Day 419 longest lie in for months and walk to Falls of Foyer

Must start with last nights dog walk. Loch Ness looked so tranquil.

I should say at this point that there was an English lady on the phone to her grandchild at the same time. She has a very loud voice and it’s carrying all over the water. Other than that it was beautiful 🤩

There wasn’t a breath of air and the River Foyers like a mirror.

It’s just so beautiful 🌅

Well we had a great sleep…. must be all that holiday fresh air! We woke at 7 and Craig let the dogs out. Bhruic has a very dodgy tum but I’ll steer clear of that story. 😬😳 well that was the story to be fair….

I read for a wee bit and went back to sleep and woke up at 10.15am. That’s nearly a 12 hour sleep.

Musta needed it! 🤭

So a very leisurely start to the morning.

We decided to head out for a walk in the opposite direction from the way we have been walking.

Checking in on Loch Ness first
Foyers is built on the side of a huge Rocky outcrop… sadly from the campsite, the only way is up!!
Thankfully I had Calaidh to pull me 😬
It’s a lovely forest walk
This tree is right on the edge of a cliff!
Check this tree!!! It’s on the edge of the cliff and has found a way to get the maximum light. Wow 🤩
Calaidh’s knackered!
Sitting on a big rock!
They were done with rock photography by the time I got on it….
Me and my baby girl 😍 did say to Craig to remind me not to wear my hair as severe as this… he said he will remind me but I’ve not to give him grief when he does….. as if?!?! 🙄
Calaidh and I found an drainage channel that was bone dry
She’s not impressed
So this the closest photo we have of the Lower Falls of Foyers…. the waterfalls have hardly any water running through them just now. They must be amazing in the winter!
We opted for coffee with a view instead
Pups got some water and a wee rest!
Love this wee gnome garden
Spot Abbie from up the hill!!
Lovely view of the campsite
Gorse (Whin) bushes everywhere
Lovely primroses
The Foyers Power Station

Turns out my Craigs step dad used to work here!!! Very small world!

Think he may have stayed here?!
Calaidh does not like the bridge!
Lovely wee old bridge up there in the distance we tried to get over it but it’s closed
This was the track to it but it was a dead end
Watching the world go by

It’s been another lovely day just relaxing and exploring. It’s been dry all day but rain is forecast. Hope it stays away but we are cosy in the van. It makes such a difference having the van. A lovely wee home from home!

I am still calm, I am very relaxed, I am creating no drama. Check me. 😬🤗

Stay safe everyone 🏕🚐🌲

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