Day 726 COVID-19 freedom!

My second negative… finally free to go out into the big wide world! Of course I took the dogs for a walk….

I can fully think I look better than I feel. I’m surprised to see just how shaky I am. I feel really lightheaded, a bit dizzy and my legs are like jelly but I take it really easy and let the puppers take the strain up the hill.

It’s only been a week but everything seems so different. The ground is really dry and the daffies are blooming everywhere. I don’t mean they are blooming everywhere but blooming… everywhere.

It’s such a beautiful day. It’s not even 9am and I would go so far as to say it was hot. Remember us Scot’s have taps aff in the early teens centigrade as we think it might be summer and we might never see it again.

Good times to be had 🤗😆

Who knew there was a weather forecast at 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤗😆☀️☀️☀️

The forecast today is apparently for taps-oan which I wholeheartedly disagree with. Today is most definitely taps aff.

I would agree with the T-shirt to be fair

Anyway back to my shaky walk. It’s beautiful.

We are so lucky to have all of this on our doorstep and even more so when we are actually allowed to step OUT over said doorstep!

There’s not a cloud in the sky and only the lightest breeze occasionally.

Dragging me up the hill.

Knackered after a big run in the fields with Freya.

There was a huge wildfire on the side of Ben Lomond this week started by a discarded cigarette. I can now see why as the ground seems so dusty and dry even after such a wet February.

Despite COVID, March had come in like a lamb and is going out like a lamb so is my favourite month of the year so far.

So back home to drop off Bhruic and Freya and pick up Calaidh.

We’re off to Mocha JaKs for breakfast this morning…. Standing joke in our family when I was wee…. “Well you’re obviously feeling better then?!” Appetite, my dears, had never been an issue. Least I can taste most things again now.

We sat outside in Mocha JaKs and the first thing they do is bring Calaidh a bowl of water. She laps it up.

I have to fess up and say for the first time ever I ordered a Puppacino…. Yip….I succumbed to marketing… and Calaidh, who’s on a diet as she’s a bit too overweight… got a small cup of whipped cream and she was IN HER ELEMENT. She lapped it up.

I overindulged in Biscoff pancakes with a coconut milk latte.

I did remember to ask for Decaf and they didn’t have any….. caffeine it is. I’m sure I will survive!

The pancakes were beautiful and I only managed two. 🥰

I took Calaidh for a run round Spiers School Ground on the way home. Everything looks so stunning on a sunny day. I’m tired but I just take it slowly and I think it’s good to be getting some exercise.

The sun light is stunning through the woods.

The paths we walk so often seem so different today.

There are daffies all around the School’s war memorial.

This white daffie is looking downwards. It seems sad.

Calaidh is having a great sniff around.

These wee orange daffies were right out there!

The Japanese redwood has some kind of memorial Angel attached to it.

It’s such a lovely walk. My legs feel a bit stronger now. Maybe that’s the sugar rush from the pancakes?! 🤣

I thought this holly looked really lovely in the bright sunlight. We usually equate it to Christmas but this was sunshine holly instead!

Here she comes.

We saw a lovely new bench that’s been built at the side of the road. It’s in lovely bright colours. A great place for folk to stop and sit as they walk the Beith to Gateside loop. The old painted bench that was there has been removed.

I let her off lead again and into the burn so she could cool down. She just stands there….. as usual. She went to sit down at one point and stood straight back up again… guess it was too cold?!

I love that I could see right through the bridge.

There’s a huge dandelion growing too. I used to discard them as weeds and now see the beauty in everything. This next photo is right behind me. Old dry reed grasses.

And across the road….

More daffies on the way home.

These next ones have still to bloom, sure it won’t be long.

Think this is the tree my friend Evelyn has asked me about. She drives along the road looking for it. Made me think of her this morning.

So it’s not even 12.25, I’m sitting in Grans chair in the back garden writing this and I’m going to read a book I started the other day. I’ve not read a book in what feels like a long time.

Fast forward to 3.30pm and I have literally sat here all afternoon reading. I couldn’t put it down.

It’s been hot all day and as much as I want to be out and about down at the coast, I know I’m tired so I’m just gonna take it easy with my feet up in the sun and an alcohol free Birra Moretti.

Also my toenail polish matches my flip flops 🩴 😆

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

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