Day 427 Bank Holiday Monday Fit Body Farm Obstacle course at 6am & Auntie Jac hugs 🤗♥️

If you’re going to do an obstacle course for the first time in your life at 48 then why not do it at 6am…. that way it’s over by 7am.

Just get out of bed… drive there (or be chauffeur driven by hubby…. highly recommended) then do it. Not time to over analyse, worry… just do it.

We were early so I took some pics of the rhododendrons!
It’s a truly stunning location
Up and over this!
Straddle foot to foot over this
Pull the 50kg weight up. I only got it to waist height! Craig went all the way 🤷🏻‍♀️😬🙄
Monkey bars…. I can only hang just now, can’t actually move forward!
Yeah I couldn’t even look at this!!
Spear throw! I hit the target but it bounced off!
Managed the rope travel
Climbed rather than jumped the gate!
Scrambled across these
Slid down this on a lilo!
Tossed the caber twice…. well pushed it up straight and pushed it over
Such a stunning location

We also did a log carry, bucket carry, tyre path, balancing beam, feed bag drag and many more.

There was a lot that I didn’t have the upper body fitness to manage but I’m sure that will come through time. The challenge here is to see if you can improve the next time. I still did way more than I have ever done in my life!!!

Me on the barbed wire crawl about 6.45am

The cows were fascinated!! So was I to be honest….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Check Craig!!
Sun’s higher when we leave (obviously!)

Straight into the shower as I was soaked and muddy. Then out with the dogs before it gets too hot. I say that and it’s roasting…. I didn’t let them off the lead so they didn’t run too much.

Everything is so beautiful in the sun
Love the tunnel in the trees 🌲
There are clouds today but they are high level and wispy
The fields are so green
Another wee tree tunnel
Beauty everywhere

So I finally got to catch up with my Auntie Jac today for the first time since December. I had NOTHING in the house so we went to the co-op to pick up lunch and have sat in the garden putting the world to rights.

It’s a beautiful day. We just sat sunning ourselves. It reminded us of being on holiday in Turkey a few years back!

It’s been lovely just to sit about and do nothing and we never even took any damn photos!!!

Also popped into Claire’s garden for a juice rather than shouting across the fence at each other!

I’ve had a delivery of Hello Fresh meals tonight as I got a voucher for a free week of meals from them. Be very interested to see what they are like. See if this helps me get the cooking bug but having all the ingredients in a bag ready to prepare. We have:

  • Roast potato, bacon and crispy kale salad
  • Thyme roast chicken
  • Thai style yellow beef meatball curry

I’ve had a lovely chilled out day and a great weekend. Be ready for an early night tonight after all this fresh air.

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

Day 426 Scottish summer is finally here, for the day anyway! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿♥️

Just this….

I feel better today. The sun is shining and it’s scorchio! We didn’t get woken up by poop dogs so they will be back onto their regular diet from today I think. That was some week.

I had a good sleep, fresh bed was lovely! I woke up at 7 and snoozed till 8 which is still early but I didn’t get up like a total grouch.

We headed out sharp today to get to Decathlon. I needed a new sleeping bag as the one I’d bought for our Loch Ness trip has ripped already and needs sending back.

It really is roasting hot. This is the first day of real heat we have had in 2021… it’s pretty late for Scotland as we usually get some hot sun in April or the rest of May but hey… better late than never.

I got a new sleeping bag, some sports socks and a T-shirt. Managed to step away from the wet suit type stuff…. don’t want to be this size forever so will concentrate on the Fir Body Farm before I think of any water sports.

Oh I can do this!!
Another selection from the garden!

On the way home we hit a huge queue for traffic lights that are set up for a damaged manhole cover… we turned off the road at Howwood and had the loveliest drive through the single track roads in the countryside.

Everything is so beautiful when the sun shines.

Now this reminds me of a funny moment last night…. there was a lovely sunset.

Courtesy of Claire!

We decided to head up to the local dams to watch the sunset a snow 10 minutes later we saw nothing…. it had just disappeared 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 we had a good giggle about it!

How lovely is this ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Back home now and sitting outside. It’s so lovely to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.
I have to say this isn’t really an issue for me anymore but it’s very worthwhile to remember
It really does!

I have finished the pub’s stock of Gordon’s 0% today. Had a lovely afternoon in the wee garden. Got sun cream on but reckon we might be a bit burnt.

It’s been a glorious day. Absolutely stunning. Scorchio!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

Day 425 a productive Saturday but with a restless head 🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s 8.54am and I’m starting this early. My head doesn’t feel right and I need to talk it through.

I am tired but I can’t rest. I am antsy. I need to find another word for antsy…. restless maybe? Actually that’s it.

We had our first uninterrupted sleep last night since Sunday night. The pups slept right through with no toilet outings. I had a good sleep but I was very hot through the night. I got up once for paracetamol as my legs were sore and jumpy. That helped.

We woke at 7am and I knew I needed to stay in bed but I couldn’t “waste the day”. That old chestnut again.

I have the bedding in the washing machine already. We need a new washing machine. The bearings have gone in this one and it sounds like a 747 taking off most of the cycle. The spin is almost unbearable. I feel I am waiting until it breaks. Note to self just get it measured up and get a new one on order. Will write a list.

I have a list already. I will add to it. I get it out. Do just that and have at least 5 things that can come off my list already done. ✅ why do we beat ourselves up for the things not done and not celebrate the things that are?!?

None of this stuff is really important and certainly no reason to spoil a day off.

My head feels a bit lighter already just as the washing machine switched into take off mode. 😳

I’m just back in a walk with the dogs and read this back. It makes me laugh. Honestly my head is a nightmare at times but thankfully now it is empty.

The woods are just lovely just now. The wild garlic smells SO GOOD!
These weeds have taken over from the daffodils. I am a weed lover. Craig is not a fan!
It’s been a while since we had a gate and this one seems to be being reclaimed by the greenery
This bench was painted in lockdown 1.0 and seems to be being reclaimed too
These are pretty!
More wild garlic 🧄
My favourite gate
More wild garlic and Bhruic!!
The rhododendrons are starting to bloom
A reminder of childhood
Yes Craig more weeds!!
These are lovely. Like giant yellow daisies. There is a carpet of them!
Action shot!
I’m now having breakfast outside. It’s hot but not sunny.

It’s actually lovely outside today. The bedding is drying already. Will get the blankets on soon. May as well use the old washing machines as I won’t want to wash dog blankets in a new machine.

Princess Irene tulips in memory of my Gran 💜 mum got us these bulbs. Don’t think I planted them in the best place though as something is growing over the top!
My meadow garden…. yup more weeds!
My rockery

I feel like I have washed everything in the house today. I’m on my fifth load!! It’s not sunny but it’s warm so everything’s drying quickly. You know you’re getting older when you love a good drying day! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

I’ve spent the afternoon working on Village Hall paperwork too. Getting the spreadsheets up to date. I’ve been calm and relaxed all day but I find this irritating when I try to focus on the accounts. Got it to a point and I’ll leave it now until another day with a fresh head. I’m not thinking clearly anymore. My focus isn’t there.

Claire rescued me with a quick cuppa in her garden.

I’ve felt a bit aimless all day. I think fighting tiredness is not always the best way but I just couldn’t stay in bed this morning. It gives me an irritability which is mostly aimed at myself for feeling anything other than great.

Hard task master eh?!?

How true is this. When will I stop fighting this idea of perfection that I have built up for myself?

A day at home with nothing to do has got to be most folks’ idea of perfection eh?

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 424 some housework and a serious nap ♥️

4.10am the barking woke me…. it was Calaidh who needed out this time. Craig was up with them even earlier than that. They are brighter than they were but still not 100% yet.

We’re going to have to reverse engineer our immediate response to barks once they are better. We are jumping up at their command just now and that’s not happening once they are better. 😳😬

Of course I couldn’t get back to sleep as I started thinking about work o the first morning of my 4 day weekend…. 🤦🏻‍♀️ so by the 5am alarm I was ready for action.

The Fit Body Farm was hard today. Friday is always a kind of challenge day but this one had a 500m run in between each station…. with no breaks….. 🥵 so by 7am I had run 2k, pushed a heavy sled with 100kg weights on it across the gym 4 times. Pulled it across the room 4 times, travelled 500m on a SkiErg machine and attempted 40m of burpees with squat jumps.

I say attempted…. the burpees were my last station. After 20m I took a dizzy spell and had to lie on the Astro while the head coach held my legs in the air. 😬 I then tried to take a drink and poured water over my face and don’t the front of me, almost choking as it seemed to go up my nose. Classy.

My poor partner had to do 20m in a row without a break until I was ready to get back up. I just did squat jumps for the remaining 20m. They were bad enough. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

The girl I was partnered with was so good as she’s a higher level of fitness, so she really helped spur me on in the runs.

Lots of mention of runs this week. 🤭😆 sorry. 🤪

So it did feel amazing to do it all. I was home by 7.30am and Craig was just getting up. Check our role reversal. He’s still exhausted after the COVID jag. He’s back to work today which is good but it floored him.

So I had my wee next door neighbour for dog walk this morning. She has Leo and I took Calaidh.

This is neither Calaidh nor Bhruic… Check this wee guy. The wee one knew he was only 3 days old!
Beautiful pups
His ears just don’t stop?!?

Now we’re walking home and all of a sudden we hear a herd of calves behind us….. they are following us 😳


Honestly it was fascinating, they followed us all the way. Calaidh didn’t like it. 😬

So I snuck up on the housework this morning too and it’s so lovely to be clean and tidy again. All the camping stuff is ready to go back in the van. Dog hair has been eradicated for another 5 minutes or so.

Just after 12 I hit a wall. I had to go to bed. If I didn’t then I knew that I was gonna be a total grump for the rest of the day. I woke up when Craig phoned at 3.30pm. Must have got a couple of hours. Musta needed it!!

I love having peace!

I dragged myself out of bed and went for a shower. Then when Craig came home we went into the village pub for a few. The alcohol free Gordon’s Gin is really lovely and I’m not a huge gin fan but it’s lovely. It’s warm enough to sit out but there’s no sun. When will get our summer?!?

I really like this…. I was not an alcoholic by any matter of means but my alcohol free life is so much better than my drinking life was. I had to face up to everything that made me unhappy. Face it head on. Without the mask of wine.
I love this!

The pups are on with their chicken and rice diet again tonight and we are having a lovely prawn salad with parsnip fries tonight.

Check me.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 423 the day after COVID-19 vaccination and all is well 💉🦠😁

I woke up at 6.20am and did a full body scan to see how I felt. Hmmmm…. All seemed good….. apart from a very sore muscle at the top of my arm. Found out as Craig grabbed it to stop me getting out of bed. #screamed!! It’s only sore when you lift above shoulder level. Found that out in the shower. Didn’t wash my hair…. 😬😱

Poor Craig’s been in bed shivering all day. He has no energy at all.

I have to mention my neighbour Jamie who reads the blog. He got Pfizer jag yesterday and sat texting his wife afterwards only to be picked up off the floor as he found he’d passed out. 😳 just shows that the vaccines affect people in different ways.

I felt awful leaving yesterday so can totally understand the passing out bit. Our body gets thrown out of balance accepting the foreign substance pumping through it.

So a busy day at work today as usual. Didn’t get away until 2.39pm not that I’m counting! Still I have Friday and Monday off so shouldn’t really complain. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😳😁

A 2 day working week followed by a four day weekend. Bring it on!

By the time I got home I was really tired. And antsy. Irritated. Short fuse. Overwhelmed by stuff lying around the house and the list of things to do.

Typing this up really makes me relax. It’s ridiculous to be worked up over stuff like that!

So I am going shopping to Braehead with Claire!! Be rude not to!

Girls on tour!!

We had a lovely wander around the shops, a bit of Primark and a lovely baked potato in Spud-u-like. The centre was really quiet, maybe because it was sunny outside?! Seemed really sad to see it so quiet.

I’ve been at a Village Hall office bearers meeting for the last hour and a half. Trying to get the hall up and running and arranging committee meetings for future.

Sorry it’s a rushed one today and it’s late…. there’s not been enough hours in my day.

Alarm is set for 5am. Yee hah!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 422 vaccination day for the Gateside Team 40’s 💉🦠

It’s the biggest village exodus since before COVID-19… a trip to Ardrossan Civic Centre for the 40+ year olds for our COVID vaccination. I’ll come back to that.

First things first…. the pup-date….. the poor dogs have been on a 24 hour fast. They seem much brighter now we are home. Craig only got up once last night with Bhruic and there had been an accident when I went to get them this morning.

I have to say their Auntie Claire has been amazing….. she has been in to see them every hour or so today to let them out. She sent me a wee vid through the day which brought a wee tear to my eye. A very special person who offers to help with pup poop drama!!!! 😬🥰

The alarm went off at 5am and I honestly could have cried. I jumped out of bed. That’s the hard part.

The view from the car park at the Fit Body Farm

I had my 3 week weigh in at 5.45am. The good news is that I have lost 5lbs but I have also lost a total of 4.6% body fat which is the equivalent of 11lbs of fat loss. 6lbs of that has turned to muscle.

I am very quick to say I haven’t planned my meals properly, haven’t drunk enough water and haven’t tracked my food properly.

Gavin the owner and head coach from Fit Body Farm says that no-one has ever lost that much in 3 weeks. Now he could just be saying that… but he did say he had to weigh me twice just to make sure it was actually right. 😁 I am kinda awfy chuffed.

I had to race back home for a shower to get ready to head to Ardrossan Civic Centre for my 9.05am.

Team Avery ready for vaccinations 💉

We arrived at 8.55 and couldn’t get parked…. I tried not to panic but I did a tiny wee bit. Got parked outside straight away. No need to worry.

We stood about outside for a few minutes and got invited to go in. It turns out that the appointment time is only to stagger arrival. So they were quiet in front of us and we got to go in early. We even got to go together all the way through which was lovely.

Sneaky pic from the check in desk
And another from the queue

Now we almost had a pic of my vaccination but there was a photographer malfunction. It wisnae me 😬😁

So I found the actual jag very sore. To be fair is done lots of shoulder work at the gym so the muscle was pretty tight before they jabbed it with a needle!

We got outside and met Rachel and Barry from two doors down and a Kenny from next door! Small world!

Just had the jag!
That’s us done!

I felt pretty strange for the half hour or so after it. My arm was really heavy. It felt hot and cold. I felt shaky and a bit dizzy.

By the time I got to work and got on with the day I felt fine. I couldn’t lift the kettle with my left arm but hey I’ll take that if that’s it.

So I’ve been on the phone chatting since I got home from work. I spoke to my wee 80 year old friend for 55minutes.

I made Spag Bol for dinner which annoys Craig as its only the Bol part I’ve made. There is no Spag 🙄😬😁

I’m at crochet now and have typed this while chatting. I ran out of day….. I haven’t crocheted as that would be multitasking to another level.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 421 homeward bound with the sickly pups

Bless…. look how tired they are?!? Freya has slept since about 6pm last night and Bhruic was up twice before 12.30am, again at 1.45 and sometime after 3 and then again at 5.10am and again after 7. No wonder she’s tired. Calaidh was only up once through the night, Freya not at all.

We don’t have kids so this is alien to me yet I found myself getting into a wee routine. Still no accidents in the van or tent so they are wee troupers.

It’s been raining all day today, really did not stop so the tent is packed away but full of puddles! The forecast is great for the coming weekend so we’ll get it all dried out.

Called the vet today and they are too busy to see us today. Reckon they would only need to see Bhruic as she is the most listless and the least active. We’ve not to feed them for the next 24 hours and then chicken and rice after that.

Still no idea what caused it but only think they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t have but it’s strange that they all have. Either that or there was some bacteria in the Loch that they’ve picked up while playing in the water.

Craig and I are fine if only a wee teensy wee bit tired!!

We had a lovely chat with the owners of he campsite before we left. She is from Beith. Small world.

Leaving Foyers
Forest road
Some very wild scenery along the way… of course pouring with rain!

Just outside of Fort William and Calaidh lets out the loudest howl/cry ever. 😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Foot to the floor, talking to Calaidh, telling her not long till we stop, she kept crying we kept talking to her…. it felt like forever.

Stopped at the viewpoint at Loch Linhe which was the first place we could stop, screech to a halt, jump out and grab her and get her on her lead and get her onto the grass. Little sh*t…. pardon on the pun… just wants a wee sniff around in the grass….. barely managed a scenting style pee the whole time we stopped. The other two were very glad of the stop and did exactly what we expected her ladyship to do.

I also took some lovely pics.

It’s a beautiful stopover

We carried on down through Ballachulish and into Glencoe and I snapped pics out the window as Craig drove. The pups slept.

Ballchulish church
The Pap of Glencoe from Ballachulish Bridge
Zoom in on the Pap above Glencoe village
Heading into the mountains at Glencoe
Aonach Ridge
Two of the Three Sisters
Heading out through the pass of Glencoe
Rannoch Moor stuck in a convoy roadworks
The weather is not great on the horizon
Heading down into Tyndrum
The mountains are so steep

We stopped for lunch at the Food Stop in Tyndrum then headed down the A82 passed Loch Lomond. All was quiet in the back….

The Drovers Inn on the A82 established in 1705 and still has its ancient charm AND ghosts apparently!
Loch Lomond
We’d love to camp on this wee island
It’s a lovely road though pretty narrow on parts and can get very busy
All of these are taken from the van window while Craigs driving
It’s trying to brighten up
Heading into Tarbert

So we’re home, we’re shattered after two sleepless nights but other than that we had the best time.

Now that we’re back the pups are bounding about the back garden with not a care in the world.

Maybe they just don’t like camping?!?

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 420 camping for hardy campers 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙄😬☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

Well we are very lucky to have had 2 and a half lovely days as sometime last night the heavens opened and they have not yet closed…. the forecast……..

Pink is snow….. now that never happened but it would have been lovely if it did. That’s a whole lotta rain though.

So weather aside…. the poor puppers are all unwell today. They all have dodgy tummies and have had since about 10pm, 11.30pm, 12.35am, 2.23am…… ok so I’m making these times up but it really was on and off all night. At first we thought it was only Bhruic, then thought actually it was Calaidh and soon realised it was all 3 of them. God love them that none of them did anything in the van or tent. You have to be grateful for something!!!

So the rain falleth and the pups poopeth. Let’s leave that particular subject there though is is the focus of the whole day….. so far.

We ordered breakfast from the Bistro at the side of reception. We had a roll and Cockburn’s Haggis. Donald the owner said that they get it from a butcher in Dingwall. Highly recommended.

We came back up to watch a movie.

About 12.30 we thought we should try taking them out for a gentle walk.

It….. was….. torrential…. rain but very fresh and beautiful.

Very grey sky
Foyers power station
The sluice gates
This was so atmospheric but doesn’t come out in the photo
A wee paddle… there was no crazy running around today
Kangaroo?!? Look at the horizon. So grey and misty
One man and his dog!
Calaidh quite happy paddling
Wispy tree
Mean and moody Loch Ness
Still playing with a stick
This was a lovely old mossy wall
Beautiful gorse
I was about to say this almost looks alive… what a ridiculous thing to say….
Still not liking the bridge mum
Cloudy cloudy cloudy!

It’s 13.43 and it has stopped raining…….

It started again at 13.54.

So I’ve had a productive afternoon and ordered our food shop for delivery tomorrow night and tried to write a food plan. I don’t find that easy or enjoyable but I’ve done it.

The sun came out at 16.10 and went back in again at 16.13…. it was a moment of excitement!

I’ve crocheted too. I counted 97 squares completed for my 144 square blanket and I must have done another 6 while we’ve been away. Slowly but surely!

Took the dogs for another walk… it’s still raining.

The River Foyers is in full flow. This is the same river that didn’t move at all the other night.
Bluebell rock
It’s got some current!
Love these wee flowers

So yeah today hasn’t been the easiest in the life of the happy camper but still lovely to be away. We’re damp, soggy and pooped (I grinned from ear to ear at that!!) but we’re still happy!

Stay safe everyone 💩💩💩 (sorry!)

Day 419 longest lie in for months and walk to Falls of Foyer

Must start with last nights dog walk. Loch Ness looked so tranquil.

I should say at this point that there was an English lady on the phone to her grandchild at the same time. She has a very loud voice and it’s carrying all over the water. Other than that it was beautiful 🤩

There wasn’t a breath of air and the River Foyers like a mirror.

It’s just so beautiful 🌅

Well we had a great sleep…. must be all that holiday fresh air! We woke at 7 and Craig let the dogs out. Bhruic has a very dodgy tum but I’ll steer clear of that story. 😬😳 well that was the story to be fair….

I read for a wee bit and went back to sleep and woke up at 10.15am. That’s nearly a 12 hour sleep.

Musta needed it! 🤭

So a very leisurely start to the morning.

We decided to head out for a walk in the opposite direction from the way we have been walking.

Checking in on Loch Ness first
Foyers is built on the side of a huge Rocky outcrop… sadly from the campsite, the only way is up!!
Thankfully I had Calaidh to pull me 😬
It’s a lovely forest walk
This tree is right on the edge of a cliff!
Check this tree!!! It’s on the edge of the cliff and has found a way to get the maximum light. Wow 🤩
Calaidh’s knackered!
Sitting on a big rock!
They were done with rock photography by the time I got on it….
Me and my baby girl 😍 did say to Craig to remind me not to wear my hair as severe as this… he said he will remind me but I’ve not to give him grief when he does….. as if?!?! 🙄
Calaidh and I found an drainage channel that was bone dry
She’s not impressed
So this the closest photo we have of the Lower Falls of Foyers…. the waterfalls have hardly any water running through them just now. They must be amazing in the winter!
We opted for coffee with a view instead
Pups got some water and a wee rest!
Love this wee gnome garden
Spot Abbie from up the hill!!
Lovely view of the campsite
Gorse (Whin) bushes everywhere
Lovely primroses
The Foyers Power Station

Turns out my Craigs step dad used to work here!!! Very small world!

Think he may have stayed here?!
Calaidh does not like the bridge!
Lovely wee old bridge up there in the distance we tried to get over it but it’s closed
This was the track to it but it was a dead end
Watching the world go by

It’s been another lovely day just relaxing and exploring. It’s been dry all day but rain is forecast. Hope it stays away but we are cosy in the van. It makes such a difference having the van. A lovely wee home from home!

I am still calm, I am very relaxed, I am creating no drama. Check me. 😬🤗

Stay safe everyone 🏕🚐🌲

Day 418 Loch Ness chillin’ 💙💙


The wind has stopped. The rain is nothing… just a few spots blowing in the wind.

The entrance to the campsite

We had a great sleep. Well I did. We were warm and cosy. The bed was comfy. The heard of elephants trampling over me in the night was the only minor irritation. 😤

I may try the pop top bed tonight. Move upstairs aware from the pitter patter of monster paws. 😬

Craig reminded me that we have 3 dogs and there is no getting away from that. They are in a strange place and excited to be with us. He makes a very good point. I try to see that. 😳

I am even calm about dog hairs and mucky paw prints as I know it can easily be cleaned. For those of you who know me you will understand how huge this is…… I mean….. check me?!?!

So morning dog walk at 7am which is a long lie for us now.

The shores of Loch Ness
Love these wee boats
Thought this was a really pretty picture. This tree must have only recently been cut down. It looks like it fell over some time ago though
I feel so calm… I love a Loch side 💙
Not as bright looking North
Lots of different trees at the Loch side
View to the mountains in the distance
Check the size of the roots on this tree 🌲
An old winch for the boats
The beech trees are lime green just now
Ferns ready to pop
Old moorings
Surviving through adversity
Cutie wee shed
We found Nessie!!!!! Nope… just Bhruic ♥️
Here she is!! Abbie with her new Vango sidekick!
Our home for the next few days!
Happy holidays!

When we got back I did an early morning photo shoot with the pups in their new Dog Robes. I picked them up in Largs last week.

Bhru is not sure but she matches the van!
Wee cutie pies
Porridge with a wee bit of chocolate for breakfast

All of these photos and it’s barely 9am. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is the view from our pitch
Have u you it seem these new Starbucks cups? Red when the contents are hot and green when it’s cold!
Outside in the sun
Think the new dog beds were a success?!?!

So we’ve had a lovely lazy day around the van. It’s drizzled occasionally, it’s been hot and sunny and it’s been windy and cold. Everyone around the campsite has been the same as us, jumpers on off, outside on seats, inside while it rains. I’ve been freezing and roasting on and off all day. That’s Scotland for you!

We did have a slight drama early afternoon….. we had a feeling something was up as a few of the campsite staff have driven past and stared at our set up….

The owner chapped on the window of the van and said we have to move 😳 we have set up over 2 pitches….. 😳 we have to move.

Really…. so hi mr campsite man, our neighbour Jim says hello. Neighbour Jim is an Area Manager. We suddenly do not have to move. 🙄 I actually feel pretty bad about the whole thing as I was not happy he wanted us to unpack everything and turn around. The 5m pitch is from the wee road to the Loch with the side of the van facing the Loch, not front facing the Loch 😬😳 now he said we should stay I feel we should have moved. Women eh?!!!?

So thank you to neighbour Jim we can stay put.

We had a lazy day….I’ve been crocheting while listening to motivational videos from Fit Body Farm. Craig watched the Scottish Cup Final on is iPad so I went for a shower.

We had fish fajitas for early dinner and then went for an early evening walk.

So calm
We found Nessie!!!!!! This must be her?!?
Actual Nessie!
It’s just so green!

A lovely day…. 💚💙💚

Stay safe everyone 💙💚💙

Day 417 road trip to Loch Ness 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I can’t help myself… I have so many lovely photos I need to at least share them.

At 6.20am I was throwing a 20kg cement bar over alternate shoulders…. and pulling myself up from the ground by a huge rope and back down using only my arms…. as you do. The Fit Body Farm excelled itself today.

I came home and took the dogs out while Craig had his shower and he started packing the van while I had my shower. See what I did there?!?

He can’t ask me where anything is…. I do not know…. 🤣😁

Everything is so green and fresh, it’s lovely but it’s a howling Gale

Just in time for our holiday.

We left the house twice.

We got to Johnstone the first time. Craigs mum sent a message about did we have enough blankets.

Nope. Well done her. Forgot them. Had to go home.

I’m just gonna post a few photos from the drive up here. It’s nearly 9pm and I think we might crash pretty soon after early morning cement ball throwing 🤣

I let him drive!
All safe and sercure
Tired pup
First glimpse of Ben Lomond
The famous Green Welly
Welcome to the Scottish Highlands!!
Rannoch Moor
Our first view of Buachaille Etive Mòr
The Scottish flags at Glencoe Ski Centre
The famous Glencoe cottage
Glen Etive
Two of the Three Sisters with snow on Bidean nam Bian
We’d love to live here!
Car park on the way into Fort William… was just stunning
Look at the sky
Just love all the yellow gorse bushes
Can you tell how windy it is?!?! HAIRDO!!!
Me and ma pups
Spean Bridge
The Commandos Memorial
The road to the campsite
On the shores of Loch Ness
Random right down at the storefront
A wee shed… another random!
The pups have been so good
Chicken fajita for dinner
Enjoying and alcohol free Bud
Craig took this of me writing the blog 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😁🤣🤣🤣🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 417 out of the office is on!!

How can I be so excited about holidays when I’ve only been working for about 6 weeks?!?

Ok so firstly it’s the first 6 weeks I’ve worked solidly since June 2019…… AND this will be the first holiday we’ve been on since September 2020, which doesn’t sound long, but given that we’ve not really been allowed to leave North Ayrshire since then, it’s a pretty big deal! AND it will be our first overnight stay in Abbie the camper van!

I had a long lie until 6.30am… it was actually bliss. Someone did have the alarm set for 4.45am (😳) but thankfully we went back to sleep.

So speaking of the office… I left at 3.30pm and our portacabin was green and being washed down…. I arrive in at 8am.


That’s what I love about working there. They want something done, they do it. no faffing, wasted time, huge discussions, just done.

Our newest rental van has just been wrapped and is in the picture too!

I left on the dot as you do when you are going on holiday…. I am back in on Wednesday…. I know I’m making more of this than needs to be. 😂

Hey I’m happy and it’s nice to feel excited about something for a change. These last few years have left me with a “meh” when it comes to excitement…. often wonder if the meds dumb my reactions a bit but it’s nice to feel some good emotions.

This is where we’ll be heading.

But this is the forecast 🥺

Have a feeling it may not look quite like the photo above when we get here….. also incredulous that snow is actually forecast at 7pm. It will be the 21st May?!?! ☃️❄️🌨🏔⛷🏂 (that is a spectacular word…. incredulous… but I am, I mean, come… on…)

It’s been such a beautiful week yet today is cold, wet and windy. We’ll be so grateful for Abbie and her diesel heater I think!

We used to camp in a roof top tent on top of a Jeep…..

I know this will make Craig very sad as the Jeep is no longer with us
This is the old set up on North Uist in 2019

We have a FB page called Overland and Borders that we set up a few years ago to document our travels with the dogs. We don’t use the FB page much just now as we haven’t been travelling anywhere, let alone with the dogs. This is where the logo comes from in our van.

You can see it here behind Calaidh

We have to get back into that now we can get back out there. We have hoodies and caps too…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣 (we actually have our hoodies on in the Jeep photo!)

I’m rambling now but I’m trying to pad out a day that didn’t have a lot of content other than work and packing and still being in a good place…. Also my friend Laura wants this to last a bit longer so she can read and enjoy a whole cup of tea at the same time. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Wow…. it feels like this written just for me at this moment. ♥️

Just sums it up for me and long may it continue.

So Fit Body Farm at 6am tomorrow, home, shower, pack Abbie and Overland and Borders are back on the road again!! Finally.

I know of two people who have very sadly died today. These people were both taken too soon and after very quick but dreadful illnesses. It’s made me realise even more that we should live our lives as if each day is our last. We don’t know what’s in store for us and Craig and I have to stop wasting time and get on with it and put my anxiety and depression “wilderness” years behind us.

I think it’s finally safe to say that 2021 will be our year. ♥️♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

PS if there are no rambles in the coming days it either means we have signal issues or I am so relaxed that I don’t even have the energy to blog!

Day 416 the blue COVID-19 vaccination envelope is finally here AND the return of the Gateside Hookers! 🧶

After a year and two months of COVID-19, my vaccination is scheduled for Wednesday at 9.15 and funnily enough Craig’s is at 9.10am. Keeping it in the family! 💉🦠

I’m impressed with all the information they give out along with four bus journey tickets that you would present to the driver if you were travelling by bus 🚌.

Thankfully we will drive but have to take two cars so that we can get to work afterwards. It’s in Ardrossan so not exactly nearby. I am not complaining…. any excuse to go to the seaside suits me, as you know!!

I’ll be walking about the vaccination centre taking photos for the blog…. will I get away with that I wonder?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

I was awake at 4.27am this morning all bright and breezy! Didn’t feel as bright once I got in the van and suddenly realised I was going to exercise. I was totally blinded by the early morning sun as I drove out the village. What a fright I got. I had to slam on the breaks as I couldn’t see anything. 😳😱

This was the view at the Fit Body Farm. Quite possibly the best gym in the world?!?


It was a hard session this morning. Running with a 20kg sandbag was the delightful highlight for me 🤪 as usual I went for my shower…. came out at 7.25 to find I was in the process of being locked in behind the shutter doors!!!! Thankfully managed to catch him just before he locked the door. So you know that’s gonna happen one day!

The sun is much higher in the sky now but what a beautiful day
Abbie under the blue sky!

Work was crazy again today. So busy but lots of fun. I stayed until 3.30pm today.

Abbie getting a Reimo awning rail fitted
Yep me and my bloody camera!

It’s the first time in a wee while that I have felt shattered. I got home at 4pm with the intention of having a nap but there were more parcels to be looked at! 😁😆

A long long time ago…. cue for a song…. I started following a Fb page for a shop called the Isle of Sweets – Wool and Craft Centre. Someone had posted asking if anyone would be interested in receiving a free craft box. I messaged to say yes please… this was back on 6th January and I forgot all about it.

It should be said that all this time I’m thinking they are based in the Outer Hebrides…. I don’t know why…. I just do. They are based in the Isle of Wight. Just a bit of a difference. I found that out when I ordered wool from them recently. 😆

So back to the craft box. There was an overwhelming response, no wonder…. I got a message at the end of March to say sorry that they’d not been able to send any more out.

How lovely is this?!?
And this lovely note inside!

It’s a beautiful gift. So very thoughtful 💕

The box is full of lovey things!!!

I must find a way to pay this forward. The lovely lady wanted to brighten people’s lives at a difficult time.

So please check out Isle of Sweets Wool and Craft Centre using this link!

As I write this the Wispa is calling my name…. 😂😂😂

So that leads on nicely to the next great bit of news….. tonight sees the return of the Gateside Hookers!!! My lovely crochet buddies and I will be back in the Gateside Inn. Chatting WAY more than crocheting….

Having a lovely evening and a great giggle so far.

Life is great spending time with great friends. And wool 🤣🤣 and an alcohol free Gordon’s gin!

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶

Day 415 another day in the happy life 😁

I woke up at 4.24am…. not just a little bit awake but a big bit awake. Wide awake. This was my lie in day of course with alarm set for 6.30am and even then I could take a leisurely hour to get ready.

Mr Sporty Spice is going to the gym 4 days a week, one more than me and I was awake even before his alarm went off. Typical eh?!?

So I put the time to good use and cleaned the bathroom before I went to work. As you do. Was then almost late to work. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣

Work was super busy again today, I stayed till 2pm and still didn’t really get around to reading my emails. It’s all good being so busy though.

I drove straight to Dalry as I had kinesiology with Shelagh at 3pm. Had a lovely chat with mum and dad on the way there!

I was a bit early and stood outside and started the blog. It’s another lovely day. The sun was warm. ☀️

So this is where both my Osteopath and Kinesiology are. It was sooooo lovely to be back and see Shelagh in person. As I walked in she stood with her arms open wide and said “are you ready?!” And we had the best hug. I love that hugs are back. 💜💜

I looked for a cute sloth hug pic and I came across this. Now in no way am I saying Shelagh is a sloth in any way…..but this is how I see my journey in Kinesiology.

Shelagh, with all of the Health Kinesiology tools at her fingertips, has helped carry me through my journey and given me strength when I needed it the most. Health Kinesiology has removed my feelings of stress from so many areas of my life.

And this is me now!!

We did work today on stress of camping with the dogs and cleared the feeling of panic that I have when there are other dogs around or if one of ours starts barking etc. It does give me feelings of panic, I overreact to everything.. Hopefully no more…. so we can holiday with a chilled out Julesie and not a screaming banshee Julesie. 😬🤣Here’s hoping….

Claire offered to do my nails for my holiday…..I will be the only person on the campsite with lovely painted nails! 💅🏼

I’ve had the loveliest few hours at “Nails with a View” as I’m calling her bedroom nail salon.. She has the best view from the front and back of her house. It was so unusual to be allowed in her house now too!!

I am so sorry for putting my feet in the blog but sparkly purple toes. She’s done them so well!!
Pale lilac fingers… make my hands looks so brown!!
Well I’m taking this literally with the 5am sunrises!!

I got lots of wee bits and pieces through for Abbie the camper for holiday. A tea towel, knives, extension cable, a new sleeping bag with hand holes for holding a book when you are in the sleeping bag…. you just gotta love that……and the Smokin Midge.

Link to the video

Have a watch of the above to see how it work and we’ll let you know when we’re away. It’s come highly recommended though so I’m expecting big things to get rid of the wee bitey things.

I am sure there will be none now I’ve invested in a Smokin’ Midge

So another great day. It’s 8.15pm and I’m tired but no wonder, it was an early start. Feet up now and will watch some tv before bed in about 45 minutes!! Fit body farm in the morning again.

The pic below sums up where I am in my journey. I love this. I want to print it!

Stay safe everyone 🦋👼🏼🦋

Day 414 HUGS AT DAWN 🤗🤗 as Scotland has finally allowed us to hug again!

Wide awake at 4.45am actually buzzing and ready for action on a Monday morning!?! I mean, come on….. What ever happened to my inner sloth?!? 🦥 I cannot believe the difference in my activity levels in the last few weeks. It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was needing naps to get me through the day.

So the time is 5.33am…. the occasion….. the day that Scotland relaxes COVID rules to finally allow hugs. As we were both off to the gym at ridiculous, Claire and I agreed to meet for hugs at dawn!

Poor Craig must have taken hundreds of photos, bet he was impressed at two giggling wummin at that time of the morning 🙄😬🤣

The Fit Body Farm was great again. The first thing the owner Gavin asked was had we hugged anyone this morning…. eh like uh yeah!!!! Hullo!!! Bet never expected such an enthusiastic reply…. at that time of the morning. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤗

This morning he picked cards from a pack and we did the exercises that corresponded with the suit he picked so 7♣️ meant 7 sit ups and so on. 4 lots of 5 minutes constantly picking cards out the pack.

I love it as it’s great not to know what I’m going to be doing. I’d rather just do it than think about what it might be.

It’s a lovely setting
Surrounded by bluebells

I get a shower at the Farm before I leave and start getting dressed when I realise that I don’t have any jeans…… 🤦🏻‍♀️ I had to put the same leggings on that I had been wearing while rolling about the wet astroturf…. could have been worse… it could have raining and they were soaked through…. I guess…. it was pretty uncomfortable until they dried off 😬😆

Work at Tartan flew by so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to read my emails! It was a busy morning.

I popped to the shops after work to take some things back and when I got home we did an online food shopping for essentials for holiday. It’s exciting getting prepared.

Claire was still awake enough for a dog walk at 5pm…. 😆🤣

Calaidh posing in the flowers 💐
Bhru smiing at Auntie Claire!
It’s a lovely evening

I actually do think a lot about how far I have come and I honestly never thought I would get to this stage.

I used to leave the house at 6.30am and get back at 7pm at night. I went from that to sitting in Grans chair in the sunroom, sleeping for hours a day and maybe laterally crocheting and obviously dog walks.

Now I’m at the gym 3 times a week AND walking the dogs most days. I’m hitting 10k steps without even thinking about it. I feel more alert and more in control than I ever have. Work does not feel like work. I never have though life could be this good.

I’m trying to use all the tools I’ve been given when things go “wrong” it at least not the way I expect them to go. I have a wonderful support network that remind me of some of these tools when I get a bit bogged down.

Writing this blog helps me process all of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and I think it’s had a huge part to play in my recovery.

I am actually walking around smiling from the inside and that is a pretty special place to be.

I am so proud of how far I have come. I am so proud to be me.

That brought the tears.

You guessed that.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 413 a very productive day packing the van for next weeks’ holiday & a surprise visit from my bro&sis-in-law!!

I was wide awake at 6.10am. It’s Sunday. Goanie gie’s a brek?!? 🤣

So we got up pretty sharp and started filling out a spreadsheet for our wee holiday next week to figure out what we need to take and then what is in the van and still to go out. We follow a FB page called Dubbed Out and someone posted this and Auntie Jac tagged me. Its’s a great spreadsheet!!!

Craig made oat milk porridge for breakfast which was lovely. I’m really appreciating food now that I’m more aware of what I’m eating and not pigging out loads between meals.

I crocheted while Craig filled it in…. I gave him control….. I got up to get something….

I like this wool mumma!

We got lots of stuff into the living room ready to go and marked green on the traffic light spreadsheet. Just too exciting!! ok… get a life… I know…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

It’s turned out to be a lovely day despite the fact that the forecast was for rain all day.

So we then went out and trialled the new blow up Vango Cove II awning. Without getting divorced I might add. Check us.

Pogo stick?!?!?
Really chuffed with it!

We didn’t fully erect it. The main thing is that the pump works and it blew up.

We then put everything we could in the van

Craigs brother called to say they were out for a drive in their camper and wanted to pop on past. We haven’t seen them for ages!!

This is the lovely princess Astrid.

and this is the lovely Willow. How cute are our niece puppers?!?

It got really hot while we sat outside so Craig got the hose out so the dogs were all soaked to cool down. Love Willow’s crimped coat.

No we will not look at the camera 📸 😬🤣

It was so lovely to see Stuart and Lee. I think we last saw them on 10th June 2020 when we did a COVID style tag team and our father in laws birthday. It was so normal just to sit outside and have a drink and chat!

It’s now clouded over
Astrid eying up Calaidh’s antler

They decided to leave about 20 minutes before the heavens opened and the rain came stoating down! So lucky!!

This is their camper! it’s huge inside!

Check out the cheeky pup who ran inside…. and jumped in the drivers seat?!?

Not your van Calaidh!!
Calaidh, Astrid and Willow are raring to go on the doggy drive!

I had to run round in the rain to get the pop top down and this drove past…

That’s a very old tractor without the roll cage around the driver. Just seemed a bit random, never seen it before.

Sweet potato and lentil curry for dinner tonight for the first time. It smells delicious.

It appears still to have 2 hours left in the slow cooker but it’s been on since 11am so it’s got to be ok…. surely?!

If I’m ill tomorrow you know why! One too many lentils…. 😬😆

So that was the weekend. It feels really fast and the two potential long lies didn’t actually happen. We’re back to the 4.45am tomorrow. 😱

So lovely to spend time with people again though.

This is your Sunday evening reminder to think positive thoughts for the week ahead. It’s ok for some of us, there’s a holiday at the end of it! Yay!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 412 girls wee trip to Largs and hubby’s team crowned champions of the Scottish Premier League ❤️🤍💙

Wide awake at 6am but I guess that’s a lie in these days.

Was out with the dogs by 8am. It’s a lovely morning, super calm, quiet, it’s been raining and everything seems really fresh.

Soooo green! It almost looks painted
Weeing on the lovely flowers 😱
Someone seems to have picked these and laid them down… thankfully before Bhru got to them!

This next photo doesn’t do it justice but there was rubbish all around the wee fire pit area.

I spent about 10-15 minutes walking around picking it up with a spare poo bag. Such a shame as we are so lucky to have this lovely area to use. I also pick up after the dogs even if they’ve gone in the undergrowth … sometimes I have to hunt for it… but it do. This rubbish is all right next to a bin.

Anyway it’s in the bin now. I met a guy who I think was part of the Friends of Spiers who look after the grounds… he was litter picking too. Said he does it every Saturday and Sunday morning. Sad eh? But amazing that these people do that too.

Look at all the all the wild garlic mum!!
Thought this was lovely and delicate!
Not even peace for a shower in this house!!

Then the girls went to Largs. Not planned but Claire was doing nothing and I decided to have a wee day out.

We went to a cafe on the front that I used to go to but it’s not been opened since the start of Covid times. It’s changed names but seems to be a very similar menu and same vibe.

Had poached eggs with avocado. Was so lovely along with the tastiest Oat Latte. Highly recommended when I can remember the name!

The Cumbrae ferry
Old steps into the sea
It’s so calm and quiet!
How lovely is this?!? A swan is nesting right up near the boating park!
The old pier
It was raining on this walk!
Bedraggled much!! Also shows how high the van is now….

When I got home the Rangers v Aberdeen game still has 26 minutes to go…. not that I was counting 😬 Rangers were already 3-0 up so him indoors was pretty happy.

At full time he was a very proud. They’ve not only won the league but it’s been a 10 year journey since the club was relegated to the third division all those years ago. They had their license revoked after financial irregularities and had to start at the bottom.

This is manager Steven Gerrard’s first league win with any club. The also scored 102 points which is a record for them in and single league….. and… we’re unbeaten in the league this season.

If I got any of that wrong I will be demoted to general dogsbody of the house and that’s a low position to be… especially here. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

There is a lovely lady who reads the blog who’s dad is no longer with us… he’ll have been a very proud man watching down on this today. ❤️🤍💙

A very well deserving captain.

So now that I’ve lost half the west Scotland readers…. I’ll move on. Should stick to massages eh?!?

We went into the beer garden next door so he could continue to celebrate!

Some of the village people!

I have to be honest and say I’ve had such a giggle on 0% Gordon’s Gin and slimline tonic. We live in a lovely village with a lovely group of people and I think this was the most normal the pub has felt in a long time.

Ignoring the fact that we are outside.

And it’s raining….

The village banter is at its best and I’ve missed it.

It’s been another really lovely day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 411 finally…a wee girly day out with coffee and shopping!

Finally got to meet my friend Lea today after what feels like a hundred years! Was SOOOOOO good to catch up and put the world to rights. Since she reads the blog I don’t have to fill her in on all my stuff. 😬🤣 and it’s lovely to hear how lockdown has been for her. She caught COVID-19 and really struggled with breathing for weeks. It was a frightening time.

To last night first, had a lovely walk with Claire, it was a lovely evening.

Spiers old school grounds
My favourite gate with a bloody big shadow!!

On the way along the road we’d sadly noticed a wee mouse that had been hit by a car. Calaidh thought it was a toy and picked it up in her mouth before I’d realised.

Note to self never to cuddle Calaidh ever again…. no puppy kisses…. never….. ever…. again……. forgot about this until writing now and have already probably had a dog tongue slobber from her 🤦🏻‍♀️

So on the way back we both felt the mousie couldn’t stay on the road so I used a poo back to move it to the side of the road. I just used its wee tail but for some reason chose to launch it into the undergrowth. After a few minutes we were in hysterics at my reaction. Why didn’t I just place it down?!? I think I went for minimum contact and launch……. poor wee thing. Also in my bravado I just freaked!

So this morning…..alarm at ridiculous o’clock and I found myself actually looking forward to the Fit Body Farm! It was great again. Split into groups of two and move round the stations and try to do as much as possible in 4 minutes. Think there were 6 stations. Craig and his partner were 1st twice!! I shouted they should be split up. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 make it more fair on everyone else! Sore loser?!?

The calm before the action!

Home by 7.30am and out with the puppers… they were shocked it was so early.

I don’t know if I’ve posted this before but this is a very old gate…. it’s being held up by a new gate and I think that’s a lovely way to look at life. We should all support each other
The wild garlic scent here was uh-mazin….. made me hungry!

Was having a wee chat with my lovely mother in law by this time!

Wild garlic with arty log!
Calaidh found a log!
The Ivy is taking over here!
When I knelt down to take this photo, Bhru took an opportunity to give me a big kiss….. just as well it wasn’t Calaidh!

Home, showered and then BLOW DRIED MY HAIR… with a brush…. to straighten it… i put some lip gloss on…. I mean nothing but the best for my “date” with Lea!

At 9am I had a call with the Department for Working Pensions. They have been covering my National Insurance payments since I was made redundant and until I started work at the end of March. We went through so many questions and even had to focus on the bad stuff in 2019 where I was having suicidal thoughts. I cried a few times on the call as I had to relive those feelings but was so delighted to tell the nurse how much better I was feeling.

She ended the call by saying it had been really lovely to chat with me today. 💕

This was a long story leading up to my girly day out!!

We were in Starbucks for over 2 hours and it didn’t feel like any time had passed. Of course us woman can gab…… 😬😆 we’ve known each other since we worked in Panasonic back in the last 1990’s and she’s been such a great friend, there every step of the way and always with the right thing to say. She was our Chief Bridesmaid when we got married. ♥️

So we had a wee wander but then felt peckish so got a wee lunch to take outside. It’s been lovely to have a wee break from the veggies! (how many wee’s can I cram into one sentence?!?)

Silverburn had been badly affected by COVID too. It’s lost so many big shops. Debenhams, FatFace, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, Argos to name a few. Other shops had signs to welcome us back.

This was in SuperDry

The one thing we’ve all realised is that we have our family and friends and that is enough. It’s lovely to be getting back to some normality. We’ve all missed each other and missed our connections. We couldn’t hug today but everyone you see is elbow bumping when the meet. Hugs coming soon on Monday!

So a quiet night tonight I think. No doubt I’ll be asleep by 8 after being such hive of activity before 9am 🥰

Post COVID life is gonna be quite different I reckon. We are so lucky to have our families and very good friends and really that’s all that matters.


Have a lovely weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 410 a relaxing massage and a trip to my favourite wee shop!

I have had a lovely day today. I’ve been singing away to myself and laughing and giggling at nothing all day… what could possibly go wrong?!? (When I read that back through you so know it said signing away to myself which was a while other thing!)

Very freaking proud!

A long lie until 6.30am today. Wow. It felt like forever…. didn’t have the fastest commute though as I got stuck behind a mobile home delivery! You know those houses that come in two parts, on two long low loaders and the fronts look like real houses…. looks like they were driving along the top of hedges?!? Them. Every time they met a car on the other side there was a lot of stopping and starting. Slow progress….

When they did arrive at their destination, their welcome committee included a woman standing outside in her goonie (dressing gown/housecoat) drinking coffee (or tea)…. my reaction was actually to scoff and think “for gods sake put some clothes on”…. not sure why as I then thought good on her, there’s nothing wrong with that, she’s not bothered and why should she be. Live and let live.

Then…. I forgot about the road closure on the A736 at Torranyard. Again. I mean how many days does it take me to remember. More than four obviously!! Just in time for the resurfacing work to be complete and the road to open up again. Google Maps didn’t know about the closure either so it was no use. Kept trying to redirect me back to the road I was trying to stay away from. 😆

Anyway I got there but a whole 6 minutes late. 😬

It was a busy day today so got home at 2.08pm, just enough time to let the dogs out before I went for my massage at 2.30pm.

A massage…. back, neck and shoulders. I went to Harmony and was in a lovely room with calming music and candles burning. Heaven. Felt so strange too as it’s been so long since we’ve been allowed to do anything like that.

You wear your mask until you are on the bed and then take it off to lie with your face on the hole. (Hope non massage guys are still with me….🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆) I did laugh at walking from the chair to the bed with a mask on but no bra?!?! Another first. (Stop it! Non-massage guys are now engaged…)

Is this not the loveliest and most welcome sight after all of those lockdowns? It’s not the clearest photo as I tried to capture the ambience. (I say that with a ridiculous French accent).

So I’m super chilled as Norma works her wonders. Hmmmmmm. Want to go again!

Next door is my lovely friend Gayle’s The little gift shop. Not been in there for ages so had a lovely chat! Also bought myself a wee pair of rainbow 🌈 earrings. The obsession with the rainbow continues!

I did not take any photos… the shops looks amazing and she’s done so much to it in lockdown. So lovely to catch up!

Back home and had some dog behavioural calls to follow up…. check who spotted herself in the mirror?!?

I am such a pretty girl….
Then Bhru wanted a shot but she’s not seen herself… too busy looking out the window!

So it’s been a lovely day. I’m have more guilt free shepherds pie for dinner since I batch cooked…. yes I know I should freeze it and try something else but I’m lazy now!… no wonder after that massage!

Stay safe everyone 🌈🌈🌈

Day 409 fresh as a daisy after a HUGE sleep!

I am not kidding when I say we decided to go to bed at 7.30 last night. We were both shattered and running on fumes. Craig’s been doing the 4.45 start 4 days a week so even more excuse to be tired.

Honestly felt great when the alarm went off this morning…. even at 4.45am. Bounding out of bed to take whatever they through at me!

It was tough! 30 double arm waves with the heaviest rope, 5 burpees with 20kg clean, 30 single arm waves with the monster rope and a run round the garden. I’ve lost count but I did that whole thing at least 4 times. That’s after a warm up and a 5 minute run!?! Craig was in the actual gym on weights and missed all the fun. 😬😆

Had a shower at the gym again. No mean feat this. Trying to put a bra on after a shower in the gym is bloody hard work. Takes 3 attempts most mornings. You guys have it easy. 😆🤣 (this has actually made me question why it’s so much more difficult at the gym than at home…… 🤦🏻‍♀️😆)

Speaking of us running on fumes, Abbie the campervan was driving on them!

Now I’m one of these people that will go the extra mile to fill up with the cheapest diesel I can find. This morning, not so much! I had to break my rule and pay exorbitant BP prices. I didn’t think I’d make the extra miles to a supermarket. As I’m filling I’m actually telling myself to chill as it’s only gonna be an extra few pounds! Honestly….. 😆🤣

Van full then on to work. A successful day today, I feel I got loads done. I say that every day, I know, but my spreadsheets are coming together! God, I love a spreadsheet!

I love this but I’m the opposite!!! Lemme at ‘em!

Back home for about 2pm and made a lovely salad for lunch. Took me way longer than it should have but it was tasty.

Now…. it should have been Prawn, Mango and Avocado Salad. So…. prawns were frozen 🤦🏻‍♀️ so had all of the above but with cheese. It had nuts and and olive oil and lime dressing with chilli flakes that have obviously gone off as they tasted of nothing!!

Took this while I gave the dogs some chicken. They don’t look very impressed…

Then off out with the puppers. It’s a lovely day but the darkest clouds were looming and I thought it was going to plummet. It didn’t!! The photos don’t do it justice though as the sky was navy blue!

Heavy cloud hanging in the sky
Walking into it!
Social distancing dogs!
A big run in the field
Yep I’m here too she says!

Now I actually did stop and take photos of some dandelions as they are everywhere just now! There are more dandelions blooming now than flowers.

Can you imagine what folk think driving past seeing me take photos of dandelions?!?

So last night I fell apart when it came to meal preparation and I actually cried because I was too tired to think about what to make. Today… took the time and made it… easily.

It doesn’t look amazing but this is guilt free shepherds pie 🥧

Amazing how it floored me yesterday… I’m such a drama Queen these days (ok Craig maybe not just these days…) but I was genuinely overwhelmed by it all. Today boom… what’s next?!? Bring it on….. you gotta laugh!

I thought this was a lovely post to share with you all.

And how true is this next one….

And this next one is just wow…. how many of us downplay ourselves? All the time. Well no more. Realise your worth.

It’s turned into a lovely evening so I’m out on the garden enjoying the warmth of the sun. Long may it continue. ☀️

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️