Day 399 road trip to Croy Beach, South Ayrshire!

I am out of my local council area for the first time in forever. I decided to drive down to Croy Beach (you can click the link to find out more!).

It’s about an hours drive and a better idea than driving to Oban which I was thinking of doing.

I brought Bhruic with me and she’s been so good. It’s so quiet here. I can count 9 groups of people on the whole beach and it’s pretty big. I was awake at 6am and set off for Croy just before 9am. After coffee of course!

Here is middle dub dog ready to go all strapped in and on her new bed

Never heard a peep from Bhru the whole trip, she’s a great traveller.

To get there you have to drive up Electric Brae.

The tide is out but these 2 swans are waddling out to the sea

From Croy Beach you can clearly see Culzean Castle perched on the cliff edge and across to Alisa Craig.

The light wasn’t the best this morning for my photography…. (in my head I said that in a awfy posh voice with my wee finger sticking out 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣)

We walked right along under the cliff
Low tide… there lots of rocks and seaweed further out although the beach is lovely sand
Bhru loving the frisbee
Abbie set up in the car park
Lovin’ this mumma ♥️
Fascinated by all that’s going on and the EXTREMELY BARKY DOG on the beach (didn’t annoy me in the slightest at all…. much…. )
Looking left
Looking right

It’s only 12.15pm. I’m sitting here crocheting. Watching 2 folk out sea kayaking now. Hmmmmm awfy tempted to try that. Bobbing about on the waves. Sounds ideal to me.

Don’t worry that poor Craigie is missing out. He’s all good but had to help his step dad this morning and is now watching another Rangers v Celtic derby! He’s quite happy!

Now having a wee nana nap! Look at her face… she wants out to play!!
Can we go now? Is nap done?!?
Loadsa sand
I love this picture ♥️
Dark cloud over Alisa Craig
Panorama from where I was sitting

I’ve had the loveliest weekend. Blitzing the house on Friday and two days of being out and about exploring and taking photos. I love being outdoors and appreciating nature.

Stay safe everyone 🏕🏕🏕