Day 429 team challenge at Fit Body Farm and I chose today to wear shorts to work and there’s a wee chill! 😆😬🙄

Of course I decided today was going to be the hottest day of the year so far and wore my shorts to work. There’s a wee chill in the air this morning that we’ve not had for a few days. To be fair I have wet hair from the gym but I’m freezing!

There’s been such a lovely warmth to the sun we’re all dressing like Spanish summer and forgetting we live in Scotland. It could snow later?!

I put the heater on and stopped shivering by about 9am.

Another beautiful 6am at the Fit Body Farm
Both cars so I can go straight to work

We had a team challenge today and Craig and I are members of Team Courage and our team colours are yellow. So I decided to be team mustard this morning which still distinguished me from the others. 💛🌭 (that’s mustard on a hot dog…. that was me by the end of the session!)

So one team had to burn 75 calories on the Assualt Bikes while the other team tries to score as many basketball baskets as possible in that time. The challenge is to burn up the calories on the machine to stop the other team scoring basket points. You then swap around. The next challenge is to burn 50 calories on the Ski-Erg machine while the other team score baskets.

Now burning calories sounds like a scoosh but honestly it took 5 of us about 5 minutes to complete those take. I’ll need to remember that next time I want to shove a 107 calorie Kit Kat in my mouth!!

We did really well coming second with 86 basket points scored.

The evidence of some hard work!!

I left the session telling the Coach that I was gonna be in the shower, remember I’m in the shower…. don’t lock me in!

I’m now making up for all that hard work by sitting in the sun writing this. It’s proper hot. There’s a stiff breeze today but even that has turned warm and is now just blowing the hot air around! It’s so lovely and us Scots just have to be outside when the weather’s good, we see it so rarely.

Alongside my partner in crime! No show without Bhru!

I make a lovely Greek salad for lunch when I got home. I used Turkey mince this time instead of lamb mince. It was lovely. Craig will be the first to say I came home incredibly hangrey…. moaned the face off him until I ate, then sat in silence munching away! Then he had to go back out to work.

I need sunshine for my soul
Now how many of us do this?!?! The negative remarks stick and bury themselves deep. A compliment we laugh and brush off
Life is short, live each day like it’s your last

I don’t suppose any of us really bare this in mind every day but it’s worth reflecting on. I was desperately unhappy in my old job. To the point it made me so ill but I had no idea that I was in control and I was doing that to myself. Ok I wasn’t doing it but I was allowing it. I let it take over everything, it was the be all and end all and the only thing that mattered was that I did my job well.

I felt like everything and everyone stood in my way.

No more!!

Now that I’ve stepped out of that rat race I realise how much more rich life can be. As I jumped in and out of my portacabin today wearing my denim shorts and Tartan Campers T-shirt I realised that this was the kind of job I’d needed all along. It doesn’t feel like a job and I never thought I would be able to say that.

Of course I realise I have the luxury of still only being part time which definitely helps.

Oh and before I forget the Yellow Meatballs were amazing last night…. technically the meatballs are not yellow (🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙄😬) but in a yellow curry sauce 💛😬😆 It tasted soooo good. really impressed with Hello Fresh so far. I took about 40 minutes to cook, which is longer than I would like and I messed up the rice (how is that even possible?!?) but it was a winner!

A few pics from the garden….

The colours on this gorse are stunning. It’s so vibrant!
The Forest Flame is finally flaming. 🔥

Im meeting Claire for a cuppa at 5 and I have crochet at 7 so I’m going to sit back and chill for a bit. Watch the clouds go by…..

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️