Day 421 homeward bound with the sickly pups

Bless…. look how tired they are?!? Freya has slept since about 6pm last night and Bhruic was up twice before 12.30am, again at 1.45 and sometime after 3 and then again at 5.10am and again after 7. No wonder she’s tired. Calaidh was only up once through the night, Freya not at all.

We don’t have kids so this is alien to me yet I found myself getting into a wee routine. Still no accidents in the van or tent so they are wee troupers.

It’s been raining all day today, really did not stop so the tent is packed away but full of puddles! The forecast is great for the coming weekend so we’ll get it all dried out.

Called the vet today and they are too busy to see us today. Reckon they would only need to see Bhruic as she is the most listless and the least active. We’ve not to feed them for the next 24 hours and then chicken and rice after that.

Still no idea what caused it but only think they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t have but it’s strange that they all have. Either that or there was some bacteria in the Loch that they’ve picked up while playing in the water.

Craig and I are fine if only a wee teensy wee bit tired!!

We had a lovely chat with the owners of he campsite before we left. She is from Beith. Small world.

Leaving Foyers
Forest road
Some very wild scenery along the way… of course pouring with rain!

Just outside of Fort William and Calaidh lets out the loudest howl/cry ever. 😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Foot to the floor, talking to Calaidh, telling her not long till we stop, she kept crying we kept talking to her…. it felt like forever.

Stopped at the viewpoint at Loch Linhe which was the first place we could stop, screech to a halt, jump out and grab her and get her on her lead and get her onto the grass. Little sh*t…. pardon on the pun… just wants a wee sniff around in the grass….. barely managed a scenting style pee the whole time we stopped. The other two were very glad of the stop and did exactly what we expected her ladyship to do.

I also took some lovely pics.

It’s a beautiful stopover

We carried on down through Ballachulish and into Glencoe and I snapped pics out the window as Craig drove. The pups slept.

Ballchulish church
The Pap of Glencoe from Ballachulish Bridge
Zoom in on the Pap above Glencoe village
Heading into the mountains at Glencoe
Aonach Ridge
Two of the Three Sisters
Heading out through the pass of Glencoe
Rannoch Moor stuck in a convoy roadworks
The weather is not great on the horizon
Heading down into Tyndrum
The mountains are so steep

We stopped for lunch at the Food Stop in Tyndrum then headed down the A82 passed Loch Lomond. All was quiet in the back….

The Drovers Inn on the A82 established in 1705 and still has its ancient charm AND ghosts apparently!
Loch Lomond
We’d love to camp on this wee island
It’s a lovely road though pretty narrow on parts and can get very busy
All of these are taken from the van window while Craigs driving
It’s trying to brighten up
Heading into Tarbert

So we’re home, we’re shattered after two sleepless nights but other than that we had the best time.

Now that we’re back the pups are bounding about the back garden with not a care in the world.

Maybe they just don’t like camping?!?

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

6 thoughts on “Day 421 homeward bound with the sickly pups

    1. Calaidh just wanted out we reckon!! Freya is not well but neither up nor down! Bhru seems better this morning xx


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