Day 409 fresh as a daisy after a HUGE sleep!

I am not kidding when I say we decided to go to bed at 7.30 last night. We were both shattered and running on fumes. Craig’s been doing the 4.45 start 4 days a week so even more excuse to be tired.

Honestly felt great when the alarm went off this morning…. even at 4.45am. Bounding out of bed to take whatever they through at me!

It was tough! 30 double arm waves with the heaviest rope, 5 burpees with 20kg clean, 30 single arm waves with the monster rope and a run round the garden. I’ve lost count but I did that whole thing at least 4 times. That’s after a warm up and a 5 minute run!?! Craig was in the actual gym on weights and missed all the fun. 😬😆

Had a shower at the gym again. No mean feat this. Trying to put a bra on after a shower in the gym is bloody hard work. Takes 3 attempts most mornings. You guys have it easy. 😆🤣 (this has actually made me question why it’s so much more difficult at the gym than at home…… 🤦🏻‍♀️😆)

Speaking of us running on fumes, Abbie the campervan was driving on them!

Now I’m one of these people that will go the extra mile to fill up with the cheapest diesel I can find. This morning, not so much! I had to break my rule and pay exorbitant BP prices. I didn’t think I’d make the extra miles to a supermarket. As I’m filling I’m actually telling myself to chill as it’s only gonna be an extra few pounds! Honestly….. 😆🤣

Van full then on to work. A successful day today, I feel I got loads done. I say that every day, I know, but my spreadsheets are coming together! God, I love a spreadsheet!

I love this but I’m the opposite!!! Lemme at ‘em!

Back home for about 2pm and made a lovely salad for lunch. Took me way longer than it should have but it was tasty.

Now…. it should have been Prawn, Mango and Avocado Salad. So…. prawns were frozen 🤦🏻‍♀️ so had all of the above but with cheese. It had nuts and and olive oil and lime dressing with chilli flakes that have obviously gone off as they tasted of nothing!!

Took this while I gave the dogs some chicken. They don’t look very impressed…

Then off out with the puppers. It’s a lovely day but the darkest clouds were looming and I thought it was going to plummet. It didn’t!! The photos don’t do it justice though as the sky was navy blue!

Heavy cloud hanging in the sky
Walking into it!
Social distancing dogs!
A big run in the field
Yep I’m here too she says!

Now I actually did stop and take photos of some dandelions as they are everywhere just now! There are more dandelions blooming now than flowers.

Can you imagine what folk think driving past seeing me take photos of dandelions?!?

So last night I fell apart when it came to meal preparation and I actually cried because I was too tired to think about what to make. Today… took the time and made it… easily.

It doesn’t look amazing but this is guilt free shepherds pie 🥧

Amazing how it floored me yesterday… I’m such a drama Queen these days (ok Craig maybe not just these days…) but I was genuinely overwhelmed by it all. Today boom… what’s next?!? Bring it on….. you gotta laugh!

I thought this was a lovely post to share with you all.

And how true is this next one….

And this next one is just wow…. how many of us downplay ourselves? All the time. Well no more. Realise your worth.

It’s turned into a lovely evening so I’m out on the garden enjoying the warmth of the sun. Long may it continue. ☀️

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️