Day 433 Burns Highland Car Show in Nairn 🚗🚙🏎🚕🚓🚘🚖🚙🚚🚐

We had a lovely sunset again last night. Our friend Golf had to leave last night as she’s working today but Steve is still here. I learned last night that although Golf is her Thai nickname, her friends have been shortening her real name to Chamia which is think is lovely. That said it’s very hard to change someone’s name in your head when you’ve called her Golf for years!

We had another lovely sunset last night totally different colours fromFriday night. This one was pinks and purples.

Look at the reflections in the pond
So beautiful
I couldn’t chose between pics!
Sun’s gone!
Sunset Abbie

So apparently it rained really heavily overnight and I never heard a thing. I was totally out for the count…. which is hardly surprising given the rotten sleeps I’ve had in the last few nights.

Craig got up with the dogs and thankfully that wasn’t too early but I couldn’t even wake up through that. Love it.

It seems poop gate is partially resolved!

The pond has filled back up after all that rain. It’s another beautiful day but more windy today. Hoody on hoody off. One of those kinds of days.

Morning Abbie!
The view from bed with the scenic roof open!
Hamish the alpaca finally came to say hi!
How cute are these guys?!?
Hamish was making very strange noises at this point. I was slightly a weee tiny bit scared!

So the car show started at 11am but there have been cars and bikes arriving since last night!

The highlight for a non petrol head was the Heilan Brew Coffee Co! I got an oat latte!

How cute is this mug?!?! We had to get one each of course.
The coffee had a wee heart on it!!
Check this Wildtrack
Lots of cars!
Loved this wee rusty guy
A very low T5 – least I couldn’t have to have a step to get in and out of the van!
We want your roll Uncle Steve
I will miss this pond!
All the tents around us have left

It’s 1pm and we really need to get moving but it’s scorching hot again. The pups are having a wee lie down in the shade.

Awwww look at the Bhru smiles!!!
Pop top is down ready to go but it’s too sunny to leave!

So we left after 2pm and made it back to get Calaidh by 5.30pm. She had a great time and Gran and Grampas and was very excited to see us. We had an amazing drive down, pure blue skies with wispy clouds all the way. it’s such a beautiful day and it’s lovely to see Scotland like that. It’s not every day we get a chance.

The view over Glasgow on the way from East Kilbride

We’ve had the best weekend. Amazing weather, the most stunning sunsets and great company. Highly recommend the campsite!

The guy who owns it always sorts the sun too. 😬😆

Hope you all had a great weekend and this is your Sunday evening reminder that we can all face whatever is in store in the week ahead!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️