Day 539 a great first day back! ♥️

Now this was a great day back at work and the gym but it wasn’t without its wee testing moments.… sent to try me and I laughed and didn’t let them!

This was the moon at 9pm ish last night just before we went to bed.

The dogs didn’t settle at all last night. Not sure if they were hearing noises outside or one of them wasn’t well but there were just random barks every now and then. Craig got up to let them out about midnight.

It’s almost like they knew we were getting up early and wants to make sure we wouldn’t miss the alarm.

This was the moon at 2.48am….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙈 my turn to let the out and it seems Calaidh isn’t well…. It must have been her that needed out.

It took me a while to fall back to sleep and Craigs alarm went off at 4.45am…. Minutes after I’d been out with the dogs… or so it felt.

I usually get an extra 15mins so stayed “asleep”…. Must have fallen back over as I woke at 5.12am with a start….. had 18 minutes to get out the door with clothes and food for work.

Made it just….. got to the top of the road and realised I wasn’t wearing my glasses 🤓…. I pulled over at the side of the road and Craig stopped too (separate cars so I can get to work…) and he offered to go home and get them! I of course then had to sit there looking through every bag I had….. and of course there were many…. To ensure I didn’t have my glasses. Could you imagine?!? “Oops sorry found them“ at 5.38am…. So thankfully Craig found them in the house and I genuinely had forgotten them.

From that moment on I couldn’t work my demister, main beam, I was all over the place. I hit the wipers instead of lights…. You name it. My drive to the Fit Body Farm was a real effort of poor coordination 🙊🙉🙈🤣🤣🤣

And then the fuel light came on….. at 5.43am…. I actually laughed and said out loud “that’s fine… these things happen” rather than let it get to me.

Thankfully we got there just in time!

During the warm up I felt really energised and thought wow, check me, I’ve got this!It felt great to be back.

The work out was really hard and I was knackered in the first 5 minutes. To be fair we’ve had almost 3 weeks off…. I’m feeling it now. 💪🏼💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️

So into the shower and forgot half my stuff… had to make do. Least I had my clothes to change into!

So yeah work was great today. Felt great to be back, catch up and see where we’ve got to with builds. I felt really proud to be a part of it. Chuffed that they seemed genuinely pleased I was back. I am looking forward to going back tomorrow as I have loads more to do that I didn’t get done today.

But I have a list! A big list!

Check me eh?! Who ever said that after a fortnights holiday?!? Certainly NEVER me.

Lunch was a disaster. Everything was a bit past it’s sell by date… my raspberries were squished and leaked juice all over everything else. The celery was on the turn… a bit slimy…. The coconut bits were slimy… can you tell I raided the fridge and just picked a random handful of healthy things?!? I laughed and ate cake that one of the guys had brought in.

Dinner was a huge success. Pork Tacos 🌮

No maybe portion control needs work but I ate the lot 🤷🏻‍♀️ it doesn’t look great but that’s the refried beans. It was a Simply Cook pack of spices that you add the ingredients to. Lovely!

So yeah, all in all a really positive day for me.

I’m tired but that’s perfectly normal after little sleep.

I’m 991 days alcohol free since January 2019.

I’m 37 days anti-depressant free.

And I’m smiling 😊

Stay safe everyone 😊😊😊