Day 410 a relaxing massage and a trip to my favourite wee shop!

I have had a lovely day today. I’ve been singing away to myself and laughing and giggling at nothing all day… what could possibly go wrong?!? (When I read that back through you so know it said signing away to myself which was a while other thing!)

Very freaking proud!

A long lie until 6.30am today. Wow. It felt like forever…. didn’t have the fastest commute though as I got stuck behind a mobile home delivery! You know those houses that come in two parts, on two long low loaders and the fronts look like real houses…. looks like they were driving along the top of hedges?!? Them. Every time they met a car on the other side there was a lot of stopping and starting. Slow progress….

When they did arrive at their destination, their welcome committee included a woman standing outside in her goonie (dressing gown/housecoat) drinking coffee (or tea)…. my reaction was actually to scoff and think “for gods sake put some clothes on”…. not sure why as I then thought good on her, there’s nothing wrong with that, she’s not bothered and why should she be. Live and let live.

Then…. I forgot about the road closure on the A736 at Torranyard. Again. I mean how many days does it take me to remember. More than four obviously!! Just in time for the resurfacing work to be complete and the road to open up again. Google Maps didn’t know about the closure either so it was no use. Kept trying to redirect me back to the road I was trying to stay away from. 😆

Anyway I got there but a whole 6 minutes late. 😬

It was a busy day today so got home at 2.08pm, just enough time to let the dogs out before I went for my massage at 2.30pm.

A massage…. back, neck and shoulders. I went to Harmony and was in a lovely room with calming music and candles burning. Heaven. Felt so strange too as it’s been so long since we’ve been allowed to do anything like that.

You wear your mask until you are on the bed and then take it off to lie with your face on the hole. (Hope non massage guys are still with me….🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆) I did laugh at walking from the chair to the bed with a mask on but no bra?!?! Another first. (Stop it! Non-massage guys are now engaged…)

Is this not the loveliest and most welcome sight after all of those lockdowns? It’s not the clearest photo as I tried to capture the ambience. (I say that with a ridiculous French accent).

So I’m super chilled as Norma works her wonders. Hmmmmmm. Want to go again!

Next door is my lovely friend Gayle’s The little gift shop. Not been in there for ages so had a lovely chat! Also bought myself a wee pair of rainbow 🌈 earrings. The obsession with the rainbow continues!

I did not take any photos… the shops looks amazing and she’s done so much to it in lockdown. So lovely to catch up!

Back home and had some dog behavioural calls to follow up…. check who spotted herself in the mirror?!?

I am such a pretty girl….
Then Bhru wanted a shot but she’s not seen herself… too busy looking out the window!

So it’s been a lovely day. I’m have more guilt free shepherds pie for dinner since I batch cooked…. yes I know I should freeze it and try something else but I’m lazy now!… no wonder after that massage!

Stay safe everyone 🌈🌈🌈