Day 627 Fit Body Farm, dog walk, shopping & HUGE nap 🏋🏻‍♀️🐶🐶🐶🚶🏽‍♀️🛍🛌💤

I have just had THE longest nap. 2.5 hours. Wow. I needed it. Was shattered after this week and fighting with my evil twin most of yesterday.

I’m still really tired. Interesting that I drowned my sorrows in sugar yesterday. Wonder how much of an effect that has?

More updates on the Covid front…

I found the Farm REALLY hard this morning. My shins were sore, my legs heavy and I felt like I was dragging myself round the track. Everything was heavy and leaden. it got easier on the last run funnily enough. Like everything has loosened off.

I should say here that I’m actually in a good headspace today despite the previous few paragraphs…. I just knew I needed to rest.

I decided to go to Kilmarnock with Craig while he went to a job so I had an hour to shower and walk the dogs. We went on a super fast walk! I was really surprised to see that our village suddenly has road signs after all the years it managed without.

Who knew?!? Seems no-one!

Loved this cow face through the hedge

So… fast walk then off to Kilmarnock. I had an hour and a half to wander round some shops and I needed up having a coffee in The Range.

Despite the Costa signs they only had decaf instant so I had to have that. Can’t risk the caffeine buzzing!! Wasn’t quite the same as it’s the same as I could have in the house but hey, it passed some time in shops that don’t have much to offer.

Social distancing is back. Tables in the coffee shop were taped off, 2m spacing at the till queues again, announcements about staying 2m apart. It’s funny how quickly we’ve forgotten what that was like.

We met up after his job and went to B&Q to get paint for the kitchen. It soooo badly needs painted. With an open fire, a wood burning stove and the hob & oven all in close vicinity, it doesn’t stand a chance. 3 dogs haring past every cupboard every minute of every day doesn’t help either.

So we picked our paint, headed home, had a bite of lunch as was in bed just after 1pm.

It was THE best nap!

I heard some sad news yesterday about a lady I’ve never actually met but felt like I knew.

Anne Curtis joined a zoom call I was on through lockdown. It was run by Shelagh who most of you know I go to for my health kinesiology.

She was always smiled and was very friendly on the call so I warmed to her immediately.

She lived on Arran and maybe that’s what made me feel connected to her. I never knew anyone that lived on Arran before. Every time I saw Arran I thought of her. She would never have known that.

Back in March I sent her a photo of Arran that I took from a dog walk… 34 miles away. She loved it.

So the moral of this story is…

You never know the impact that you might have on other people. Always be kind and you may be that person to someone.

Annie was only 55.

Life is short.

I think this next one is important too…. No one person is ever right all of the time.

This made me laugh… sure Craig might have something to say about it 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

My works Christmas night out was cancelled as we didn’t think it was a great idea to be out and about in Glasgow, in a big group with the new COVID regulations in place.

Our Christmas

So we are off to the pub next door for the village woodcutters Christmas meal. I was originally going to miss it.

We’ve all to lateral flow before we go.

I’ve ordered smoked salmon and turkey with all the trimmings. Can’t wait. 😋

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️