Day 413 a very productive day packing the van for next weeks’ holiday & a surprise visit from my bro&sis-in-law!!

I was wide awake at 6.10am. It’s Sunday. Goanie gie’s a brek?!? 🤣

So we got up pretty sharp and started filling out a spreadsheet for our wee holiday next week to figure out what we need to take and then what is in the van and still to go out. We follow a FB page called Dubbed Out and someone posted this and Auntie Jac tagged me. Its’s a great spreadsheet!!!

Craig made oat milk porridge for breakfast which was lovely. I’m really appreciating food now that I’m more aware of what I’m eating and not pigging out loads between meals.

I crocheted while Craig filled it in…. I gave him control….. I got up to get something….

I like this wool mumma!

We got lots of stuff into the living room ready to go and marked green on the traffic light spreadsheet. Just too exciting!! ok… get a life… I know…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

It’s turned out to be a lovely day despite the fact that the forecast was for rain all day.

So we then went out and trialled the new blow up Vango Cove II awning. Without getting divorced I might add. Check us.

Pogo stick?!?!?
Really chuffed with it!

We didn’t fully erect it. The main thing is that the pump works and it blew up.

We then put everything we could in the van

Craigs brother called to say they were out for a drive in their camper and wanted to pop on past. We haven’t seen them for ages!!

This is the lovely princess Astrid.

and this is the lovely Willow. How cute are our niece puppers?!?

It got really hot while we sat outside so Craig got the hose out so the dogs were all soaked to cool down. Love Willow’s crimped coat.

No we will not look at the camera 📸 😬🤣

It was so lovely to see Stuart and Lee. I think we last saw them on 10th June 2020 when we did a COVID style tag team and our father in laws birthday. It was so normal just to sit outside and have a drink and chat!

It’s now clouded over
Astrid eying up Calaidh’s antler

They decided to leave about 20 minutes before the heavens opened and the rain came stoating down! So lucky!!

This is their camper! it’s huge inside!

Check out the cheeky pup who ran inside…. and jumped in the drivers seat?!?

Not your van Calaidh!!
Calaidh, Astrid and Willow are raring to go on the doggy drive!

I had to run round in the rain to get the pop top down and this drove past…

That’s a very old tractor without the roll cage around the driver. Just seemed a bit random, never seen it before.

Sweet potato and lentil curry for dinner tonight for the first time. It smells delicious.

It appears still to have 2 hours left in the slow cooker but it’s been on since 11am so it’s got to be ok…. surely?!

If I’m ill tomorrow you know why! One too many lentils…. 😬😆

So that was the weekend. It feels really fast and the two potential long lies didn’t actually happen. We’re back to the 4.45am tomorrow. 😱

So lovely to spend time with people again though.

This is your Sunday evening reminder to think positive thoughts for the week ahead. It’s ok for some of us, there’s a holiday at the end of it! Yay!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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