Day 710 it’s 9.29pm and I’m just writing now!!!

Ok so I started this at lunch….

I’m listening to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast again and she’s interviewing Tuppence Middleton the actress in the new ITV drama, Our House (which I’ve not seen yet..) and Downton Abbey.

They talk about craving solitude and not enjoying social occasions and it really resonates with me.

It’s not that I don’t like people, I’m usually spending time with people I love but it’s the effort required for a social occasion that’s overwhelming for me. Ask me to dress up?!? Oh my actual word….. that’s the worst thing ever in my mind.

We have a village Bongo Bingo fundraiser, tomorrow night, for the village hall and I just can’t do it. Everyone who’s going will have such a blast… I know they will and yet I just can’t. I guess the not drinking makes it a bit harder. I can’t lose my inhibitions. And I have many!!! i have to carry them all around with me!

So it’s nice to listen to something and hear them say that it’s ok not to be the life and soul of the party. Here’s the podcast for you.

Happy Place – Tuppence

I’ve never liked it. I tried to pretend I did… pretend to myself that is…. But I know now that I never have.

When I was a kid and was a flower girl or bridesmaid I lasted for so long and then burst into tears, the attention always got too much for me.

It’s funny because I really thought I wanted to be in the centre of everything all of my life and yet actually the opposite is true. It’s nice to embrace the real me and accept me for who I am. Oh man come on… this is a moment! 🤣🤣🤣

So I’m very late today. Work was really busy again and it didn’t go my way at various times in the day…. I felt like I was swimming in treacle. I just want it all to go to plan and be perfect and of course it never will do. I need to learn that’s ok too and just deal with it.

Then I drove to Silverburn to meet one of my oldest friends, Lea (she’s very young actually but been around and there for me for a LONG time!) for a cuppa and give her a birthday pres in time for her birthday next week.

We had such a good chat. It was so lovely to catch up and we had a good giggle too. It was the quickest 3 hours ever! Good for the soul.

Starbucks for dinner. What’s not to love. Oh and I had caffeine too…… uh oh. Buzzin’ 🤣🤣

So it’s now 10pm and I have the 5am alarm set so I better try and sleep.

Wish me luck!

Stay safe everyone ☕️ ☕️☕️

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