Day 452 Hookers wot lunch 🥗 🥙🥘🍜🍕🍔🌭🍜🍽

Another lunch date today but this time with my lovely crochet hookers…. I’ll get to that!

The day started with the Fit Body Farm and oh my god, I felt like a lead brick this morning. At times my legs did not want to move but I still did it.

Before 7am I reckon I had done the following….

  • Run 1600m
  • Rowed 500m
  • Ski-erg’d 500m
  • 35 burpees
  • 70 sit ups
  • 60 x 4kg wall ball throws
  • 50 forward lunges

But it was hard. It was a kind of single event today and I think I like it when I have someone to buddy up with as that spurs me on. Still…. I did it.

When we got back home we were shattered so back into bed and slept till just before 11am!!!!!! I was going out for lunch at 12.30 and had BIG plans for the morning clearing stuff out. It was not to be. Sleep was needed.

So the crochet hookers met for lunch today and it was so lovely to see everyone.

I had salt and chilli chicken pieces to start followed by peppered beef. It was sooooo good! My mouth was on fire by the end of it all! We had a great chat and there was not a crochet hook to be seen but I did come away with a ball of black wool! 🧶

Suddenly remembered a pic as we were all leaving!!!

Not one pic of the food either. Shocking!

As soon as I got home Claire messaged to say she was off work today and ready and waiting for a cuppa…. Be rude not to but I had a HUGE empire biscuit which was amazing!!!

Claire had pink and I had peach!! 🍑

Claire had been at the hairdressers today and I actually blow dried my hair today (check me!) so wee selfie 🤳 as I was leaving.

Now we’re heading back into the pub for a few drinks as Craig is back in from work.

Was lovely to catch up with everyone and I’m now home for a Chinese takeaway…. Far too much involved today!!

Happy weekend to you all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️