This historic day sees the Coronation of the 62nd British monarch and the 40th to be crowned in Westminster Abbey in London.

All of these photos have been snapshot from live BBC tv today.

The programme started about 7am I think, and I watched some of it before I left at 9.10am. Finally got a quick catch up with Gayle today as she’s back from holiday. She’s looking all suntanned but didn’t land until 11pm in Glasgow last night, so she much be shattered. We got a new delivery of lua bags today too.

Now of course I loved every single one of these as they are exactly my colour.

The scarves are lovely too. Such good quality.

So we were busy in the shop today. I didn’t expect to be but apparently lots of people either not watching the coronation live or not watching it at all.

I had it on my phone so I could see the actual coronation and managed to snap a few photos.

The whole ceremony took about 2 hours. We really are the masters of pomp and circumstance in the UK. This ceremony was steeped in tradition. even being the 40th monarch to be crowned in the Abbey is really something. Especially considering that we had the last queen for 70 years!!

There had been a lot of speculation recently that the service would ask everyone to pledge allegiance to the King, which seems a bit antiquated in this day and age. The wording was amended to give people the right not to say it which I thought was very well put. Just to be clear here.

Even if I thought the pledge seemed a bit old fashioned, if I’d been at the coronation, I’m sure I’d have said it! 😆

So I’m home and sitting down for an hour or so. We’re heading out for dinner at 4.30 to the new restaurant, The Canny Man along the road, with friends. Will update on that tomorrow!!

Stay safe everyone 🤴🏻👑🇬🇧

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