Day 708 the travelling Sloth is back to work and the weather back to windy!

Back to work today. No stunning views today… just a portacabin in a yard in an industrial estate 🤣

I slept with the electric blanket on…. Didn’t actually realise until 5.30am when I woke up in a total lather. Will change the bed tonight methinks.

Today is International Women’s Day.

The day flew in at work. I spent lunch out in the van which was a nice wee change. The sun was shining at that point so the van felt nice and warm.

The wind has been gusting all day and it finally started to rain when I left to come home from work.

Ooooh now I love this next one about the ego. I have learned this a lot over the last year or so listening to Eckhart Tolle.

So much of what we say and how we react to people is our ego talking… being defensive.

I was the most defensive person ever. It’s how I functioned. I worked in a world where you had to defend your actions every minute of the day…..or so I thought. I even did that at home. Took every comment or criticism as an attack… when it wasn’t.

We need to realise that so much can actually be left unsaid. There’s no need to attack defensively with words when someone says something you disagree with.

This next one is so true… I held on to the old me for so long. I thought I was defined by my career. I took so much pride in what I did but never in who I was or who I am.

I never lost anything leaving my old job. I fought so hard to keep it when it was the one thing I really needed to move on from.

I have lost that defensive ego and it’s a huge weight lifted. I don’t need to prove anything anymore and that’s a wonderful feeling.

I am home.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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