Day 616 jeez it’s 7.20pm already!

Wow… busy day. It’s flown past! It’s been wet and windy all day too. Think this is the start of Storm Barra headed our way!

These are wheelbarrows… affectionately known as barras in some parts of Scotland. 🤣🤣

The people of the island of Barra are pretty chuffed at having a storm named after them… on one FB page someone said Storm Barra is ok as long as Joe Biden doesn’t say it… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So FBF was very hard work this morning…. It was a killer of a workout and I feel like I spent the whole workout getting up and going back down to ground. It was exhausting! It was pouring when I came out.

And PITCH BLACK… sooooo dark! The photo lightened it all up. Had the head torch to get back to the car!

Work was super busy but a good day. Check the Christmas tree the boss made for everyone! So cool!

I met some lovely customers who knew lots of people I used to work with so it was a wee trip down memory lane.

We they came back to get their van they brought me a 1.5l bottle of Prosecco and a HUGE tub of Quality Street!

This photo doesn’t do them justice, they are both massive. How lovely of them. They said we’d done a great job. It’s so nice to hear that!

I walked out to portacabin at one point and the sky was almost a mustard yellow.

After work today I went to a few shops to get some things for Christmas…. Things that I didn’t get this weekend and I enjoyed having a wee mooch about. Wait till you see the Christmas jumper I picked up…. It’s perfect!!

I mean….. was that not made for me!?!

So that’s all from today. No tears and no major meltdown other than the jumper. 🤣🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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