Day 534 exploring Cefn Coed and the Mawddach Estuary in scorching sunshine ☀️☀️☀️

What a stunning sky last night. We lost the sun at 5pm but the light show on the hills behind us was beautiful.

Stunning 🤩

Dinner was amazing. Chicken Tikka kebabs with peppers and onions.

With a campfire to follow.

We sat out until 10pm last night. It was peaceful and calm.

We woke up to this….

Morning wow!

Breakfast consisted of Welsh Dragon sausages… pork, leak and chilli 🌶…. With Welsh bacon 🥓 and brioche toast all cooked on Doug’s Bush Pig which is a great Braai or BBQ.

This was Craigs… I would never eat this much…. 🤣🐷🤣

After breakfast we decided to take Calaidh out for a walk and explore some more in the sunshine. It’s a beautiful day and I know we are lucky as I don’t think the rest of the country has this weather today. It makes foe some stunning photos!

This barn is right next to our pitch
Forest Gate looking attractive in the sun!
Calaidh looking like the littlest Hobo from tv
Logs on the forest section of the walk
Lots of heather in Wales too

We found a wee pond that says it’s a home for Otters… none of them came anywhere near Calaidh!

We walked the red line.

There’s a few single trees left which look really lonely!

Took this panorama…. If you click into you can see the full pic.

The walk then turned from forestry commission roads to a small woodland track. There’s no filter on my phone. These are all natural colours.

Now heading down to the side of the estuary but it’s only 11.30am and the tide is still out so it looks completely different from yesterday.

Zooming in I can see a bridge at the widest point on the estuary

Yesterday we saw there were loads of geese nesting at the side of the estuary…. Every now and then they decide to fly and I got a picture of them today!

Making lots of Geesey noises!!!

There’s another 6 photos of geese but to be fair none of them are very good!


Ok so you get the gist. The estuary is picturesque but it’s the weather that really makes it. It’s hot. We’re all in shorts and T-shirt. It’s the 15th September and that’s not bad going.

We went back to Calaidh’s pond on the way back to camp.

She’s in heaven. Standing there… waiting…
It’s crystal clear again
Doug went in with her for a paddle
Craig spotted further upstream!

We came back up to the campsite… Calaidh found a high cliff…..

We headed past the main farm building.

Think this is used as a bothy or hostel type accommodation as there are beds made up.

So back home and made coffee and had some Galaxy choc chip cookies 🍪

Calaidh is having a proper nap now! Tiredy pupper.

I am… of course…. Lying here on a blanket next to her. The forecast says 16C but honestly it feels way hotter than that. We are so lucky to get some sun.

He plan is to relax for the rest of the day before rump steak 🥩 for dinner and another campfire. 🔥 This is our last night away. 😱

I’m honestly blown away by the scenery here. Every time I look up I see something different. I love to appreciate nature and I could quite get used to this simple living.

Travelling back to Scotland tomorrow… hoping this weather keeps up for the rest of the week!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️