Day 457 COVID-19 second vaccination appointment letter through!

Yay we have our second vaccination appointment booking for 21st July. That’s seems really quick, I don’t know why I thought we wouldn’t get it till September….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 it’s almost 12 weeks to the day from the first one.

Wee Freya caught barking in the background!

So team 40’s in our village have all got appointments on the same day again. A wee day trip out!

I could not get to sleep last night….. I had far too much caffeine yesterday. I was yawning and tired but eyes wide open!

Got there eventually but the alarm seemed super early this morning….. but off to Fit Body Farm anyway.

We did this whole routine 6 times which sounds like nothing but it’s 2 more than I was expecting at the time!!

The midges were swarming and my face was so hot it was ready to burst. I had a cold shower. Proper cold and it was bliss.

I had a weigh in today and the body fat has stayed the same but I’ve put on 3lbs of muscle. My nutrition hasn’t been great these last 2 weeks.

Gavin the owner of FBF has a list in the gym of things to focus on when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the healthy lifestyle….

  • Mindset
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

I honestly feel that I have the mindset, lifestyle and exercise under my belt but I read the list to focus on for nutrition and a kid inside me throws a big tantrum, screws up her face and says “well I’m never gonna be able to do any of them…”

All he said today was to pick one of them and focus on that. One thing out of a list of 14….. tantrum child could give you a million reasons why she can’t do any of them…. But I will pick one thing. Soon. Not sure quite when…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

It’s so funny how we have this internal dialogue. Instead of focussing on the huge list that I feel I have already covered, I focus on what I haven’t done.

I’d actually made breakfast and lunch to take with me today before all of this was discussed…. I mean that’s huge for me! I was really quite proud!

I am so close to being happy with who I am. I still need to work on the final piece of the puzzle. Size does not matter…..

I was tagged in this today…….. 💜💜💜

How lovely is that?!

I went to Home Bargains after work today and spent £90…. Now folks here in the UK will know that takes some doing in Home Bargains. It’s actually a really cheap shop so it shows I bought loads!!

Back home for just after 4 and sat outside in the glorious sunshine again. I could get used to this life.

Crochet hookers tonight, looking forward to a catch up and a granny square or two! How my life has changed and I bloody love it! 💕

Stay safe everyone 🌞🌞🌞

Day 456 must check with fellow Scots before I announce summer has arrived…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🌞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌞

So yes…. It would appear my excitement at yesterday’s lovely weather was not felt across the country. I just assume if we have proper hot summer weather, then, the rest of the country is basking in it too.

I received a few comments immediately on publishing yesterday’s blog…. To quote…

“Peeing down in Penicuik”

“Back home (from Edinburgh)….. and frozen”

“Very gloomy weather in Windsor”

Now ok the last one is from England but if we have sunshine here and it’s this hot, I would expect Windsor to be late 20’sC.

Canada, however, is in the middle of a heatwave resulting in…

“My Scottishness is melting”

Now that’s not to be sniffed at many parts of the US and Canada are experiencing a heat dome.

So while us Brits think…. Ooh sunshine… it’s way more serious in other countries. Schools are closed as it’s too hot to send kids… if covid isn’t affecting schooling enough.

Anyway…. That’s the weather for the world today 🤦🏻‍♀️😆. It is beautiful here again and I’ve just had a Häagen Dazs Mango and Raspberry ice lolly. 🥭🍭


So….. this happened….. 😳😱🤯

For those of you who follow my ramblings you’ll remember Dad and I had a lovely wee trip last Saturday… 19th June on the 12.30pm sailing. All outdoors, never inside, never used the toilet. This implies that cases have traced back to particular sailings….

Isn’t it dreadful to think that enough people on this trip have caught COVID for it to reach the press? So we cannot self isolate as the time has past. We have not been contacted through any track and trace. A lovely person read my blog on Twitter and sent me an STV press release from Sunday night. Otherwise I would be oblivious.

I have been at work, met customers, hugged friends, been out for lunch, been to the pub and all the while I should have been self isolating but didn’t know. Just shows how easily this thing could spread.

So I’ve just done my first ever covid test and am sitting here with a screwed up face waiting on the results. It is no braw. It’s a horrible thing to do and I’ve no idea how you swab your own tonsils 4 times each side when your gag reflex is as big as mine. Those tonsils really don’t want to be touched do they?!?!

Also the nose is actually not as bad as I thought but it’s pretty unpleasant too. Hope I don’t have to make a habit out of taking tests. Guess like everything you’ll get used to them. Torture with a long cotton bud!!


Just as well really if I could have been a super spreader without knowing it. Our government have spent millions on track and trace and we got nothing from it. Mind you as long as some people’s friends made plenty money then it shouldn’t matter should it?!?! Oooops sorry for the political dig.

Back to the sunshine. it’s now 7.02pm and it’s still hot.

I’ve had Claire in to the garden for a post Covid negative can of juice, it’s amazing how much we have to catch up on.

The pups have been having loads of fun in the sun and getting hosed regularly.

It’s important to keep them hydrated without letting them drink the hose. Easier said than done with gnasher Calaidh!

So I’m going to sit for another wee while and read my book. Grab a shower and head to bed nice and early to the gym in the morning.

COVID free thankfully.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 455 Scottish summer has arrived!!! 🌞🌞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌞🌞

What a beautiful day! It is scorching! My view right now…..

That will do nicely thank you very much.

It was warm at the Fit Body Farm this morning. She who could not lift her ass out a seat in the last 3 days felt totally fine. Go figure?!?

Here’s me worrying about the lethargy…. Monday comes… bing… right back at it!

Yeah maybe I need to stop listening to my mind as much and just go with the flow.

Yeah ok… remind me that the next time I start overthinking 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆🤣

So this village was jumping at 5.30am. Other than Craig and I heading off to FBF, next door Claire and Rachel two doors down were heading for their respective gyms. Claire was buzzing, Rachel and I made a sad face to each other. 😆

5.30am smiles!

The village at sunrise (pic courtesy of Claire).

And the usual at the Fit Body Farm. (courtesy of moi!)

Team Avery were on it today and Mr A managed to challenge a guy pushing this little number up and down the gym! 185kgs!!!

I was on these ones…. which were hard enough! 🏋🏻‍♀️

Work was ROASTING today. Very busy. Customers in and out and 4 campers heading back out for hire. Anyone who is away this week is super lucky. They have Scottish summer which is very unusual for any length of time.

So yeah I feel much better today. Almost back to normal. I had a great sleep though as we went to bed at 8pm!! Life in the fast lane huh.

So this afternoon is all about soaking up those rays. Doesn’t the rose bush look lovely against the blue sky?

There are some clouds but they are few and far between. And also quite pretty….

Sunshine makes me sooooo happy. I love it.

Absolutely love this! 🤣🤣

Enjoy the sun those of you who have it. 🌞

Stay safe everyone 🌞🌞🌞

Day 454 my get up and go has got up and went…. Again…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Wow what is wrong with me, why am I so exhausted I just need to sleep…. Everything feels like an effort. I’m like a lead brick dragging myself along again today.

I woke up at 5.05am with a hand on my shoulder… the voice asking if my nose was blocked….. hmmmm yeah I guess….. wasn’t entirely certain of the answer the minute I opened my eyes….. but logic suggests the answer is expected to be yes.

Then of course I was wide awake. I went to blow my nose and take a hay fever tablet!

I came through to the sun room and sat on Grans chair to read for a bit. Must have fallen back asleep only to be woken up by a herd of Border Collie “elephants” at 6.54am…. 🐶 🐶 🐶

Maybe that’s why I’m tired…. It feels more than that but I was speaking to a good friend yesterday who had a very good point…. When you are healing from something there is a tendency to worry that a feeling is a step back to the dark days, rather than just what everyone else feels.

I’ve been lethargic all week. Sleep doesn’t satisfy the tiredness really, I just want more.

I’ve also done virtually nothing. I did try this morning, I’ve been pruning and weeding but I found it all a huge effort… maybe that’s because I felt I “should” do it rather than what I wanted to do.

Anyway, I’m moany today so I just need to be out this brain fog for work tomorrow otherwise it will be a long day! Ooh not to mention the 5am alarm for the gym…… I’m pre-dreading it!!

So I’m gonna stop moaning and mumping and focus on the good stuff. It’s warm today. Not super sunny but warm enough to be out in shorts and vest top. Craigs been a man on a mission since about 7am which is great! He’s weeded and pruned way more than I have. He pressure washed all the decking. It just needs to dry and then be stained later on in the week.

He’s also burned loads of old wood that was lying round our garden… along with all the weeds we picked.

All our old garden furniture has finally given up the ghost!

So I’m sitting outside with my book… caring still on the move and can’t sit down. Maybe he borrowed my energy today and now has double?!

I have so much inner peace today it’s over flowing!!!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and enjoy what’s left of it. I will mostly be reading or sleeping or eating. In the sunshine if I can!

Stay safe everyone ☀️🌞☀️

Day 453 a relaxing kinda day 😴🛌💤

6.05am Calaidh puppa woke me with her barking damn her. Had a great sleep up until then. I say that but am blocked up with hay fever so one nostril was fully blocked…. There’s been something particularly irritating my nose and eyes in June.

Thank you Calaidh for waking me and allowing me to enjoy more of the day than yesterday…… 😳… nope… I’m not selling it am I?

In fact I’m pretty zonked and have been the last few days. It’s fine as Kinesiology on Tuesday cleared some issues that may leave you feeling a bit yucky for a few days and to be honest, this really is nothing. It’s just a deep seated tiredness. There’s a lot worse than that.

So here goes again…. I’m grateful that I have no pressing things to do today so I can just relax.

We’ve been looking at taking a fortnight in September and trying to plan some island hopping. Hoping to cover Arran, Islay, Jura, Colonsay, Coll and Tiree in one fortnight!

The only issue seems to be that Colonsay may not allow Abbie to travel. Well we’ll see about that…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆🤣 I have a number to call and I’ll be telling the lady just how lovely Abbie is and that we can’t come to Colonsay without her. 🙄😬

If that’s the case we miss Colonsay out. Their loss. Well ours too but hey…..

This makes me laugh!!

So I was off out at 9am on our daily plod. It’s a lovely day. It’s peaceful and calm. That’s all I need these days. Silence. Silence just to be. Yes I’m turning into a weirdo but I love it. Can’t be doing with noise and drama anymore.

The grass verges are really high now

There are lovely yellow Iris growing all over the place now.

If you zoom in on this pic you can see them all round the banking of the burn
Also spotted IN the burn!
I’ll just stay here mumma!
I love how lilac this grass is… reminds me of when I was a kid when we used to play in the long grass and make Christmas trees by pulling the tops off…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆
Buttercups are slowly fading
Isle of Arran in the distance!
Spiers grounds gate
My favourite gate from the opposite side. Someone walked past and I got the fright of my life 😆🤣🤣🤣

Came home and did the obligatory poo pick…. It would appear it’s been a while since I did one…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😳

Pottered around and tidied up a bit while trying to figure out what best to do with my lethargy….when Claire messaged about a walk to the Co-op. Not gonna lie she had to literally drag me but Calaidh and I went!

I met this guy!
And this giant bull who’s taken a liking to this cow!

Got chatting to a lovely lady outside the Co while Calaidh and I waited on Claire. It’s lovely to chat to strangers and pass the time of day with them.

My first thistle!!!!!!!!!!!!

You better brace yourself as we are coming in to thistle season and they will soon be everywhere. I love them so much I can’t not take a photo….. thistles will be the new gates….. 😆😘

Honestly I have had the laziest afternoon.

Morrison’s delivered the shopping just before 3 and I’ve been napping with Freya ever since. She was all cuddled in.

I want to get out there and travel and see the world but today is spent recharging.

And that’s ok.

Stay safe everyone 😴🛌💤

Day 452 Hookers wot lunch 🥗 🥙🥘🍜🍕🍔🌭🍜🍽

Another lunch date today but this time with my lovely crochet hookers…. I’ll get to that!

The day started with the Fit Body Farm and oh my god, I felt like a lead brick this morning. At times my legs did not want to move but I still did it.

Before 7am I reckon I had done the following….

  • Run 1600m
  • Rowed 500m
  • Ski-erg’d 500m
  • 35 burpees
  • 70 sit ups
  • 60 x 4kg wall ball throws
  • 50 forward lunges

But it was hard. It was a kind of single event today and I think I like it when I have someone to buddy up with as that spurs me on. Still…. I did it.

When we got back home we were shattered so back into bed and slept till just before 11am!!!!!! I was going out for lunch at 12.30 and had BIG plans for the morning clearing stuff out. It was not to be. Sleep was needed.

So the crochet hookers met for lunch today and it was so lovely to see everyone.

I had salt and chilli chicken pieces to start followed by peppered beef. It was sooooo good! My mouth was on fire by the end of it all! We had a great chat and there was not a crochet hook to be seen but I did come away with a ball of black wool! 🧶

Suddenly remembered a pic as we were all leaving!!!

Not one pic of the food either. Shocking!

As soon as I got home Claire messaged to say she was off work today and ready and waiting for a cuppa…. Be rude not to but I had a HUGE empire biscuit which was amazing!!!

Claire had pink and I had peach!! 🍑

Claire had been at the hairdressers today and I actually blow dried my hair today (check me!) so wee selfie 🤳 as I was leaving.

Now we’re heading back into the pub for a few drinks as Craig is back in from work.

Was lovely to catch up with everyone and I’m now home for a Chinese takeaway…. Far too much involved today!!

Happy weekend to you all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 451 wee lunch date ♥️♥️

Another long lie today until 6.30am….. bliss…. ♥️ and I slept like a log. Always a good start to the day. Busy at work again! Don’t know where this week has gone but it’s flown by.

It’s my Friday again!!!!

So we decided to have a wee lunch out this today as Craig had a last minute free afternoon.

We went down to Gro Coffee in Irvine.

I was starving but I’m eating a lot less these days which is great. I don’t feel like I need it.

It was pouring with rain but the sea had a real turquoise look to it. It was lovely despite getting soaked taking the photo.

It’s lovely to see when the tide is in. It’s so much prettier. Irvine can be a little bit muddy sandbank when the tide is out.

So back to Gro…..I had the smoked salmon and prawn salad.

Now it was lovely but I could have made this at home…. Still….. it was a super healthy choice.

Craig had goats cheese with black pudding, thick cut ham and egg on bloomer.

This is where the healthiness ends….. wait till you see the cakes…. Strawberry tart for Craig and Caramac brownie for me!

I mean these look out of this world but I actually left a quarter of the brownie. 🤩😳😲

I mean seriously…. Who actually am I? What have I become? It was very sweet, fairly sickly, the Caramac chunks were to die for but other than that it was way too much!

I know…. Right?!?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 I had a lovely coconut milk latte with it.

We came home and popped into the village pub for a few drinks and caught up with village news. I’m still drinking the 0% Gordon’s Gin which is really lovely. Highly recommended for any drinkers who are driving on a night out!

That reminds me I just missed my 900 day anniversary!

I still can’t believe that I gave up the booze…. Honestly it was my go to, my answer to stress, work, holidays, you name it, I wanted to have wine to get through it, celebrate it.

As dramatic as it sounds, I know this is the right path for me. I don’t feel left out anymore. I don’t feel like the odd one out. I own my decision and it’s the choice I have made for my sanity. I wasn’t any worse than anyone else with the amount I drank, I just hated the way it affected me.

I’m facing up to everything without that crutch and I’m so proud to be coming out the other side still without it.

I really do love it!

I got a lovely T-shirt from my mother-in-law today! Love it and it’s the perfect fit! Might wear it to everything for the next few weeks. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

So it was lovely to be out together today. I did wear my new T-shirt……. It was a wee change. Almost normal.

A lazy night planned in front of the tv before training in the rain tomorrow morning.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 450 Fit Body Farm in torrential rain, work, hugs from an old friend, nana nap then crochet 🧶

My day in one blog title. I had a big nap. Ran out of time to compose my ramblings. The end.

🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 when have I ever been that short for words?!?

Fit body farm was amazing this morning. It was pouring. Not just a wee bit of rain but pretty torrential. Coming down in stair rods. Stoating down. And we got thoroughly soaked.

But I loved almost every minute of it. There was a short time at the start when I thought I couldn’t be bothered but then some adrenaline kicked in and I was off! It was a 2 person workout called Pingu this morning. Was that why I loved it?!?

There’s something hysterical about being tied to another person by two resistance bands, while she does a sitting squat and you jog away from her and spring back when you get to the end of the elastic!!! I was chuckling away.

So onto work and was super busy today…. Was there till close on 3.30pm. My friend Aileen came to pick up one of the Tartan Campers.

We had two of the best hugs!!!!! Been too long.

So work was all good kept very busy and came home and had dinner at 4pm then hit a wall….. slept till 6.45 when Craig woke me for crochet… 🧶

I had the best sleep… musta needed it!

Off to the pub to meet with fellow Gateside hookers and had our usual great night putting the world to rights this time and not putting the works to tights like I said in a previous blog. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💜

One of the ladies has lost a very good friend recently at and the following poem was read at her funeral….. I should say before I post it that the lady who passed away actually posted this on her own FB a year before she died. She lived life to the full and did so many things in her 69 years that most people wouldn’t manage in 100.

How poignant is that? ♥️

Honestly this lady has done way more than I ever have. It’s really eye opening. I’m seeing a lot of things like this just now. Signs that life is for living in the moment and not waiting. To stop putting things off until after….

So I am getting back up and no more putting things off to maybe another day.

So I ordered some lateral flow tests as this seems to have passed me by….. have never taken a test but heard that we should at least do one a week now?

Also we had an Overland Bound online chat tonight. Always great to catch up with the guys and hear everything that’s going on with the overland community. Members 13446 reporting for duty!

Anyway I am shattered now and it’s 21.48 it’s be a long but good day!

Remember to live life to the full.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 449 what a beautiful day ☀️ and very important game for Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

The sun is shining and there’s a pure blue sky, how much do I wish I was away this week?!?

Obviously we all prefer the sea!

Got a long lie this morning until 6.30am… I love a Tuesday morning! I also love that I get to wear shorts and T-shirt to work these days…. It’s a beautiful drive down to work. Dundonald can look so tropical in the sunshine 😆😂

I got home just before 2 pm and have been sitting outside in the sun this afternoon.

It’s lovely to sit and just chill and enjoy the sunshine.

So I had my Kinesiology session tonight. Really unusual for me to go in the evening…. It shows how much better my energy levels are. I’d never have managed and evening appointment before!

It was so lovely to see Shelagh and get two hugs! The online sessions are great but her hugs are the best. I feel so chilled and relaxed after my session… I could sleep!!

Now this hits the spot. My expectations are always so unrealistic and I’m loving loving a life with no really expectations of myself. Only to try to relax, keep calm and use the tools I have to handle every situation that life throws at me.

Living in the present is pretty damn good.

Wow, wow and wow!

So tonight is one of the most important football games in Scotland’s history. If we win the game against Croatia we will go through to qualify as one of the 4 best 3rd place teams in the Euro 200 tournament.

This is not something we do regularly. The last time we did this was in 1988!

Our anthem Flower of Scotland always brings a tear! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Our manager Steve Clark
Ready for kick off

I’m not gonna hold off the blog to find out the score. We are 11.03 minutes in and looking good so far. We have fingers, toes and paws crossed…… 🙏🏻


Stay safe everyone and cross everything for us!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Day 448 Summer Solstice 2021….. already…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

Can anyone else believe it’s the 21st June and Summer Solstice already?!?! Where has this year gone??

This celebrated the solstice in both north and south hemispheres

I think maybe we’re more surprised up in a Scotland as we haven’t had our “summer” yet and we usually get that in April or May.

How can the nights be “fair drawing in” after today already?!?!

I woke up at 3.50am…. It’s incredibly wrong when the time starts with a 3….. I’m sitting here at 4.15pm wondering why I’m so tired. Answered!!

I hadn’t booked in for the gym and I’m not gonna lie but I considered skipping it to catch up on some sleep this morning. I hadn’t booked, purely because I’d forgotten so I considered it so much that I woke at 3.50 and stayed awake rather than just waiting for my 5am alarm or resetting for 6.30am. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

So I ended up getting up quite easily.

(Should just say here that I just had a wee 44 minute nap there as I was awfy tired writing all that 😆)

So back to the Fit Body Farm… managed the 5 minute warm up run without stopping this morning which lets me see how much my fitness is coming on. It was all about weights and muscle toning today. It was another good one and I’m so glad I went!

It was a beautiful morning and actually warm. For the first time we had midges!

It was this sunny when I left

Hmmmmm here’s hoping our weather followed the green midgie rule this year. To be honest midges never seem to be a consideration for us and yet I see people asking about them on Scottish travel pages all the time. Maybe we’ve just been lucky….

So work then home and tidied the kitchen, did a washing, emptied and filled the dishwasher, tidied the sunroom and walked the dogs.

Been a while since we had a gate
Buttercups still everywhere!
Check out that big cloud! but actually the field is beautiful
Threatening rain but it’s very hot!
Heading home
How lovely is this foxglove with the village hall in the background

I then had my wee nap….. broken by Calaidh barking at the delivery I was waiting for but forgot I was waiting for… of course.

I really want to stay up for sunset tonight since I saw the sunrise but we will see… there’s a good chance I’ll be in bed by 8.30pm 😆 all that sea air over the weekend!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

Day 447 Happy Fathers and Dog-Fathers Day! From a very wet Oban ☔️☔️☔️

My lovely friend Gayle owns the little gift shop in Beith and when I walked in the other day she said she’d found some Father’s Day card cards and thought of me when she bought them in…. They’re perfect!

Very apt card for Craig
And for Dad


I woke before 7am and could hear if but it’s gradually got heavier as the morning went on. Obviously there’s no such thing as bad weather only that you’re not dressed appropriately 😬😆

It is going to be another wonderful day.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning in little poached egg ring shapes. If only I’d taken a photo eh?!

This whole weekend has been about taking a pause and resting.

It’s still very beautiful in the rain ☔️

Really low cloud

So we set off at 10am with the first stop at Kilchurn Castle. A walk to the castle and then coffee in the van before then head Edinburgh way and I head to Glasgow.

We meet these guys!!
Need a hair cut?!
Mean and moody on a wet day
On the banks of Loch Awe
It’s huge!
So calm
Mum and dad posing with the castle and foxgloves
The thistles are starting to bloom too. Be stunning when they are out
Misty mountains ⛰
Back past the coos
The railway bridge
Very light rain now

So we then went back and had a cuppa in the van and I decided to head back down through Inveraray. It was 1 hour and 47 mins via Tyndrum and 1 hour 52 via Inveraray so I thought I’d go for the scenic route. Mum and Dad have to go through Tyndrum to Crianlarich and then over towards the east coast.

Kichurn castle from the road to Inveraray

I had such a lovely drive but when you’re driving you obviously can’t take photos…. I almost stopped in Inveraray but the car park was full.

Not my pic but Inveraray looks like this. It’s a beautiful wee town
Again not my pic but you drive up and over this to head South. It’s really steep.

Then on past Loch Fyne and over the Rest and Be Thankful. It’s the A83 which suffered from bad landslides again recently and the Old Military Road needs to reopen to help keep traffic moving. There were roadworks not the hillside road.

If you look down into the Glen you can see the Old Military road
Check the queue behind me!

So onwards through Arrochar and down to Tarbert where you join up with the other road I would have taken. This then heads down the side of Loch Lomond.

I stopped at Firkin Point by yon bonnie banks…. It was so atmospheric.

Loch Lomond
Almost a mirror
Quirky tree
I noticed this in the water….
A memorial plaque – it say Until the 12th of never JACK 1939 – 2016
A lovely we stop off…. With toilets!

As I was leaving here there was a lady clearing leaves from under her wiper. She had just driven in to clear them…. As soon as she lifted the wiper to remove them and her husband/partner beeped the horn!!! Made me laugh out loud as Craig would have done that to me!!

Stopped in at Asda Dumbarton to do the weekly shop! Nice to stop somewhere different for a change.

Home to find Craig had painted the living room while I was away. Looks amazing! So fresh and such a clean up. Kitchen looks dreadful now….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

So I’ve had the best weekend, really chilled and relaxed and I’ve enjoyed the drive. Most of all I’ve enjoyed the special time with mum and dad!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 446 Oban Sea Tours trip with Dad and shopping with Mum

I woke at 4.14 and remembered where I was☺️ of course I jumped out of bed to look out the curtains. There wasn’t a ripple in the sea. The tide was in and when I opened my window, all I could hear was the hum of the engines of the two ships docked at the North Pier.

Look how light it was!
The view over to the town

I went back to sleep until just before 8am.

Breakfast was at 8.45am and mum and I had pancakes with fruit and yoghurt. Beautiful!

We went and sat outside by the sea for a wee while after breakfast and then headed into town for a wee wander round the shops while Dad sat on a bench! As men do!

Mum and I having a wee seat after breakfast!
I love that a ferry just passes in front of you!

We’d been swithering about what to do with the day as there are so many things we could have gone to see but decided that mum and I would hit the shops for a bit and then Dad and I would take an Oban Seat Tours 2 hour trip out to the seal colony on Mull.

This was us leaving, mum took it from the dock
Oban from the sea
Such a special place
This helicopter was making a lot of noise for hours this morning but not taking off!
He said right, are you done now?!? Yes dad… 🤦🏻‍♀️

The trip took us up the Sound of Kerrera, out to Mull and along to Duart Castle then past the Lismore Lighthouse and Dunollie Castle and back into Oban.

The new Kerrera Ferry is the smallest in CalMac’s fleet and our boat is asked to slow down over the short route so it doesn’t make too many waves for this aluminium ferry. Awww bless ♥️
The sun is coming out
This building is the start of the first transatlantic fibre cable which was laid until the sea in around 1955 and stretches over to Newfoundland
Gylen Castle, Kerrera built in 1582
Leaving Kerrera
Turning into a beautiful day
Catamaran off the coast of the Isle of Mull
Seals 🦭 there were loads of them but not the best photos so I’ll spare you!
Lighthouse on Mull, look at the colour of the sea now
Duart Castle, Isle of Mull
Stunning sky looking back towards Mull

It had been cloudy and fairly chilly but the sun came out! At some points it was actually pretty hot… at others the wind was blowing right down my hoody and out my sleeves it was that strong!

Waiting behind the CalMac Clansman
Caught in the wash of the Clansman Ferry
Dunoliie Castle just outside Oban
Heading back into Oban, our hotel is roughly 4 buildings down from the Cathedral
I love this house on Kerrera…. When we were kids an old kit build house used to be here and we always called it Julie’s house as I wanted to live there. It’s now got a helipad!
Heading back into dock
The Clansman and the Isle of Mull CalMac ferries
The Lismore ferry has broken down!
Check the wee lost soul on the dock… mum said I could post this for comedy factor! She pinched my sun hat out the van!
Almost on dry land

They were such enthusiastic guides, so knowledgeable about the local area and really made the trip well worthwhile.

We saw loads of seals 🦭 and 2 Golden Eagles 🦅 we also saw a sea eagle nest but it looked like the Sea Eagles were out today 😆

It was lovely to have some time with Dad as it’s been a whole lotta years since we did that. It’s usually only mum and I that meet up.

We’re now sitting outside our wee hotel on comfy chairs watching the ships coming in and going out again.

This is why I love Oban. There is always something coming and going in the bay. It’s a transient town, the promise of adventure and onwards travels.

We’re eating in Ee-usk Seafood Restaurant on the North Pier tonight. it’s been a very sea themed kind of day.

We had the loveliest meal.

Langoustines in garlic and ginger
Trio of Salmon
Dessert tasting platter
After dinner the sky is lovely

We went for drinks and then a big long walk along the front. It’s so calm and clear and just stunning. Not a sound… apart from the disco beat from a boat!!!


I said yesterday too that it’s been so lovely to spend time with mum and dad. I honestly can’t think of the last time we did this. Special memories being made.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 445 Fit Body Farm thigh killer and secret trip to Oban ⛴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙🌊

Had the best sleep again last night. Yay!!

So before I set off to Oban we had a Fit Body Farm killer today. It’s a stunning morning!

Gateside sunrise at 5.20am
FBF sunrise 🌅
Haha sunrise selfie didn’t quite work!
32kg farmers carry… Craig was on 48kg
Forward lunges with 20kg, Craig did 50kg…. The machine!!!!

So I had my challenge weigh in this morning and while I haven’t achieved the full results I have still lost a stone and 4% body fat. The 4% went in the first 3 weeks so the last 3 have been building muscle.

I know I haven’t been able to follow the meal plan especially these last 3 weeks as I have been so overwhelmed by food prep…. Basically I can’t be bothered thinking about it let alone cooking. I haven’t had a proper meal this week at all while Craig had been working every evening.

But….. I have still lost a stone in 6 weeks!

After 1km run….. all before 7am!!!

So this weekend I have decided to drive to Oban to surprise Dad for Father’s Day which is on Sunday. They have been in Iona for a week and are spending this weekend in Oban. So home quick shower and ready foe the off. Just me, myself and I as Craig’s staying for a 50th birthday where they are watching Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 play England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in the UEFA Euro 2000 championship.

I set off just after 9am and stopped at the little coffee Caravan for a roll and sausage and a coconut latte!

The drive takes me across the Erskine Bridge, through Dumbarton and up the side of Loch Lomond.

It is stunning this morning. That drive takes my breath away. Everything is in bloom, there are purple rhododendron everywhere. The water is soooo calm, barely a ripple though there is a fresh breeze.

I stopped at the side of Loch Lomond for some really rubbish photos! 😆 I’d planned to stop at Iveruglas visitor centre but there were two coach loads in so I drove past.

Then drove up past Crianlarich, through Tyndrum and took the left fork at the Green Welly!! I stopped again to sort the music as I was playing out “Good Scottish Stuff” playlist but the sound disappeared. I took some photos of Glen Orchy.

Just by the side of the road
Our beautiful country!

I feel so patriotic driving through Scotland on such a beautiful day! We are so lucky to live here. All of this is less than 2 hours from our house.

You know you’ve arrived in Oban when you see a CalMac ferry in your rear view mirror!!

Now I don’t know what it is about Oban but I have such an affinity with the place. I absolutely love it and have always felt so calm and relaxed when I’m here. Strangely it’s always sunny when we’re in Oban too which I’m sure isn’t that normal!

The main harbour
The Isle of Lewis leaving for Barra
A wee brave canoe guy!! 🛶
McCaigs Folley up on the hill
A better close up!

So I’m very early to meet mum and dad so thought I’d go for a wander. Don’t know if I said but mum knows I’m here but dad doesn’t.

Tall ship
The sea is so calm and clear
Oban Chocolate Company! I follow them on FB and have done through the whole of COVID… must buy something this weekend!
Onan Cathedral with Kerrera in the distance
Walked down a jetty!

Now I must give you a laugh here. I found a lovely spot to sit by the sea…..

I’m sitting down on this rock
Then this happens!!!

Not gonna lie I get soooooo excited and horse it round to the harbour taking millions of pics of the Clansman….. not their ship!!!! They are on the Isle of Mull…… doh!

Dad messaged our family chat to say they are just leaving Craignure!!

So I sit here for another half hour or so
It’s a very pretty place to sit!
Then finally here she comes… the Isle of Mull (behind the wee Oban sea tours boat!)

So the next laugh…. Best laid plans and all that… they are not foot passengers! So they drove off the ferry and I ended up walking past them in the street…. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆 while they were driving past me!!

We’re all set up in our lovely hotel, Kilchrenan House.

I have the most stunning view from my room but I have to move tomorrow as they squeezed me in at short notice!
Full view up the sound of Kerrera. The pic doesn’t do it justice
Kilchrenan House
Check Abbie’s space for the weekend. I could have camped here!!

We’ve had the loveliest day. We had a wander round and then went to the Correyvreckan pub where we found a table in the sun.

Check this for an alcohol free beer!!
The sun is still shining
View of Oban through the Lion Rampant flag
Lovely pic of mum and dad

We went to Piazza for dinner and had pizza for the first time in ages!!! Also like a wee kid out with mum and dad, I had an ice cream cone. With tablet ice cream!

It’s only half 9 and we’re back to the hotel as we’re exhausted.

It’s clouded over and is a wee bit totally freezing now!
Sunset over the cathedral
Looking to Kerrera
From my window

I’ve had the best day today. Obviously we’re missing Craig and wish he was here but I’ve had a lovely time with mum and dad and these are the things that matter in life. ♥️

There are of course another million pics to add to the collection too…… 😬🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 444 all the 4’s 💗💗💗💗

What a beautiful day it ended up being. Kind of unexpectedly.

I had the best sleep, out for the count! Felt so good to wake up with the alarm at 6.30am. The “off sick” me is aware of the irony of that statement. I couldn’t move out of bed until at least 8 and more likely 9am and even then it was straight to another chair!

So I had a doctors appointment today. Post covid, a doctors appointment consists of a phone call between two hours and you have to be ready and waiting to answer it. Not easy when you are at work and of course the first time they called I was on a call. You have to phone back and go through the whole telephone triage thing, then they put you back on the list for a doctor call back. Anyway, we got there in the end.

So…… drum roll please….. and a wee bit of crossed fingers and toes….. I am to reduce my meds by half for the next two months with a view to finally stopping them mid August!

He was very pleased with my progress though very reluctant to discuss the menopause AT ALL…. But hey…. This is pretty huge for me. I’ve been on some form of anti depressant since 2006. I’m fairly certain that there’s been no break since then. I am a wee teensy tiny bit nervous about that but actually more chuffed that there’s finally and end in sight.

I discussed my mini meltdown a few weeks back but he said most “normal” people have a meltdown once in a while. Obviously I know that but it was hard not to see that as a step back into the dark days.

So yes I will keep my face towards the sunshine from now on.

Home from work and saw Craig for the first time this week almost. We had a coffee in the sun. We actually both had a huge sigh of relief when the sun went behind a cloud! It’s that hot!!

I then had to take Calaidh puppa all the way to Bearsden to the vet. She has a lump on her rear end under carriage…. But the vet says they’ve never seen anything like it before. She was such a good girl. She lay up on my knee with her legs akimbo….. she even got an internal examination god love her and hardly even jumped. I told her I knew what she was going through as I’d had my smear test this week 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🙄😆🤣🤣

Kisses from Calaidh
Being a good girl after her examination

So £42 later we’ve just to keep an eye on it. Oh and she’s out on weight so we have to try and cut down her food a bit.

Back home, through fairly busy traffic and was so glad I don’t need to deal with that anymore and popped into Claire’s for a quick cuppa while she ate her dinner in the garden.

I then had an hour to tidy the kitchen and pack my bag as I’m away on a secret trip tomorrow…. All will be revealed.

I had a zoom call at 7 with a group of lovely ladies run by Shelagh Cumming my Health Kinesiologist.

She talked about how we alter our mood with negative self talk and the ways that we can change this. For me it’s all about writing this blog. Understanding my reactions to certain things that happen in my day and learning from that.

Today has been a good day. ♥️ made better by the fact that Calaidh is ok.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 443 Fit Body Farm workout in the torrential rain, out for coffee, dog walk and Gateside Hookers 🧶😬😆♥️

I couldn’t get to sleep last night. I was wide awake until after 1pm. I even got up and paced the house for a change of scenery.

Now I had a nap yesterday afternoon which lasted just over 2 hours and I had the Memorial Hall Committee Meeting at 8pm which is way past my bedtime! So maybe I slept too much during the day (seriously doubtful….) or I was just alert from having been at a meeting until 9.30pm? (More likely!)

I was literally staring at the inside of my sleep mask. 🎭 There was not much to see… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So when the 5am alarm went off and Craig’s didn’t….. he is super tired and decided to have a morning off, I honestly wanted to cry, scream, make him feel guilty… anything to make my getting up easier. He knew he was tired and knew he needed a rest though which was the right thing to do.

Now it was also raining. Not just a wee bit rain but torrential raining….

Leaving at 5.30am
Post very wet workout…. Check team Fuscia….
Soaked to the skin ready first a shower

It was actually amazing to be working outside in the rain. I even ran the warm up run with an energy I’ve not felt before and kept up with one of the girls that usually whizzes past me! It’s cold and wet but actually quite amazing as I’ve NEVER done anything like that before. Strangely invigorating!


I had to dry my hair under a hand dryer in the toilets today…. I resembled a burst couch by the time I left for work….. the mane needed taming.

♥️🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😬 we are all doing this!!

After work I went to meet Auntie Jac at her friend Anne’s house. Had a lovely lunch and much banter!! Great to catch up and have a good blether.

I was home by 4 and Claire and walked the dogs. I’m fast running out of that additional energy I had earlier….. the sun has come out (of course it has) and it was a lovely walk but I’m sleepy now. 😴

So at crochet tonight we are playing with the squares for my new blanket. I’ve not taken pics of them altogether for ages!

Just need to decide which order to put them in and which colour I’m joining them with and how.

Will be like pieces of a jigsaw that we keep moving around!!

I have had 26 squares left to do for my big blanket. Not long to go now.

Loving the crochet hookers chat as usual!!

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶

Day 442 reflections on my new health plan at Fit Body Farm 🏋🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️⛷and a lovely massage! 💆🏻‍♀️

I am so grateful for that amazing sleep last night. Until Calaidh barked at 5.50am I was dead to the world. Of course I couldn’t get back to sleep after her bark reminded me of every little tiny thing there was to think about…. And then some….Thanks pup…. 😬😆

I’ve been asked to reflect on my 6 week challenge at the Fit Body Farm and thought I may as well do it as part of my daily ramblings. Hey it gives me ready made content!

I bloody love it. I’m doing things that the “depressed me” would have never thought possible.

I’m lifting weights I wouldn’t have ever thought of and running loops of the farm garden without really thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy but I’m doing it and achieving most of it!

I love that it’s over before 7am and I have no time to even think about what I’m about to do. I love that it gives me the best start in a day, that amazing high of having worked out before you actually start your day.

I feel a difference in my clothes, I have way more energy and a positivity that only you get from working out. I know I can do this. I love that I am doing it.

I have changed my diet. Gone are all the processed cereal bars I used to eat. Gone are all the low fat options that I thought were the right choice. But the food is where I feel I have let myself down a bit.

I’m disappointed that I have not followed the 6 week plan with my usually high level of perfectionism. I feel guilty for the things I didn’t do properly. The stories I tell myself that justify my less than perfect actions.

I still can’t be bothered properly planning my meals. I can’t be bothered writing down or recording what I’ve eaten. It makes some inner child have a paddywhack inside me because I don’t want to have to do it. I have enough to do and I’m tired. I just want to eat and be done with it.

I am, however, making way healthier choices. I am eating way more fruit and veg. I just think I could have been more meticulous about it.

The food part is 70% of the weight loss programme. The exercise is just 30% of it and I’ve got that covered but I can’t stop huffing about the food part.

The biggest story I tell myself is that I’m too tired. That the 4.45am start 3 times a week is enough for me to handle.

I’ve had huge change in my life recently. I’ve gone from couch potato to gym at 6am, with a part time job and still putting these ramblings out on a daily basis.

I tell myself that it’s enough right now and for me I know that it is.

However if I want to make that big difference and lose more fat than I need to tackle the food part.

So I’ll see at the final weigh in what I’ve managed to achieve officially.

Why is it that after everything I’ve learned in the last few years, I still beat myself up for what I should have done rather than be very proud of what I actually did do?!?

Now I read that and realise I do have way more positivity than I used to have as I know there is opportunity in everything.

Wow, I love that last one. Really, really love it. It explains how I feel down to a tee.

So on the menopause front, sorry guys…. I did watch the Davina McCall documentary last night, Sex, Lies and the Menopause. It was amazing. So many people have told me to watch it and I “yeah, yeah, yeah’d” but the nurse says and I jump to it.

Davina was told she shouldn’t make this documentary as it would age her. People would look at her differently. How shocking is that?!? She said it goes to show that the menopause is hush, hush, not discussed, a dirty subject yet half of the worlds population go through it.

She tells us not to be scared of it as there is so much these days that will help you every step of the way.

The nurse also suggested I download the Balance app which I have done and there are loads of articles to read up on. It tracks your progress and makes suggestions.

So after work today I went to Subway for a ham salad sub and between there and the car wash I covered myself in sweet chilli sauce. Jeans, T-shirt , steering wheel and the seat. All over…. Sticky sweet chilli. The van is now clean…. On the outside and sticky as hell inside!

Then I had a massage at Harmony in Beith at 2.30pm so popped into my favourite gift shop beforehand. Lovely to see Gayle again and have a wee wander and buy some wee things!!

The window for Father’s Day!

My massage was sooooo good. I almost fell asleep as it was so relaxing.

I’ve come back up the road and am in bed writing this. I have a Gateside Memorial Hall committee meeting at 8pm and I need a sleep before I go otherwise I’ll be nodding off by about 8.30!!

Nana nap here we come and I have two dogs with me already.

Now this next one stopped me in my tracks. This is so me and quite a few other people I know. We are very quick to apologise for ourselves. Wow. Know your worth.

Sending you all some love and make sure you all hear it.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 441 UEFA Euro 2020 Scotland vs Czech Republic at Hampden 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇨🇿

Boy I had the worst sleep last night…… my mind never stopped all night. I’m sure I slept but I woke up with the grumpiest grumpiness ever.

To be fair at 4.45am it’s hard to be happy about anything but I really could have cried.

I had to do my weigh in and measurements this morning and I had nae patience for it. Craig said if I didn’t sort my attitude I could do it myself. He read all that from my body language. I never said a word. He was right of course. He often is, I just don’t let him think that.

Just as well I had the Fit Body Farm to help lift my mood.

All the exercises involved an exercise sand bag type thing which we grew to hate by the end of the session. Mine was 20kg and Craigs was 50kg. We were Team Avery again and actually won two of the 4 challenges. Methinks the female half of Team Avery needs to work on her exercising and counting at the same time. 😬🙄 Craig with the heaviest weight and me the newest member of the 6am crew…. We’re not likely to have the highest score!

So for the first time in 23 years Scotland have taken part in the finals of a football tournament. It’s a big day for Scottish football and work actually finished up work early to watch it. That certainly wouldn’t have happened in my previous life. 😬

Signing Flower of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Apparently Glasgow City Centre joined in the National anthem, out in the streets. There’s footage of it and it’s the most amazing sound after everything we’ve all gone through this last year.

And yet again we lost 0-2…. It’s tough being a Scotland fan and constantly having to rally after the losses. But hey we had loads of missed opportunities today which is something…..

The new Scottish slogan is everywhere!!

Read the link……. Why “Yes sir, I can boogie” is the anthem

The football finishes and I have an appointment with a nurse for that thing that women all hate…. The smear test. These were all put on hold through COVID-19 so appointments have just been filtering through for those due this year and overdue from last year.

Always a pleasure she lied….. 😩 but it’s very important that we all go for the screening offered to us in life.

I also got taken through the virtues of reading up on being peri-menopausal as I am “coming of age”….. The nurse wanted me to meet with friends for coffee and talk about the menopause. Get it out there. HRT is not something to be feared, it has great positives. So my homework is to read up as much as I can.

I did tell her I could do one better and I could write about it in my blog…. The guys will love all this stuff but you need to know what the women in your life have ahead of them. You need to know when to read the signs and run for cover 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆♥️

I did tell her I’m just coming out of the anxiety and depression times and the last thing I need is something else that makes me crazy but she says the more clued up I am, the easier it will be and we should embrace it.

Ok….. will try to do so. 🥰 BRING. IT. ON…

Back home and took the pups for a walk with Claire on the very smirry rain. I am very tired and having the earliest night and lie in tomorrow and I am so excited about it!

Here, here!!!!

Stay safe everyone 💜💗💜

Day 440 it’s blawin’ a hoolie here! You know you’re getting old when you know it’s a good drying day…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

It is windy mcwinderson here today. It’s lovely and sunny but that breeze is a stiff gale at times! Not the best day to be throwing weeds around the garden 🪴


So I woke at 6.30 again but fell back to sleep until just after 9. It was a much better sleep and no thumping pulse of a headache thankfully. I decided to get back to the weeds this morning. In between coffees and crochet!

New mug coffee in the sun before the howler took over…. Note washing in the line already!

Now personally I think this looks beautiful. Yes overgrown, but a bit like my mind it’s a bit all over the place!

Still WIP but I am done!!

It’s such a hard job… and one that I don’t really want to do, if I’m honest. While I love, love, love a field of buttercups, it seems I don’t love them in my own garden. They are a nightmare to pull out.

Also the one take away from this should be…. Never try to pull nettles up whilst wearing a vest top. Doesn’t matter how careful you are they have a way of springing back on you and stinging!!

So I swear I have soil everywhere…. everything I pull out is blowing in the wind. Throwing weeds on to the grass and they would slap me in the face. It’s not fun. I find strong wind very stressful as the noise is incessant and I have enough going on in my head without that too!

It was almost a welcome relief when Craig asked me to help him fit the bee roof rack on the roof of his car….

Job done ✅

And we managed it without arguing…..

I emptied the van and re-filled everything. I have lost a pair of flip flops, some crochet squares and a tape measure. Random, huh?!? Not had them since we were in Loch Ness and I have this thought they are all in one bag. They are not in the van. 🩴🩴

Came back in and had a shower to get rid of all the garden I was wearing! Then we went to the pub for lunch.

Salt and chilli chicken and chips
With a lovely side salad!

So there are two washings on the line but I have to keep picking them off the grass… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆💨💨💨

I now have my feet up in the sun room with the door shut so I can’t hear the howling gale. I feel a nap coming on. I’ve had a lovely weekend just pottering and having time off. I appreciate it more now that I’m working through the week.

Embracing my inner peace…. 💜

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 439 charity shop day & life lesson ♥️

We woke up at 6.30am and I have a stonking headache. I didn’t take tablets as I thought I’ll try and sleep it off. Not getting up at 6.30 on a Saturday!

Craigs alarm went off at 7.30, mine at 8 (honest to god, what a joke!) and then we finally woke at 10, head still thumping and we both seemed to have the most random dreams. Strangely they both involved camping….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Honestly my head has a heartbeat. Always seems unfair when I’m not drinking alcohol!! So gave in and took the paracetamol.

Head is now better. Go figure.

I had my shorts and vest too on today. Nope it was not that kinda weather…. I had to go and change into jeans pretty sharpish.

Using the Heilan’ Brew mugs this morning…. Pretending it’s warm enough to be outside!

As my neighbour runs round like a wummin possessed today painting the house and cutting the grass…. I adopt a more “meh” approach to the day.

This made me laugh!! We should try this next time we camp!

So the plan today was to take all the clear out stuff to the charity shop. Many of you may remember we had a big Boxing Day clear out and it’s been sitting in the house all bagged up since then.

So a full Craigie car boot load down to Irvine Cancer Research Superstore. I can’t ever shop there again as it will be full of my stuff….. took 2 of us 3 trips back and forth to the car. After the last load we scarpered out before anyone noticed.

I don’t know why I’m embarrassed dropping that much stuff. We filled all their bins!!

Then on to Tesco for a food shop as we were down to the last Hello Fresh.

You’ll be pleased to know I finally cancelled it. I handed Claire my phone and asked her to deal with it as I couldn’t. Job done ✅

We decided to treat ourselves to a new set of plates, side plates, bowls and pasta dishes. Up until now we have been the house of mismatch everything. Our cupboards were full of plates and mugs that were quite frankly, ready for the bin.

We now have uniformity and a much less cluttered space. That makes me smile.

Now what to do with everything that came out?!?! Just cleared for charity now starting to collect already?!? 😆

Craig made me a lovely ham salad for lunch.

So I’m now in my weeding gear (if there is such a thing?!) and starting to slowly work my way round the weeds that are overwhelming us. As you may remember I love a weed but husband does not. So instead of disagreeing about weeds for the rest of the summer I have succumbed to weeding.

So I spent the rest of the afternoon weeding like the mad wummin next door!

Craig did a bonfire and I added the weeds to the fire!

What a great bonfire!!!

The weather got warmer as the day went on thankfully. It’s quite nice out there now.

Rachel, two doors down, popped in to say she’d got me a wee gift at the shops today!

A stress sloth!!!! It is soooo cool, I love it!!🦥

And then we got a life lesson we never saw coming. Craig was watching Euro 2020 football when one of the Danish players, Christian Eriksen, stumbled and fell to the ground on camera. His eyes were wide open but he wasn’t moving at all and the referee saw that he needed urgent medical assistance.

We watched as the players shielded around him and eventually the medical team started to resuscitate him. They worked on him for about 6 or 7 minutes and it was the most awful thing we’ve ever watched and yet we couldn’t stop watching. The players were crying, the Danish fans in the stadium were crying, Eriksen’s girlfriend was down on the pitch being comforted by players. Everyone was questioning how fragile life is. One minute he’s aiming at goal, the next minute fighting for his life.

They took him off the pitch on a stretcher surrounded by large white sheets and cut back to the studio as the game was stopped. Gary Lineker and the other commentators were so shocked.

The female commentator, Alex Scott, said she’d just text her mum to tell her she loved her. Another guy, Cesc Fabregas, said that he’d gone home many nights after a bad day and taken it out on his family. This made him realise we had to live life to the fullest, be happy and remember football is just a game.

We were both really emotional, I was crying. Life can be taken away just like that… and we had watched it happen.

Craig said let’s go into the pub for a couple and we were both a bit numb going in. The guys in there had heard it too.

Then…… we hear he is alive. He is in hospital and he is stable.


I never thought that would be possible and don’t think anyone in that stadium did either.

Everyone who watched that will have been really affected by it and that can only be a good thing.

A reminder to live life to the full.

Life every day as if it’s your last.

Tell people that you love them.

Please stay safe everyone as you are all important to me. ♥️♥️♥️

Day 438 another productive day and Abbie the Campervan returns!

Oh you learn to love that 4.45am alarm…. NOT!!! I did not want to move this morning after that luxury of the 3 hour long lie yesterday. But I did. And boy was the Fit Body Farm a killer this morning?!?


Team Avery worked together in a challenge. 100m each on the Ski-erg machine, heavy sled 🛷 pushes and pulls and a whole lot of burpees followed by broad jumps.

The burpee is evil.

At the end of this you jump on two feet as far as you can and do the whole thing again.
Check the stance on the sled pulls
4 times down the gym and 4 times back up! Craig had already finished by the time he took this. Of course he had.
The white petals are all over the road

So back home, quick coffee and then snuck up on some of the housework. Bathrooms 🚽 🚽✅ stairs ✅ upstairs bedroom ✅ hallway ✅ and Craig did the living room, kitchen and sunroom. Every time we do this, I do say how much I love a clean house. Just in time for the weekend. By this time it’s only 10am and I took the dogs for a walk.

It’s very windy!

Now the Rambling Sloth has a newly appointed plant consultant, I messaged my neighbour Helen this morning to ask what the white hedgerow bushes were. She said they are Hawthorn blossoms. When she was a child she was told that an abundance of blossoms meant there was a hard winter to come. If this auld wives tale is to be believed then this winter is going to be shocking methinks…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

Such a beautiful wee flower close up
This gate is being taken over by hawthorn, cowslip and buttercups! Nature wins.
Cowslip is everywhere too!!

Winter is coming!

The rhododendrons are in full force again
The woods are really dark! Everything has sprouted since I was last here.
The bad news is that they were muck spreading our field!!!! Ok so not our field but you know what I mean 😢
A run about the woods instead!

I had a lovely chat with my 80 year old friend as I walked around. 💜

I’m not sure where the rest of the day went?! I got Abbie the camper van back from the garage. The part was £3.01 and the labour was £240 😱😳🤷🏻‍♀️. Let’s hope it’s the last time that turbo is out for a few years at least.

So I’ve barely left the house and it’s been an expensive weekend and it’s only Friday!!

Oh should share last nights dinner as it was sooooo good! Chicken, mushroom and leak with cheesy crumble!. The best Hello Fresh yet!

I’m very tired now, I needed a nap this afternoon and didn’t get one so will need to get an early night or I’ll be really grumpy.

If I warn Craig through the blog then he’ll know 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😂🥰

Spending the evening in the village pub with some neighbours catching up on the week’s news. I will get that nap tomorrow…. Or there will be trouble. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

Have a good weekend y’all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️