Day 620 Christmas nails 💅🏼 & Hookers Christmas lunch 🎄🎅🏼🧑🏼‍🎄🎄

It was a lovely morning at 5.30am when we left for the Fit Body Farm. I love a Friday as I get a lift there and back and Craig has heated seats 💺 🤣 oh and I have a day off!

The workout was hard this morning. 4,500m of running through the session. The air got colder as the hour went on and by the second run the air was freezing. I can still feel the cold in my lungs and it’s 9.15am! One lovely lady kept me going on the last lap where I would have slowed to a walk. The support you get there is amazing.

So home for shower, put in a washing, tidy the kitchen, feed the dogs, make breakfast and coffee, quick dry of hair as I’m getting my nails done at 9am….. or so I thought. Would appear my rush to get here wasn’t necessary…. It’s 9.30 hence me starting the blog now. Least I’m early when I thought I was going to be late because of the ice on the van.

Check the ice on the windscreen. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was beautiful… like the Jack Frost ice you see in the movies!

It was a sheet of ice!


So raced back home at 10.15 to pick up a Christmas present for my wee 81 year old friend. Not seen her in ages. When I got down there she was still in her nightie doing all the housework! Felt awful interrupting her but had a lovely cuppa (took my own decaf and oat milk… seriously, how sad is that?!?)

Managed to get away by 11.35am and back up to take the dogs out. Can you tell I’m on a time schedule this morning?!?

Still love this old gate.

Nearly at the field where they get a good run. A

Back in by 12.35pm and had 25 mins to get some slap on ready for the Hookers Christmas lunch, in the pub next door, at 1pm.

Our lunch was lovely and up to the usual Gateside Inn standards. ♥️

Melon to start
Turkey and all the trimmings
Profiteroles and chocolate sauce

All followed by coffee and a mini mince pie.

We had a lovely time. A lovely meal and great company!

We did a secret Santa and I got the loveliest gift. A mindfulness book to record mood, gratitude etc and a lovely gin glass full of Lindt chocolates!

My glass with my new alcohol free gin for £3.99 from Home Bargains of all places

So I’ve had the busiest day! Ended up back in the pub with Craig for a couple when he got home and now I’m in jammies, in front of the fire and might never be able to speak to anyone again for days. 😱🤣

Happy Friday night to you all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️