Day 422 vaccination day for the Gateside Team 40’s 💉🦠

It’s the biggest village exodus since before COVID-19… a trip to Ardrossan Civic Centre for the 40+ year olds for our COVID vaccination. I’ll come back to that.

First things first…. the pup-date….. the poor dogs have been on a 24 hour fast. They seem much brighter now we are home. Craig only got up once last night with Bhruic and there had been an accident when I went to get them this morning.

I have to say their Auntie Claire has been amazing….. she has been in to see them every hour or so today to let them out. She sent me a wee vid through the day which brought a wee tear to my eye. A very special person who offers to help with pup poop drama!!!! 😬🥰

The alarm went off at 5am and I honestly could have cried. I jumped out of bed. That’s the hard part.

The view from the car park at the Fit Body Farm

I had my 3 week weigh in at 5.45am. The good news is that I have lost 5lbs but I have also lost a total of 4.6% body fat which is the equivalent of 11lbs of fat loss. 6lbs of that has turned to muscle.

I am very quick to say I haven’t planned my meals properly, haven’t drunk enough water and haven’t tracked my food properly.

Gavin the owner and head coach from Fit Body Farm says that no-one has ever lost that much in 3 weeks. Now he could just be saying that… but he did say he had to weigh me twice just to make sure it was actually right. 😁 I am kinda awfy chuffed.

I had to race back home for a shower to get ready to head to Ardrossan Civic Centre for my 9.05am.

Team Avery ready for vaccinations 💉

We arrived at 8.55 and couldn’t get parked…. I tried not to panic but I did a tiny wee bit. Got parked outside straight away. No need to worry.

We stood about outside for a few minutes and got invited to go in. It turns out that the appointment time is only to stagger arrival. So they were quiet in front of us and we got to go in early. We even got to go together all the way through which was lovely.

Sneaky pic from the check in desk
And another from the queue

Now we almost had a pic of my vaccination but there was a photographer malfunction. It wisnae me 😬😁

So I found the actual jag very sore. To be fair is done lots of shoulder work at the gym so the muscle was pretty tight before they jabbed it with a needle!

We got outside and met Rachel and Barry from two doors down and a Kenny from next door! Small world!

Just had the jag!
That’s us done!

I felt pretty strange for the half hour or so after it. My arm was really heavy. It felt hot and cold. I felt shaky and a bit dizzy.

By the time I got to work and got on with the day I felt fine. I couldn’t lift the kettle with my left arm but hey I’ll take that if that’s it.

So I’ve been on the phone chatting since I got home from work. I spoke to my wee 80 year old friend for 55minutes.

I made Spag Bol for dinner which annoys Craig as its only the Bol part I’ve made. There is no Spag 🙄😬😁

I’m at crochet now and have typed this while chatting. I ran out of day….. I haven’t crocheted as that would be multitasking to another level.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️