Day 446 Oban Sea Tours trip with Dad and shopping with Mum

I woke at 4.14 and remembered where I was☺️ of course I jumped out of bed to look out the curtains. There wasn’t a ripple in the sea. The tide was in and when I opened my window, all I could hear was the hum of the engines of the two ships docked at the North Pier.

Look how light it was!
The view over to the town

I went back to sleep until just before 8am.

Breakfast was at 8.45am and mum and I had pancakes with fruit and yoghurt. Beautiful!

We went and sat outside by the sea for a wee while after breakfast and then headed into town for a wee wander round the shops while Dad sat on a bench! As men do!

Mum and I having a wee seat after breakfast!
I love that a ferry just passes in front of you!

We’d been swithering about what to do with the day as there are so many things we could have gone to see but decided that mum and I would hit the shops for a bit and then Dad and I would take an Oban Seat Tours 2 hour trip out to the seal colony on Mull.

This was us leaving, mum took it from the dock
Oban from the sea
Such a special place
This helicopter was making a lot of noise for hours this morning but not taking off!
He said right, are you done now?!? Yes dad… 🤦🏻‍♀️

The trip took us up the Sound of Kerrera, out to Mull and along to Duart Castle then past the Lismore Lighthouse and Dunollie Castle and back into Oban.

The new Kerrera Ferry is the smallest in CalMac’s fleet and our boat is asked to slow down over the short route so it doesn’t make too many waves for this aluminium ferry. Awww bless ♥️
The sun is coming out
This building is the start of the first transatlantic fibre cable which was laid until the sea in around 1955 and stretches over to Newfoundland
Gylen Castle, Kerrera built in 1582
Leaving Kerrera
Turning into a beautiful day
Catamaran off the coast of the Isle of Mull
Seals 🦭 there were loads of them but not the best photos so I’ll spare you!
Lighthouse on Mull, look at the colour of the sea now
Duart Castle, Isle of Mull
Stunning sky looking back towards Mull

It had been cloudy and fairly chilly but the sun came out! At some points it was actually pretty hot… at others the wind was blowing right down my hoody and out my sleeves it was that strong!

Waiting behind the CalMac Clansman
Caught in the wash of the Clansman Ferry
Dunoliie Castle just outside Oban
Heading back into Oban, our hotel is roughly 4 buildings down from the Cathedral
I love this house on Kerrera…. When we were kids an old kit build house used to be here and we always called it Julie’s house as I wanted to live there. It’s now got a helipad!
Heading back into dock
The Clansman and the Isle of Mull CalMac ferries
The Lismore ferry has broken down!
Check the wee lost soul on the dock… mum said I could post this for comedy factor! She pinched my sun hat out the van!
Almost on dry land

They were such enthusiastic guides, so knowledgeable about the local area and really made the trip well worthwhile.

We saw loads of seals 🦭 and 2 Golden Eagles 🦅 we also saw a sea eagle nest but it looked like the Sea Eagles were out today 😆

It was lovely to have some time with Dad as it’s been a whole lotta years since we did that. It’s usually only mum and I that meet up.

We’re now sitting outside our wee hotel on comfy chairs watching the ships coming in and going out again.

This is why I love Oban. There is always something coming and going in the bay. It’s a transient town, the promise of adventure and onwards travels.

We’re eating in Ee-usk Seafood Restaurant on the North Pier tonight. it’s been a very sea themed kind of day.

We had the loveliest meal.

Langoustines in garlic and ginger
Trio of Salmon
Dessert tasting platter
After dinner the sky is lovely

We went for drinks and then a big long walk along the front. It’s so calm and clear and just stunning. Not a sound… apart from the disco beat from a boat!!!


I said yesterday too that it’s been so lovely to spend time with mum and dad. I honestly can’t think of the last time we did this. Special memories being made.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

6 thoughts on “Day 446 Oban Sea Tours trip with Dad and shopping with Mum

    1. We have been soooo lucky with the weather and I’ve just had such a lovely time spending time with them! I’ve never done this before really!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you can get back some day!! It’s been the loveliest weekend spending time with them. Felt very special xx


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