Day 444 all the 4’s 💗💗💗💗

What a beautiful day it ended up being. Kind of unexpectedly.

I had the best sleep, out for the count! Felt so good to wake up with the alarm at 6.30am. The “off sick” me is aware of the irony of that statement. I couldn’t move out of bed until at least 8 and more likely 9am and even then it was straight to another chair!

So I had a doctors appointment today. Post covid, a doctors appointment consists of a phone call between two hours and you have to be ready and waiting to answer it. Not easy when you are at work and of course the first time they called I was on a call. You have to phone back and go through the whole telephone triage thing, then they put you back on the list for a doctor call back. Anyway, we got there in the end.

So…… drum roll please….. and a wee bit of crossed fingers and toes….. I am to reduce my meds by half for the next two months with a view to finally stopping them mid August!

He was very pleased with my progress though very reluctant to discuss the menopause AT ALL…. But hey…. This is pretty huge for me. I’ve been on some form of anti depressant since 2006. I’m fairly certain that there’s been no break since then. I am a wee teensy tiny bit nervous about that but actually more chuffed that there’s finally and end in sight.

I discussed my mini meltdown a few weeks back but he said most “normal” people have a meltdown once in a while. Obviously I know that but it was hard not to see that as a step back into the dark days.

So yes I will keep my face towards the sunshine from now on.

Home from work and saw Craig for the first time this week almost. We had a coffee in the sun. We actually both had a huge sigh of relief when the sun went behind a cloud! It’s that hot!!

I then had to take Calaidh puppa all the way to Bearsden to the vet. She has a lump on her rear end under carriage…. But the vet says they’ve never seen anything like it before. She was such a good girl. She lay up on my knee with her legs akimbo….. she even got an internal examination god love her and hardly even jumped. I told her I knew what she was going through as I’d had my smear test this week 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🙄😆🤣🤣

Kisses from Calaidh
Being a good girl after her examination

So £42 later we’ve just to keep an eye on it. Oh and she’s out on weight so we have to try and cut down her food a bit.

Back home, through fairly busy traffic and was so glad I don’t need to deal with that anymore and popped into Claire’s for a quick cuppa while she ate her dinner in the garden.

I then had an hour to tidy the kitchen and pack my bag as I’m away on a secret trip tomorrow…. All will be revealed.

I had a zoom call at 7 with a group of lovely ladies run by Shelagh Cumming my Health Kinesiologist.

She talked about how we alter our mood with negative self talk and the ways that we can change this. For me it’s all about writing this blog. Understanding my reactions to certain things that happen in my day and learning from that.

Today has been a good day. ♥️ made better by the fact that Calaidh is ok.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️