Day 404 road trip to meet Mum, shopping, AA call out and Abbie is now in the van hospital (garage!)

I’m actually going to start with last nights dog walk as the sky was amazing.

I’m not sure the photos do it justice but the sky was sooooo dark to the east and pure blue sky to the west
Stunning rainbow 🌈 against the dark navy blue sky
The colours were amazing!
Shadows with the wolves! should have said Claire was with me!

So the alarm went off at 4.45am and we went off to the Farm. Not gonna lie I struggled to get out of bed this morning. My body has gone from complete junk food to clean eating overnight. I feel amazing on one hand but tired and also a bit sad on the other that not only do I not drink but now I can’t eat either (I know that is ridiculous!!!)

The session was amazing though and started with a 500m run…. all before 6.10am!!!

I have no photos of today as I was a bit all over the place. Maybe lack of sugar and lack of caffeine taking its toll. I made a lovely Fit Body Farm smoothie for breakfast which I drank in the shower getting ready to go meet mum in Livingston for 9.30am. Yes drinking smoothies in the shower is not conducive to mindful eating…. I was also worried about the van.

Abbie has not been the smoothest ride recently😬😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ (I know…. I know…..) it’s been like driving a shed, not that I really know what that feels like.

Every bump in the road has felt like a crater. It’s been like driving a bone shaker. Yip again…. no previous experience?!!

So I got to Livingston for 9.45am as I had to stop for fuel at Harthill Services! BIG mistake!! How expensive?!?

It was so lovely to see mum. We went straight for a Costa coffee. As we do!

I had a cheesie bean toastie as it seemed like the least calorific!

We had a good wander round the shops. Primark of course. What is it about that shop that draws so many people?!? I got some cheap gym clothes as hopefully I won’t be this size soon.

The centre was surprisingly quiet which was great but got a bit busier later on just as we were leaving. Good thinking eh?!?

I had a great drive home until I got to Glasgow Airport. The steering wheel took on a pretty big wobble and there was a clunking noise from under the bonnet.

I got the fear! Pulled into the entrance to the Showcase Cinema in Linwood which is still closed due to COVID and called the AA.

I had to open all the windows and put a mask on until they got to me. I was very lucky they arrived within 15 minutes!

Roadside Assistance!

Soooo, it turns out I have a leaking near side front shock absorber… hence the bone shaker drive…. AND possibly fused brake discs….. hence the wheel wobble.

The AA guy eventually followed me the 12 miles or so home until I let him know I was ok and he turned back to Glasgow. What a service eh?

I phoned my local garage and she’s in there now waiting for repair tomorrow.

By the time I got home around 4.30pm I was a bit all over the place. I’m hungry but I haven’t planned my healthy eating properly. I’m a grab and go kind of eater at the moment. Everything I’ve been eating up until now has been processed in some away to make prep as fast as possible. Or its a takeaway.

When I stopped drinking back in January 2019, I felt really sad that I “couldn’t” drink… even although it was my choice. I think today I feel very sorry for myself that I can’t just pig out.

The positive to take from that is that I have enough willpower that I will not eat junk food but sit in a childlike huff because I want to!!

Claire and I went for a walk to walk off my huffiness and it really did work. It’s a cold but beautifully sunny evening.

My view right now

The moral of the story today is to plan your meals. Yessir. Will do.

Have a a great weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️