Day 407 a manic Monday morning and the return of the expensive Abbie the campervan!

4.45am BING up getting gym stuff ready, work clothes and food for work. Like a crazy wummin.

Since Abbie is in the van hospital, I needed Craig to run me to work but he couldn’t pick me up again until 3pm so much healthily food was needed to get me through the day.

The Fit Body Farm was hard work again this morning, quick shower and then down to Tartan Campers for the second quick shower of the day.

This is what happens when you fill a kettle from a hose…… a hose that’s not been turned off.

After the initial screaming, I was in hysterics… I still am just writing about it! I was laughing so much all my muscles from the gym were hurting. I was honestly soaked through to the skin. The photo doesn’t do it justice. Even my feet were wet!!

Anyone for coffee?!?

In trying to dry everything out I then seemed to blow up the fan heater…. which fizzed, popped and banged followed by a strong burning smell… more screaming, not gonna lie.

And finally…. I’d forgotten my breakfast. Turns out it was lying in the back of Craig’s car so I took that as my third thing. Enough already. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

Thankfully the rest of the day went by without any further catastrophe.

One interesting thing to note that the tub of porridge and the skinny whip cereal bar, that I had in my drawer at work, tasted super sickly sweet. Now I’m not gonna lie, this clean eating is not coming easily to me but it shows you in a week that your taste buds adjust. I am not hungry….. but I crave like a cravey thing….. but I will not eat it!!

Chauffeur driven home (could get used to that!) and did a weekly food planner…. kind of… I went through Fit Body Farm recipes and decided what to buy from our online Morrison’s shop. On the menu next week are:

  • Granola (cooked in batches)
  • Caramelised banana and date “porridge” (the “porridge” is made of cauliflower….. seriously….)
  • Prawn, mango and avocado salad
  • Greek salad with minced spiced lamb
  • Coconut chicken
  • Guilt free shepherds pie
  • Fillet steak

It’s not gonna last a week but at £117 already and I’m knackered thinking what’s next!!

My foray into veganism is on hold at the moment until I get my head around what I should be eating in the FBF healthy eating plan… then I can introduce Vegetarian and maybe vegan. I can’t do it all at once!!

I had to go to the garage to pick Abbie up at 5pm. Wow. she needed a lot of surgery!

  • Both shock absorbers…. one was leaking and the other was solid.
  • 1 strut top mount…. know not what that be?!? Shock absorber mounting maybe?
  • Both anti roll bar bushes
  • 1 brake calliper and 7 whole hours labour!!!

Don’t say this blog doesn’t cover a bit of everything eh?! Car parts now….. very expensive car parts!

So I’m now £780 lighter….. if only…. think how thin I would be then?!? The bill was £779.49 and I said they could keep the change. Check me all generous like 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I actually had the cheek to say they should pay it forward!

Side shot Monday!

Also got a lift fitted to stop the new wheel from rubbing… hence the slight raise. I need a wee ladder to get in now…. 😆🤣


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️