Day 541 A wee teeny bit of anxiety today but all handled!

We slept for a full night!!!!!! Calaidh made a noise at 2am which made me think we were off again but it was nothing. All good. What and amazing feeling to get a full nights sleep.

However, it seems one of the other dogs is not well now. Calaidh was on our floor all night. The mess I’d cleared last night when I got home was repeated overnight…. Must have been Bhruic or Freya?!? Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!

This was the view when we left for the gym at 5.30am this morning! Stunning eh?!? I can hardly walk as it is so the Fit Body Farm was great but hard work too!

This was the sky when I left the Fit Body Farm at 7.30am. Strange colours!

So I had a really busy day today and not gonna lie the anxiety was bobbing under the surface a bit today. A few things didn’t go to plan but I really tried to take a step back and slowly breathe through them. The breathlessness was the first sign. At one point I actually did a 2 minute breathing relax exercise on my watch.

It starts by saying “Please calm down”…. That makes me laugh. No shit Sherlock, that’s why I here….. breathing. After 2 minutes of inhale and exhale it says “Good job”…. Thank you. ♥️

So I handled things today that “I don’t think I can handle yet…..” there you go. I don’t have the confidence in myself to deal with them.

And yet I did. I had a BEETROOT coloured face by the end of one call….. but I handled it. I

handed over 2 completed jobs to customers today and had another one in for quote. It’s a lot of people to talk to that takes a bit of getting used to in my wee quiet world.

One thing I really struggle with is drama. I find it so draining. yet I’m aware I cause drama myself. I have enough for myself and don’t need others. 😆😆

There were guys working on the building next door today. Now I don’t mind swearing… I come from a manufacturing background so I’m used to it….. but this guy next door was something else.

He was up on a cherry picker at the roof of the building and seemed to be showing off to the 5 guys on the ground as he did the job. Showing off in a way that he was creating so much drama about the work. Honestly you’d think the job was the end of the world the way he was going on. F’in every second word and shouting at the top of his voice. It was the worst f’in job he’d ever seen and who the f had done that and how the f could it be fixed… I mean “f me… ffs… f’in shocking work…..” I am not exaggerating!! and it want on for about half an hour.

I was getting more and more annoyed at his outbursts as the whole industrial estate could hear him.

I went out to the fence and said “excuse me”… a man walked towards me and I said “I mean how bad actually is it?!?” He looked at me like I had two heads. I said “I’m trying to work in there and you’d think his world was ending up there” pointing to the cherry picker man.

Cherry man turned and looked down and me and said “really sorry pal” immediately. He knew.

I didn’t quite know what to say to that other than “aww ok thanks…” and sidle away. Kinda cringing.

But there wasn’t another peep outta him and he was there all day.

He got a bit excited later on but without swearing. There was just no need for any of his drama. it came from a showy-offy place but it was totally over the top.

I have enough anxiety in me without hearing all that and fuming at everything he said!!

Enough already.

So I’m home with my bright red face to have a bite to eat. Popped into Claire’s to see her for a bit then I’m off to meeting the Crochet Hookers tonight! First time in 3 weeks!

WordPress is making all my pics look tiny tonight…. Not sure why but that’s only adding to the weird stuff today.

A good sleep tonight will fix that. Not sure it will fix WordPress though. Maybe they’ll look ok size when it’s published.

Who knows.

I’m off to crochet!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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