Day 1125 a lovely night last night with friends and a productive Sunday!

Turns out I do not self combust when I go out out for dinner and drinks. I also did not crumble with waves of stomach churning anxiety… guess what?!? I actually had a really great time!

Who’d a actually thunk it?!?

I think we’ve all established that I’m exceptionally hard on myself and I am always very serious when it comes to my rules and boundaries. That’s a full time job in itself!! It’s no wonder I’m knackered half the time.

I know I need to have more “fun” but that word fills me with dread somehow.

My rules don’t allow fun into the equation. There are too many to be followed.

So…. I stand corrected.

We literally just laughed all night. Craig went to the Fit Body Farm with Lindsay back before I started.

Turns out her partner Ewen/Ewan/Euan (really should have clarified that…) used to work in the same company as me back in the early 2000’s. He knew loads of the same people I did though we didn’t know each other. What a small world. (Just stalked him on FB…. Euan! 😂)

We went to the Canny Man in Lugton. It’s changed name and hands a few times since we’ve lived here.

The service was exceptional. So relaxed and friendly. Great banter and great pub food. Highly recommended!

I had garlic prawns to start and Craig had cheesy mushrooms.

I had the black and blue burger for mains and Craig had a salt and chilli chicken burger. Scoffed before I realised I hadn’t taken photos. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Then Lindsay and I both had the rocky road sundae. Yum!!

What blew me away was the bottle of alcohol free prosecco that I got with dinner. I was so chuffed. I didn’t feel the odd one out but drinking Diet Coke when the others were drinking. So many places only do alcohol free beer these days.

It’s the simple things.

So I’ve had a lovely day today.

I can honestly say that I have spent the day present in the moment neither worrying about my meltdown last week, or stressing about things to come.

Just here and now.


We were up early as usual and I got all the hoovering done. I wanted to clean before our lovely in-laws came to stay next week. Also to eradicate the moulting dog hair as it’s that time again.

Claire and I went a walk with all 3 puppers and watched them play in the burn for a while. Loving life!

I love Freya’s cheeky look!

We then walked to Mocha Jak’s coffee shop and Claire very kindly bought me a DECAF coffee and a brownie!

The dogs were great and sat quietly while we ate. So proud of them.

Look what this little monkey did to my leggings!!!

That’s how bad it is!

So I should say it’s been a lovely day and warm. Not always sunny but it’s so nice to feel the warmth on your skin…. Really for the first time this year. I have actual shorts on!!

Since we came home I’ve hung washings out, put the dishwasher on and mostly lounged about…. Inside and out. I did lie down on a clean dog bed for a bit out the back (as you do when you are desperate!) until I crawled into the spare bed in an effort to sleep. I haven’t slept but I have rested and just “been”.

We are out tonight again!! A school night too. Breaks ALL the rules that does.

A comedy gig in the Glasgow Hydro. Tom Segura. Last week I was terrified at the thought.

Today I am looking forward to another good giggle and if I’m tired tomorrow, that is ok, I can sleep tomorrow night. It’s not the end of the world.

Long may this new found flippancy continue. Actually I say that like it’s a bad thing but I mean in a good way. Mrs tightly wound up is nowhere to be seen right now.

And breathe 🧘🏻‍♀️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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