.

I’m gonna put this out before we head out tonight as we won’t be home until 11pm so the curling pics can follow tomorrow.

Have weekend and…

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 689 not my weekend just yet 😩🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I’ve decided to work tomorrow so I can take Monday off instead. It seemed like a really good idea at the time…. 😳😆

We’re away overnight Saturday and it will be nice not to feel pressured to rush home on Sunday for work on Monday. Will give me a day to chill once we’re back.

If I’m at home tomorrow I’ll spend the day doing housework and it will be over before I know it… so Monday off sounds like a plan.

I had THE best nights sleep last night. Was out for the count all night and didn’t wake until just before the alarm. It’s such a great feeling. We kept the pups in the living room as they bark at the wind if it’s too loud. They were silent all night… bliss!

I had to go out during work today to pick up a van and drove passed a field of Heilan’ Coos (highland cows!). you can imagine my excitement. 🐮

If you zoom in you’ll see them in the field behind my wee cuddly coo!

I always feel so very proud to be Scottish when I see Scottish things…. I know that sounds daft but it’s true. I’m a very proud Scot. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

The sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was a lovely wee drive.

So I find myself tonight with nothing much to say. That doesn’t happen often.

I feel really tired. I had to make a healthy dinner and I could not be assed… ‘scuse the French. I’m actually watching Glasgow Rangers hammer Borussia Dortmund. Craig is feeling pretty rotten having caught my cold but believe me he had found his voice again tonight. 😳🤣

So Storm Dudley didn’t do anything much. It didn’t really deserve a name. There’s Storm Eunice coming in tomorrow now…. Bring on spring! I cannot wait to wear my flip flops again. 🩴🩴

So that’s all from me tonight. Busy few days coming.

We’re going Curling with the Fit Body Farm tomorrow night which I’m excited about. Can’t wait to try it!

Also really looking forward to going away and so grateful to my lovely in-laws for moving in to look after the fur-pack for the night!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 688 Storm Dudley sweeps in! 💨🌧

Not gonna lie I was scared for a bit on the drive home tonight. The good news is that it’s light leaving the gym and heading into work and it’s light all the way home now. There were really strong gusts for about 10 minutes, with sideways rain, while I was talking to mum on the way home. Soon after there were blue skies and mild gusts of wind.

This as the forecast this morning.

It’s actually a lot better than it was… at the start of the week it was predicting 68 mph winds.

So I’m home, hatches are battened down, candles are on, fire’s lit and dinner is cooking….. dinner a la Craigie. He’s a good lad feeding me and it was very lovely!

So I had a much better day today. The pub looking mysterious at 5.20am.

The Fit Body Farm was great. I had my weigh in and have lost more weight (despite all the junk I’ve been eating these last few weeks) and so keeping on track.

Had a chance to have a chat about my nutrition too, which was good.

It was really busy this morning and we ended with a challenge on the machines. I love it when we’re in groups as it really helps spur me on. Check the moon when I got to the Farm, super bright.

Zoom in on this next pic and check the scary birds at work this morning… they obviously knew something was up.

I got through loads at work and the wind picked up all day. The portacabin was still on the ground when I left….

So here’s to a quiet night as the storm dies down.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 687 the calm before the storm

I’m gonna have to rename this The Rambling Forecast…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 today is definitely the calm before the storm.

Storm Dudley is headed in our direction and hits at lunch tomorrow. I just double checked the forecast and now it’s hitting us at 3am. How quickly it all changes. We’re expecting winds of up to 68mph, which is nothing compared to Northern Scotland, but it’s windier than we’ve seen over the last few weeks of storms. Hold onto your roof tiles…. That’s a wee joke from us very old house owners. 🏡

It was beautiful last night when I went out with the dogs for their late night wee. The moon was so bright, the stars were visible and it was super cold. The moon was huge on the way to work this morning but I couldn’t stop for a photo.

Today has been 4 seasons in one day. Also in my head.

I went on to LinkedIn this morning for the first time in almost a year. I was looking for something but It wasn’t a great experience as my LinkedIn is still set up with newsfeed for my old job. A whole wooooooooosh of triggers and negative thoughts that it’s all still going on without me and I failed at it.

Now I do know… deep down somewhere, that is not true. I worked there for 12 years and was lucky enough to be promoted on a regular basis…. But it broke me.

It was like being showered by a hail of archer arrows…. Like loads of stabs… I felt pummelled by memories. Memories of who I was, what I did, friendships I had but also seeing all the new people that seem to work there that I will never know and it knocked me for 6.

For the first few hours of the day I was really unsettled. What did I give up? What have I done? What if… I should have…. what if….

It made me feel less than…. And yet I know that I am a million times happier now than I was then. It’s still just hard. It’s very much out of sight out of mind for me until today.

So moving on the day was really busy and I ended up having a great day. I am finally feeling better despite the odd hacking cough.

We got an email from the guy who runs the Fit Body Farm. He’s encouraged us to revisit the goals we set at the start of the year and to think about how where we want to be at the end of March. I had decided I wanted to lose a stone.

Wow. I needed to see that. It made me realise where that my head has gone since we’ve been sick. I feel a “threat” to my goals and I’ve jumped into the survival part of my brain. I feel frustration, anger and overwhelm at my eating just now. I am overwhelmed at the thought of food prep and cooking and so I just don’t want to do it… but in true “me” fashion, I’m annoyed at myself for it.

He encourages us to make a change and starting by MOVING instead of turning to food….

When I came home tonight I felt tired and sluggish but I didn’t give in to it. Instead I tidied out the inside of the Abbie the camper van and then did some housework. I’m really proud of it as I feel like I achieved something other than just lounging around. Simple things but a change from the last lazy, few weeks.

Craig cooked a lovely dinner and I really enjoyed it. Good healthy food.

And finally….. the thing I keep seeing all the time……

A good day with a lot of deep thinking. I’ve struggled to put this into words tonight so I hope some of it makes sense.

Tomorrow we could be blown away!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 686 Happy Valentines Day 2022 ♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️

A day with a ready made title 🤣 There’s not much else to talk about on a random cold Monday in February when you’re at your work all day!

The Fit Body Farm was tough today. I’m not back to full fitness yet and the laziness of the weekend never helps. My head wasn’t in it but I did it all and worked hard at it so was pretty chuffed with myself afterwards.

I managed to flood the shower again and had to try and get changed while balancing on one tiptoe. It’s a real art!


Work was super busy today. I’m still coughing and felt really fuzzy headed and couldn’t sometimes think straight. That’s nothing new but hey…. I still got loads done.

I focussed on the invoice clearing job that I love doing and got that to the best level it’s been since November. 3 invoices left to reconcile. Boom! 💥

It was also daylight driving to and from work!! Spring is on the way!

(Hard to believe that when we see another Storm front moving in this week! We’re off to Oban this weekend and there are gales and snow forecast!!! Funny how this blog seems to have turned into a weather forecast…)

I remember when Craig and I first met, he got me a huge cuddley toy that held a banner saying I love you this much. We always used to say I love you more than the bear… awwww remember those early loved up days when you can’t get enough of each other. 🥰

I saw this today…….

Made me laugh out loud when I sent it to him.

We’ve been through some pretty tough times, as I’m sure most married couples have over the years, but I can honestly say that despite all his faults, of course I have none… my blog, writers privilege…. I’m very lucky to have him by my side supporting me every step of the way.

I also still look at him across a crowded pub (to be fair, it’s the only place we go!) and smile because he is mine. I think that’s pretty special. ♥️

I also think that writing the blog has helped him understand me and it’s all about good communication. I was never very good at it and yet here I am now, writing everything down. It’s encouraged us to talk.

I came home a lovely wooden card in a bag with some very lovely words.

We’ve ordered a takeaway super early in the hope it gets here sometime tonight as you just never know…

So I guess my takeaway from today is that it’s very important to love yourself, communicate and have all the patience that you can. Love is patient, love is kind.

I think we’ve finally “got it all right” to quote Sara Bareillis. ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️🌹♥️

Day 685 a very rainy Sunday so nothing else to do but paint 🎨 🖌 (the kitchen cupboards nothing artistic 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣)

It has not stopped raining ALL day. It’s been a torrential downpour since we woke up.

Yesterday I embraced it and went out and seized the day. 💪🏼

Today I’ve avoided it like the plague!!

I came through to this first thing. Craig had lit the candles and fire.

A lovely way to start the day when it’s so dark and miserable outside.

I said the other day about Craig painting the kitchen and cupboards and we really weren’t sure about the colour. I felt really bad after all the work Craig put in. I tried so hard to like it but figured if I couldn’t put a photo in the blog then it meant I really didn’t like it 🤣 life according to blog content. 🤔😂

So we went to B&Q first thing and exchanged the one tin we hadn’t used and we were home before lunch.

I’ve been antsy today…. That weekend thing of not knowing what to do and feeling like I have to do so much in such a short space of time.

If I’m honest, I feel really lazy like I just want to do absolutely nothing.

I never really relax until I give myself permission to do what I actually want to do, rather than all things I feel I should be doing. I decided I really fancied painting some of the cupboards and, you know what, I’ve really enjoyed doing it.

I’ve had a lovely wee afternoon painting while the Gateside Inn next door has a band playing. I’ve been singing along. We hear a band quite clearly when they’re in the pub.

Craig took the dogs out for a walk and for the rest of the afternoon they’ve been playing out in the pouring rain. They don’t seem to notice.

Means I’m still lucky enough to be relishing in the odour of eau-de-wet-dog. 😷

So this is what the kitchen was… (excuse the mess!)

It was very minty! Much prefer Overtly Olive 🫒

There’s still loads more to paint. All the ground level cupboards need doing but that’s enough for today. I can maybe do some after work through the week but let’s not be too hasty to commit. 😆

I’m still feeling choked with the cold but COVID clear so all good.

Well it’s here again, your Sunday evening reminder that we really can take anything the universe throws at us this week.

Remember, above all, to be kind to everyone you meet. A simple smile can brighten someone’s day and make a bad day seem worthwhile.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 684 there’s no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothing 🌧💨🌊

What an amazing day!

I should start with it’s horrific out there. We have another storm with no name. It’s blawin’ a hoolie and the rain is coming sideways! It’s wild!!!

I’m still feeling rotten. The cold is hanging around and making me feel really lethargic and, if I’m honest… (which I always am) a bit down.

I did the usual Saturday morning… not knowing what to do, where to go and stressing about making the most of my time. Dogs have to come first.

So took Bhruic and Freya out and they had a good run in Spiers old school grounds.

Check the tongues 👅👅🤣

When I got home I decided to take Calaidh down to Portencross beach.

This was the weather when we arrived….

That didn’t stop us… it was wild!! Honestly the kid of day that you usually want to stay in… batten down the hatches and not move from the couch but I’ve done a lot of that recently and I wanted today to be different.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Portencross like this. The waves were huge. I had to make sure Calaidh stayed away from the sea it was so rough.

Huge big splashing waves on the bit I usually go and sit!

Calaidh’s playing in a rock pool while the swell is crazy in the background.

Love the calm in the foreground.

Now these are waves. I never went down onto the main beach but I’ve never seen it like that.

Looking over to West Kilbride.

Got a surprise text message asking if I was at Portencross?!? I’ve not seen Aileen for ages and she potted Abbie the camper van in the car park.

Was so good to get a quick hug!! We didn’t get a selfie but here’s photo of her dog Millie with Calaidh. Both as addicted to tennis balls as each other. Had to try to get Calaidh away without stealing Millie’s ball 🎾 🤣

Almost two peas in a pod!

Calaidh and I went round to a Portencross Castle and kept walking.

Check the size of this container ship at the end of the Portencross pier! What you maybe can’t see is the tiny lifeboat that sailed out to them. I would not have wanted to be in any of those ships today! The wee lifeboat circled round the back of it and then pulled alongside and sailed along for a while 😱 then sped off.

I found a new path we had never been on.

And it opens out to this huge expanse of grass.

Calaidh was in her element!! She ran up to one dog and tried to pinch her stick 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 the kind lady threw her another one and she ran off for that.

We were absolutely soaking when I turned around to head back to the van.

I was having such a lovely time. The fresh air, the solitude, the lack of people except the few crazies braving the elements. Even the weather was actually out of this world. It felt amazing. It was so exhilarating. I actually woo hoo’d out loud a few times…. And not a soul would hear me. I was really wouldn’t have cared if they did.

By the time we got back here the rain was torrential. Absolutely stotting down. Sideways in the wind. I realised then how cold I was. My leggings were soaked and it was draining down into my boots. My feet were squelching.

This is a big muddy puddle on the road with the sea and then the castle. So much water!!

We got back to Abbie and she was about the only car in the car park. Thankfully not washed away but cleaner than she had been.

Now for the funny bit… I tried to dry Calaidh as best I could and got myself sat in the van when the phone rang… Craig… where are you? I’m at Portencross beach…. Awww I’m just home he says…. Brought you in a KFC Zinger rice box.

The last time he did this I was a few parking spaces down. If you remember I jumped the van into reverse and walloped into a parked BMW. Exactly the same place and same thing he said. Talk about coincidence. what are the chances?!?

You’ll be pleased to know I jumped into reverse and clearly viewed the reversing monitor to ensure I hit nothing. Check me.

Home, hot shower and KFC rice box followed by hours spent writing this as there are so many photos to go through. I have The Handmaid’s Tale on in the background.

Cuddles in with the pups. What’s not to love.

I could have given in to it today and instead I chose to make the day count…. And I think I nailed it.

Woo hoo!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 683 housework, nap and Valentine’s Day dinner in the pub! ♥️🌹♥️

I could not wake up this morning at all… my energy levels are so low, could be all the non nutritious food I’m eating I guess…

There’s been a whole lotta chocolate

The Farm was great this morning. I found it hard… the air was sooooo super cold that breathing in hurt! It was a great workout though… have a feeling I’ll feel it tomorrow. I’m still choked with the cold. It’s mostly in my head so I’m able to work out but every now and then there’s a hack that hits right down in my chest so gotta watch for that.

The sky was amazing against the end of the class.

I took some photos as we drove home with the heated seats on…. A godsend.

This is the Fit Body Farm driveway. How lucky are we to go here?!

The sky was still stunning when we got home. I love being up early, as hard as it is sometimes, I love that quiet time in the morning before everyone else is up.

The pups having a run around the back garden.

We had to drop Craig’s new car at the a garage for a service. Abbie was super frozen and I had to scrape the inside of her windscreen too…. That’s a first.

Of course I took some photos as I waited for her to defrost.

Here’s a pic of Craigs new car which looks bigger than the house!

I was literally back up the road from the garage and had to get changed and back out for lovely red toenails!

Back home for dog walk which, in hindsight was a mistake…

It was super icy!! I had to be really careful with every step. They were sliding and so was I.

The sun was amazingly huge!

I took them into a field at the top of the road and let them run so they didn’t pull me over!

Bhruic has “Calaidh’s” stick…. The next few pics are funny… Calaidh determined to get it back….

She just can’t keep up!

She tries intimidation…

Total intimidation…

They had a great run…. And I LOVE this next photo….

I love this wee cottage.

Back home for some long awaited house work. Honestly the mess was really stressing me out. We’re mid kitchen refurb and there are no photos as the colour we chose isn’t really working. We have Willow Green for the kitchen cupboards which is more like mint green and it’s not working with the tiles… 3.5 hours painting cupboards so far for poor Craigie….

So I spent a few hours trying to clean and tidy around the kitchen. It feels so much better. My head really can’t deal with the mess that 3 moulting dogs creates.

When Craig came home from work we had lunch and then went for a nap!! For two hours!

Lemsip has been clearing my sinuses but not so much today…. I’m shattered even after a sleep but so lucky we don’t have to cook!!

The Gateside Inn are doing a 3 course meal for the weekend so in support we booked for 6pm tonight. A wee Valentine meal for us!… he incurable romantics that we are… ♥️🌹🤣

Craig had Prawn and Smoked Salmon To start and I had Bruschetta.

He had Tarragon Salmon and I had Tomato and Marscarponi Risotto for mains.

And the piéce de resistance……

The trio of desserts…. Which actually had 3 ice creams and 3 desserts. It’s technically 6 desserts….. we may never move again.

I got Nosecco with the meal which was really lovely as it’s my fav!

We’re back in the house in comfies and I’m wrapped in a wee blankie…. I can’t breathe properly tonight but I ate the feast of a Queen.

Love you all. ♥️♥️♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️🌹♥️

Day 682 the sun was shining when I got HOME from work!!! ☀️☀️☀️

I love this time of year when the daylight starts to affect your day.

It was still sunny on the drive home…. So much so that I stopped in a lay-by to take a photo… of course I did…. You’re not surprised are you?!

It’s been a wild and crazy day weather wise again.

I drove to work in snow… no pics as I was a bit too terrified driving in it. To be fair it was gone about 5 miles from the house.

I laugh that I have All Terrain tyres but Im only comfortable driving with them on dry road terrain… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 hardly what they are meant for.

At one point this afternoon the Tartan portacabin took a right shaking! The wind picked up and the heavens opened. I tried not to need the loo…. That’s your worst nightmare…. Going outside in that weather.

Work was fast today and it’s my Friday night already!! I’m looking forward to a rest this weekend. I’m tired this week. The cold hasn’t come to too much thankfully but it’s knocked the stuffing out me a bit. So lots of rest and relaxation this weekend I think. After the Fit Body Farm… of course…. 😬🤣

So when I got home tonight Claire phoned and was equally excited by evening daylight…. So we took the dogs for a walk.

I have to give Claire credit for some of these next photos. I had my freezing cold hands full.

Note here that Calaidh is covered in paint from the kitchen…… of course she is.

Claire took this next one of Geilsland House. There’s a plain crossing the sky and it was lit up orange in the setting sun.

It’s freezing outside but it feels like the season is changing. Spring is coming. The snowdrops are everywhere. The daffodils are starting to push through. 🌼

I might try and get to the beach this weekend. That sounds like a plan.

So happy Thursday night! it’s nearly the weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 681 hail and shine all day and I came home to a painted kitchen 🎨🖌👨🏻‍🎨

Crazy weather again today. One minute the sun is out and the next it’s full on hail showers or torrential rain.

I’m definitely getting the cold. My headache is totally gone but I’ve a sore throat, sore ears and runny nose with the occasional chesty cough. Happy days.

I took a Lemsip to the Fit Body Farm this morning. Drank it before the class started. Warmed me right up! That’s the first run I’ve done and actually I managed it fine. The class was great. It was dry when we did the warm up and the next time I looked outside it was monsoon conditions!

Daylight when I left… it’s lovely to see daylight again at that time in the morning.

My diet is pretty poor just now. I bought lots of healthy salad this week and instead have bought filled rolls at work. It’s not the end of the world but I just need a treat. Something that’s not lettuce, tomato and cucumber just now.

I laughed a bit too much at this!

I love that…. I am most definitely under construction. ♥️🧡

So work was busy and went fast again today. When I left it was pouring and sunny at the same time.

So eery…. the light was blinding at times on the drive home and the rain was torrential.

So I came home to find that Craig had painted the kitchen! Now it’s been in a dreadful state as our kitchen is between the coal fire and the wood burning stove and obviously has the oven and hob so the walls really don’t stand a chance.

There are 3 stages to this job… first to paint the walls and ceiling, then to paint the actual cupboards themselves and then to sand down the work surfaces and oil them.

So the ceiling and walls are done ✅ He did warn me that the kitchen was a riot… indeed it is!

Unfortunately it’s highlighted that the leak we had sorted back in 2016, is still really bad and the old chimney in the kitchen is crumbling due to the water ingress. It’s high enough up that wee tiny me can’t really see it… but it’s really bad.

I knew there was something wrong when I took sugar out of the cupboard recently and it felt damp. I ried to ignore it!

We live in a 250 + year old house and have had to turn a blind eye to some of the leaks as we can’t afford to fix them all….. this one is reminding us that we can’t really ignore them for too long as they are only going to get worse.

So no pics of the riot just yet but suffice to say the walls are a beautiful colour and so much brighter than the colour they had faded to. Well done that man as my Gran would say!

I’m meeting the Crochet Hookers tonight so we’ll be back to making poppies again for remembrance. Looking forward to a good giggle again tonight. I might manage 5 of them in time for November. 😂😂😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️