Day 702 a lovely sunrise but back to cloud, rain and wind!

Let’s start by saying that the doorbell went about 8.30pm last night and it was Louise from next door with 4 hot pancakes as she’d made too many!!! How amazing was that… I hoped for pancakes and they came!

I mean….. wow!

It was fur-eeeeeeeezing this morning. I was cold through to my bones. I spent most of the morning with my shoulders up around my ears… why do we think that makes us warmer?!

The van was frosty at 5.30am when we left for the Farm. By the time I went out, super hubby had already scraped my windscreen. Brownie points there.

I could already see the start of the sunrise when our 6am session kicked off and it was almost light by the time we finished.


I really need to watch my power lines in my lovely sunrise photos… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

The sun was up by the time I came out the shower.

There are loads of crocuses (or croci) and snowdrops growing at the Farm.

Such a lovely venue and the morning light gives such a warm glow.

There are clouds forming already.

As I drove off down the drive I had to stop and take one last photo.

Now I only work about 20 minutes away from here… it was a lovely drive down but by the time I got there it was all clouded over and within an hour it was raining.

I had the busiest day. I never stopped for breakfast until lunchtime!

A lot of chat again at work today so I took myself round to our local wee takeaway for lunch and had a cheese and ham toastie….. and crisps…. And a cake….. it needed doing!

The day flew in.

We were very lucky to have Claire, next door, letting the puppers out today as Craig couldn’t get home. She sent me a lovely wee clip of her opening the door to them coming running out. So soeakcila.

I rushed home tonight to take them out for a walk in the rain and wind… again!

How many birds are there?!?

It’s really a very spooky tree! I saw my first daffodil this year!

It’s not the prettiest of daffies but it’s a start…. There are sooooo many more to come!

The old lime kilns looked amazing today with all the tree foliage gone before this years grow.

Such a difference from last nights sunset.

The Gateside Hookers are meeting tonight which feels like the first time in ages. We have poppies to concentrate on if we’re going to get anything done in time for November! Let’s see how we get on tonight. I haven’t crocheted in ages!

So no much else to report. I’m still not jumping through hoops of joy this week but I’m managing.


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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