Day 1132 a lovely Sunday back home!

I slept like a log last night. I was a bit later in bed but out for the count. Woke at 5am and then again just after 6.45am.

I lay in bed and felt that familiar slump of a Sunday…. “What to do today….”

All excitement gone. Only, this is the last day off feeling…. I could so easily have slipped into a darker mood.

I literally dragged myself out of bed and Calaidh and I got our running gear on and headed out. (Yeah I know…. She didn’t really!) The hardest part is going to do it. Once I’m doing it I’m totally fine.

It’s a lovely morning, rain is forecast but there’s no sign of it yet.

The sun is trying so hard to get through the cloud. It’s quite atmospheric.

Everything looks SO fresh and green. I don’t know if it’s just because we were in Iceland 🇮🇸 that it looks so different. In 3 days it seems like everything has sprouted. I love this time of year.

Some of the coos were back out!

Calaidh had a paddle in the burn. Makes a change from just standing on the edge, not wanting to go in.

We ran round Spiers Old School Grounds which was green on steroids!!

The wild garlic smells amazing.

You forget how soft all the fresh growth is to start with each year. I know how random that sounds but the leaves are so soft and new.

My favourite gate!!!

Hey I did find a gate in Iceland and forgot to post a pic of it…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

It was just so exciting 🇮🇸😆

Anyway back to my morning….

I tried to get all arty with this shot…. I wanted to get the head of the dandelion with the sun directly behind it but I missed a wee bit!

Back home and a quick tidy around the house before my haircut at 9am!! I’m so lucky that our hairdresser lives across the road and could fit me in. I hated the brassy ends on holiday.

Look how lovely her new salon, in the back garden, looks.

It’s such a lovely place! She’s done it so beautifully. I also love my hair. It’s amazing how cutting the brassy ends off makes such a difference to the colour.

I came home and got changed and went to Aldi in Stewarton for a food shop. The rain is on by now…. I bought loads of the food that we had in Iceland. A super healthy shop… as you do when you’re just back!

Back home and tidied up before having a Mediterranean style salad lunch with toasted black rye sourdough bread.

Coffee in my fav Slothy mug and some Icelandic chocolate from Omnom.

We only had two squares each… that’s unheard of. 😆

And after all that I lay on the bed upstairs and had a huge nap for an hour and 40 minutes. It was sooooo good. I didn’t want to waste the day but I needed it.

I’m writing this outside as the sun has finally come out. It’s windy but as I sit here I notice the fresh regrowth on the tree next to me. It’s all soft while the darker green is hard and spiky.

So as reality kicks back in I’m just gonna take it easy and see how I feel. Holiday has made everything all right again and I hope I can maintain that.

Stay safe everyone 💚💚💚