Day 1121 a less dramatic day than yesterday…

Oooh I did not sleep well last night. So many thoughts buzzing round in my head. Up at 12 for the loo. Craig asked me if I’d slept well…. He had no concept it was midnight!

Finally awake at 4.15am.

Kinesiology was great last night. I was pretty upset but we worked on…

“Manifesting problems are crippling me”

My heightened anxiety means that I make everything harder than it needs to be. I’m catastrophising all the time. Assuming the worst, hearing the worst, picking up on negative vibes from everywhere.

Health Kinesiology is almost impossible to explain. It’s a little bit off the wall and cookie at times so hey, it suits me just fine.

We worked on my anxiety to improve my quality of life.

I believe I don’t deserve happiness in relation to anxiety… that hit me between the eyes. I see it as such a da ilure.

My fight or flight response is on high alert. I need to try to think of this as rest and digest instead…. Tone it right back down.

Health Kinesiology takes the stress out of the anxiety for me and I have LOADS of homework to do!

I’ve been ok today. I feel very tired and quiet, a bit shell shocked at how bad I felt yesterday. There were a few wobbles first thing but I’ve written down everything I did at work today and how long it took me, in an attempt to see where my time goes. I’ve enjoyed doing it. Not sure I’ll be able to do it everyday but it is interesting to see.

After work, Rachel two doors down, popped in and we finalised the Village Hall Accounts for this year.

I told her it’s amazing for me to watch her doing everything without second guessing it and worrying she can’t find stuff…. 😆🤗

Of to meet the Crochet Hookers now and I’m late!!

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶